Will Tesla CEO Elon Musk And Donald Trump Create “Unofficial” Reciprocation Agreements?

Elon Musk


Elon Musk at a White House meeting on Monda


Recent developments this week have continued to push Tesla Motors [NASADQ: TSLA] stock even higher. Some believe it might have something to do with Elon Musk’s rising profile within the new administration. Just yesterday, it was reported that the White house announced Musk would be joining “the administration’s new manufacturing council, a private sector group that advises the U.S. secretary of commerce.” This follows Musk’s meeting on Monday at the White House. In December, Musk got a private meeting with Trump after he sat in on a larger Silicon Valley tech summit at Trump Tower. And let’s not forget: Musk is also a luminary on Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum. What’s going on here?

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Well… Elon Musk has taken on goliaths in the automotive, aerospace and financial industries and been a disruptor. How? Though his companies: Tesla, SpaceX and Paypal. Maybe he’s orchestrating disruption at the White House. Musk actually tweeted support for former Exxon/Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson — Trump’s new Secretary of State. Yes, Tillerson is in favor of a carbon tax but could something like that even be possible under Trump? Musk explained to Gizmodo that, “we need to strive for [a carbon tax] and the more voices of reason that the President hears, the better. Simply attacking him will achieve nothing. Are you aware of a single case where Trump bowed to protests or media attacks? Better that there are open channels of communication.”

Indeed. Perhaps a voice of reason (like Elon Musk) could be beneficial in guiding the administration’s energy agenda under Trump. Musk’s voice could prove helpful on issues like climate change and clean tech jobs. For one thing, Trump’s been very supportive of American manufacturing jobs and Tesla employs 25,000 right here in the USA. Morgan Stanley analyst, Adam Jonas told the New York Times, “When you look at the businesses Tesla is in… the new administration prioritizes the creation of valuable, innovative high tech and manufacturing jobs, Tesla stands at the epicenter of that.”


Above: Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] surges as market begins to see potential overlap with Musk and administration (Image: Bloomberg)

The New York Times also reports that, “Mr. Musk has broached the subject of the nation’s aging electricity transmission grid in conversations with Mr. Trump, according to an insider with knowledge of the discussions. Mr. Musk has advocated a so-called smart grid and has said that eventually Tesla will offer grid services, such as [Powerpack] batteries that can be added to the grid and paired with solar… This is the kind of high-impact infrastructure project that Mr. Trump has supported. And Tesla’s success could help fend off Chinese efforts to compete or even dominate in what could be an important piece of the car industry’s future.”

Above: A high energy discussion about some surprising, positive interconnections between Trump and Tesla (Youtube: HyperChange TV)

Tesla could benefit in other areas. Wall Street analyst Ben Kallo writes, “a potential border tax may hurt [Tesla’s] competition, including BMW, Audi, and Mercedes…. Tesla’s products will be in a better competitive position.” Furthermore, it’s reported, “the US companies Tesla does compete with like GM and Ford are also manufacturing their products abroad (in Mexico).” So Detroit’s automakers could also be impacted by a border tax. Not Tesla. In any event, Musk got some flack on social media for making his voice heard with team Trump. He responded on Twitter, “am hearing this [flack] from a lot of people & it’s getting me down. I’m just trying to make a positive contribution & hope good comes of it.”

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And of course Elon is right to be working with Trump…

Might be good for some folks, if we can find some common ground. Let’s hope we can figure some way forward.

Hmmm. Interesting times ahead. this may be the most watched 4 years in America.
The news network may may get more viewing than movies

This is the only thing that matter for the actual POTUS.

Elon has embraced the new fascism to further his own agenda. For shame.

He’s just smarter than you, and does not fall for left wing lies, like the one your spouting here.

It’s because of those lies, that angers people, and got those people out to vote. The lefties helped Trump get into office.

Maybe you should move Venezuela or Cuba. You would feel right at home.

Do you actually believe that it is the truth that more people came to Trump’s inauguration than Obama’s?

Do you actually believe that “millions” of people who voted weren’t really US citizens when no election officials of either party has ever found any such massive fraud?

Do you actually believe that global warming is a Chinese conspiracy?

Why so busy denouncing lies when your God-Emperor (a term his own supporters came up with!) is already putting the authority of the United States behind such claims and threatening retaliation against those who dissent?

No shame on Elon, Trump does not respond to opposition, Trump responds to flattery. Elon is playing the flattery card which is brilliant. Elon’s agenda is to transition from gas guzzling pollution vehicles to cleaner vehicles and I hope he succeeds.

“Trump responds to flattery. Elon is playing the flattery card which is brilliant.”

Mister G – Your analysis is spot on.

good luck to Elon,he will face massive opposition from ignorant,retarded dinosaurs’, in this administration!China will be the leader,hopefully with Europe,Russia on board.

The best thing that could occur to planet earth and the human race is the fall of EEUU emporium of war.The american way of life is coming to and end , even to the middle class.Don’t even think or belive in fantasy fighting China , don’t make us all laught.You lose vietnam war , the gulf war , and the irak war.Subdeveloped countries , the only war you won was EEUU entered on the final stage (WWII).Dont forget macArthur retreat on the Korean Peninsula.

With all that lost wars , EEUU is willing to fight to a nation with the technology and army like China.ha!

What is EEUU?

PS: this is not a political channel. Don’t forget it’s about EVs

@kompot there are other languages and cultures outside of English and German… and then there is Google

It’s difficult to say how things will play out. Musk has already been made to feel defensive by his seeming alliance with Trump.

He certainly is not enamored of many of the policies Trump is planning or is in the process of implementing, but really what can he do? Trump’s off the reservation in regards to many of his directives which Musk certainly opposes. The restriction of H1-B visas, no carbon tax, no Muslims….

Though sometimes I suppose you have to make a deal with devil or you will get dealt out.

Their bromance is certainly a case of strange bedfellows and perhaps one day a marriage made in Hell.


“Musk has already been made to feel defensive by his seeming alliance with Trump.”

I haven’t seen any evidence that Elon has been put on the defensive in respect to cooperating as much as possible with the Trumpsters.

Not saying you’re wrong, but can you point to evidence of that?

fact:this administration will be dramatic negative for the environment,lets hope that the others on this planet have more brains.

Donald cannot be influenced from the outside. Only enemies out there. So I am ok with what Elon is doing here.
BUT: There will come a time when Elon HAS to pullmout: The Topic will be TORTURE. This HAS to be the red line, even if it is bad for the planet when Elon leaves the circle of power.

“Donald cannot be influenced from the outside.”

Of course he can. He has already been forced to recant his first Big Lie, the Big Lie he used to kick off his candidacy for president; his Big Lie about President Obama’s birth certificate. The Donald was forced to admit that President Obama is a U.S. citizen whose presidency was fully legal and fully legitimate.

As time goes on, he’ll be forced to either recant more and more of his Big Lies, or else forced to resign his presidency. Personally, I’m hoping for the latter, and the sooner the better for America’s institutions, the American people, and America’s international reputation.



Thank you for the link. Many interesting, well written articles. Note: Not related to EV’s, just politics.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

InsideEVs is of course a website which focuses on electric cars, but it’s really putting “spin” on the news to continually refer to Elon Musk as “Tesla CEO” in this context, while giving only passing mention to the fact that he’s also CEO of SpaceX. If we were to reword the headline of this article as “Will SpaceX CEO Elon Musk And Donald Trump Create ‘Unofficial’ Reciprocation Agreements?”, then it would be quite obvious why Elon is going so far in his efforts to play along with the Trumpsters. The U.S. Government is SpaceX’s #1 customer, and SpaceX depends on the government to fund its ongoing development of more sophisticated rocket launch systems. So of course Elon is going to “play nice” with the Trumpsters, so long as he’s CEO of SpaceX. It’s either that, or sell off SpaceX to someone else. If Elon were merely the CEO of Tesla, then he might have some choice about how much to play along with the Trumpsters, and how much to remain neutral or even become part of the resistance movement. But he’s not. As CEO of SpaceX, he has no realistic or pragmatic choice other than to cooperate as much as… Read more »

excellent analysis.

That worked out great for I. G. Farben, Krupp, Messerschmidt, Junkers, etc.

@super390 exactly.

@Pu-Pu said: “…If Elon were merely the CEO of Tesla, then he might have some choice about how much to play along with the Trumpsters…”

If Elon were “merely” the CEO of Tesla then he and Trump would still have mutual interest with regards to improving American’s ability to compete in manufacturing stuff and improving America’s energy independence/security… in which case Elon would still likely have been selected as a Trump Adminstration advisor. Elon being tied to SpaceX gives Elon additional added influence/leverage with the Trump Administration because of of Trumps deep interest in Project Mars.

On past threads you have attempted to painted Elon as a “book-licker”…and continue to do so. That is not surprising considering both ends of the political spectrum will find it hard to accept Elon & Trump have mutual interests that if aligned can benefit America and the World.

Just tweeted by @realDonaldTrump:

Just drove in the new TEZ-la. Amazing car. Very, very, fast. How they convert electricity into gasoline for the motor is AMAZING. Tremendous job by American workers. Watch out CHI-na.

Butthurt liberals all over the place. If Hillary won and Elon met with her, I’m sure there would be butthurt conservatives too. Calm down. I’m an anarchist, so every election and every piece of law is a defeat for me, regardless of whether they are left or right. With that said, Trump isn’t ideological, he’s pragmatic. Even Obama said this. He surrounds himself by successful people, and he empowers them to make himself successful. Success comes before any scary ideals that we might think of him as having. It seems to me that his election is neither detrimental to Tesla nor to green energy. He may think global climate change is not as big of an issue as some of you may think, but he also recognizes that foreign energy is a really terribly dependency. It seems to me that he would embrace domestically made automobiles that run on domestically produced energy, so EVs I think will be an important focus for the administration. A Ford or GM car made in CHI-na or Mexico powered by oil sourced from an unstable region is not going to work for Trump, but a Tesla made in the US and powered by domestic… Read more »

one thing that is to be hoped, even though the Iron Man may be wearing himself thin already without now additionally playing politics – and is despite all his wits not immune to getting fried (be it by oil or overextension):
that he (and other SV peeps) engages also so as to advance or replace the utterly broken poilitical system – he himself has alluded to such…
not sure how close is too close though

Okay, it’s enough that Trump is president, we can’t have Musk depressed, too. Leave him alone, twitter people, you know who you are. He’s doing it exactly right. It’s all you can do. Just introduce sanity into people’s brains.

GO ELON GO don’t get depressed, you have done more for the EV transition than anyone person can do. Now it’s time for the global warming believers to buy/lease EVs today and stop making excuses for not driving an EV. I’m tired of the excuses and BS.