Check Out This Wild Tesla Model S Interior Render With Curvy Screen


Taking curved screens to a whole new level.

We’ve all seen curved TV screens and even those bent mobile phones, but never before have we laid eyes upon such a radically curved infotainment screen in a car.

Of course, it’s just a render. Of the next-generation Tesla Model S, no less. But it sure is eye-catching and very striking in appearance.

Admittedly, a curved screen probably doesn’t make much sense in a car. It seems to us that the top portion of the screen would be difficult to see and would present with some major glare issues.

But still, we all know Tesla is all about cutting edge stuff, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the upcoming Tesla Model Y (debut set for March 14) had some sort of screen trick within. Would it really use the exact same screen as the Tesla Model 3? Perhaps.

If this isn’t the most stunning render of a Tesla Model S interior you’ve ever see then we don’t know what is. Just look at that crazy curved screen.

Check it out in the less-than-finished form below.

Source: Emre Husmen via Behance

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24 Comments on "Check Out This Wild Tesla Model S Interior Render With Curvy Screen"

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Would that convex screen not make sun glare even worse?

Yes. But it’s better than a concave screen that melts the car interior if you park it in the sun.

But you could use it to concentrate solar energy on to a solar panel and recharge your car from it .( Not serious of course;))

I was thinking the same , still looks cool though just not practical.

It makes NO sense at all. Just a pointless rendering.

They even showed the glare in the render…

The first episode of the Netflix show “Black Mirror” from Oct 2106 which was set in the near future had the character driving across country in a beater electric renta car as she could not fly. It had a curved center screen.

For ease of viewing, all these screens should be “concave” with a left to rite, rite to left , “tilt feature” * 🙂 *

Not just for ease of viewing, also for reach ability
It will be to hard to reach the top of a convex screen
On a concave screen the distance is more evenly spread from top to bottom

I like the heads up display with what looks like navigation.

Future Model S will be a center tablet like Model 3

With some head up display maybe?

In the render it shows a standard speed/navigation “gauge” behind the wheel, which is great IMO.

On the steering wheel it looks like an iWatch app cluster. That’d be cool. A touch screen on the wheel is better than everything on the center console like Model 3.

Heads-up is the way to go for immediate info.

It doesn’t just “look like” an Apple Watch app screen. It is one. The Activity app’s three colored ring icon can clearly be made out. The rest have the right color schemes to be other stock Apple Watch apps in their default positions.

Some one is not keeping up. This is a futuristic interior assuming old technology.
Now think full voice control. Then eliminate all the crap you no longer need (buttons and knobs). Puts a new spin on the interior.
Doors that know when to open, cameras for mirrors (until FSD is 100%), music volume control that even senses which people in the in car are talking along with compensating for road noise (until noise cancellation is perfected), retracting arm rests with automatic seat belts, car temp compensated for humidity sensed by skin temperature, etc.

You had me with door pockets. Wouldn’t that be a welcome feature!

Too complicated for a Tesla.

Yeah. This looks like a concept drawing for an overly detailed manga vehicle, not a Tesla car interior!

Does it have coat hangers?

Way too much happening – lines and curves and controls and buttons and stichings and colourshifts. And steeringwheel that is not round – I tried one in a VW and it was only good for track, not for daily driving.

The glass roof is a catastrophe. What is this “sun eclipse” in the middle of the roof / top side of the wind shield?! it destroys the very feeling of space.

If there has to be a curved screen then it should be useful:
1. Save space (NOT take space like on the picture).
2. Prevent reflection from sun (NOT facilitate it like on the picture). …See More

A lot of corners under the dash. Why not to make it more round. The space in the corners are useless in that area.
The center console like on the picture will cut the leg on long trips. It should be a comfortable rest instead.

What can be improved for visibility of the scenes behind the A-pillar? Where is the corner glass and what is that peace of plastic doing

Put the MCU screen lower towards the center console:
1. More accessible.
2. Do not obstruct the view.
3. Less reflection from sun.

That’s funny, I took a car drawing class with the guy who rendered this. Definitely a talented guy.

Gonna be honest, the best part of that convex screen is the fact we are getting a normal behind the wheel speed/navigation gauge.