Why Rush Tesla Model 3? Because Model Y…


Tesla Model Y Render via Remco Meulendijk at RM CarDesign

Tesla Model Y Render via Remco Meulendijk at RM CarDesign


The US is going cuckoo for crossovers just as Tesla tools up for a sedan. Of course, the Model 3 preorders bespeak very strong interest in this particular sedan, but imagine if a similarly-priced Tesla crossover were also available for pre-orders. Which would have more pre-orders right now? How about in 2020? This consumer shift to wee-beastie SUVs isn’t letting up. Toyota thinks the RAV will soon outsell the Camry, the stalwart of what Bloomberg calls a “diminishing family sedan market.” Honda can’t make enough HR-Vs.

Marchionne Godfather TeslaMondo

Ti piacciono i camion? Grazie a Dio!

Don Corleone Marchionne is making America an offer it can’t refuse. The Jeep Renegade is so hot that it’s making up for the Chrysler 200, which is stinking up the joint like a decapitated horse. If bumbling Marchionne, whose companies offer the worst customer experience and rotten product reliability across the board, can still benefit from compact SUVs, it’s truly a can’t-miss segment.

Unless you miss the segment entirely. So come on, Model Y. TeslaMondo wants to see Marchionne develop some serious agita and start pacing around, gesturing with his hands in proper Italian fashion.

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Why steal from 400,000 reservations? I’d go for the Y probably, but since more vaporware than the 3, going for the Bolt ahead to replace our Fiat+CRV.

You have reserved a vehicle you consider “vapor”?

Vapor and vaporware are terms that are vastly misused and/or misunderstood. The 3 may not arrive on schedule, but few doubt that it will indeed be produced.

You’re picked the Bolt over the Model3? Good luck with that LOL

Waiting on Model Y here in the mountains in BC. Or an electric Rogue from Nissan. Whichever shows up first!

I don’t want to replace the battery in my Leaf, I just want to demote it to in-town use and replace our Forester with a BEV SUV and use that for my 150 km round-trip commute.

I hope you can resist the urge to lease Bolt. Walking 15 min to work from charger is not fun (or did they install one for you?) While you can take the gas car, I know from first hand experience that you make all kinds of excuses to avoid it. For example, I’d stuff my car full of stuff and move the seat forward and drive in crunched up condition rather than start up the gas car. The dark oily side apparently is not powerful enough against SparkEV.

Still walking 15 mins each way 😉

Not all bad though I guess, forces me to get at least some exercise each day!!

And I second your sentiment on avoiding my other gasser: went out of our way yesterday to take the EV on a regional road trip and charged at campgrounds to accomplish it. Took some footage to make a road trip video ala Bjorn. Spectacular area we went through yesterday! (Kaslo and Nee Denver)

Exactly. Waiting for the Y as well. Sedans just don’t fit all the lifestyle needs (all wheel drive, space, etc) of some families, including this one. Hope Tesla provides announces their next vehicle as soon as 3 goes into production.

S has AWD, and so will 3.

Rush and product quality don’t match.

Instead of improving quality and proceses first (hint: Model X) Tesla will once again push the limits.

Expect quite a few lemons if the Model3 is rushed out the door by late 2017.

I think in general this correct, like rushing a buggy game out. Though the complexity of the III is clearly not the nightmare the Model X was.

I’d rather see a “purpose built” SUV

muddy grave site … anyone?

/when your mom picks you up for soccer practice, … they’ll know.

That big foot Hertz needs upside down falcon wing doors that double as a staircase, like on smaller jet airplanes. 😉


… and a bell that tolls when it’s time to fasten your seatbelt.

“How about in 2020?”

Well Elon did estimate that Tesla will make and sell 1,000,000 vehicles in 2020.


Tesla fanboi! 😉

Go Tesla, as long as they don’t come with stupid doors.

I love the looks the “Y” rendered, if it’s anything like all the previous other renderings of the Model 3 which was very close to the real car , this rendering is very attractive and hopefully probably very accurate ..That would be a Good thing!

I want real room for camping equipment in the back, don’t need the slope. That would hurt sales.

Exactly! Would rather the proper room instead of a minor increase in efficiency. The big gain will come from moving to my gas Forester to an electric car about the same size/shape. Don’t care about the last 5% over the utility.

Don’t count on it – I expect the Y to have a substantial slope in order to maintain Cd…look what they did to the X (poor third-row headroom) and the 3 (poor trunk access, preserving headroom) for the same purpose!!

It appears to me that Musk is going for highway mileage with low Cd since the cost/kWh & energy density just isn’t quite there yet…and willing to sacrifice some practicality in the process.

Can they make Model Y bigger than X?

As the planet cooks, people move to more inefficient vehicles. Homo (not so) sapiens.

marketing vs engineering.
Who wins?
The latest 2-decade trend shows no chance even to parity.

OK, and after “Y” comes the next……ROADSTER with PLAID!

Let time fly!!!!!!

Word!!!!! If (when) Tesla would manage to bring out the Roadster 4.0 at a humane price 45000$(?), I would happily let my M3 reservation go and go for just that.

There is a great market for a fun roadster, but Tesla needs to focus on making money, and on making the whole EV revolution keep it’s momentum.

Bring on the Roadster 4.0! Could be the car to beat all cars!

I’d order Y before 3 anyway…. Guessing 70% would as well, if only costing 5-10% more.

The SUV, or, how to turn an efficient, well handling, good looking, stay-away-from debt car, into an overweight, inefficient, clumsy, ugly, financialy idiotic wobbling monstrosity!

And, yes, I’ve heard all the arguments before. The bottom line is, if you have the slightest sense of what’s good for you and everyone else, you stay away from them.

If you want a safe car, get a model S. If you need to carry stuff around, get a trailer, a roofrack, a bike rack, or even better, learn how to pack! Live in the wilderness? Get an old landrover!

My 2 cents.

“The bottom line is, if you have the slightest sense of what’s good for you and everyone else, you stay away from them.”

Fred, this blanket statement is full of holes. There are sedans on the market that get worse MPG than some CUVs or even SUVs. How about VWs clean diesel econ cars. What a joke. A Prius V (cargo room of a CUV) gets better MPG than a “Smart for two” car.

If EVs are powered by renewable energy, who cares if an electric SUV is less efficient than an electric sedan. The point is, we need to electrify all light duty vehicles and power the grid with renewables. The answer isn’t to tell people they have to drive sub-compact cars.

Or get LandRovers…

The answer isn’t to tell people they have to drive sub-compact cars. — Rich

Amen. Most sub-compact cars I could use as shoes.


Didn’t musk say, the Y will have falcon wing doors?

That’s just a low blow. Don’t crush my soul with such talk.

Model Y is not going to seat 7 is it? I sat in a Model X today and it is a pretty tight squeeze with 7 people. And yeah, you really do need that Falcon-wing door to get into the back row of seats.

Big fat guy . . . not gonna make it into that back row.

Per “Big fat guy”, he sits in the front right (or left) seat!

I would expect the Y to seat 5, if only because they have the X for those with bigger families and lots of friends!

Elon wants to make a light truck, to compete with the F150, would it be a 2 or 3 seater, or an extended cab 4-5 seater?

“. . . they have the X for those with bigger families and lots of friends!”

And lots of money. 😉

If you look at what automotive market segments are selling the best, it’s all trucks and SUVs.

So it makes little sense as to why Tesla is selling Model 3 as a Sedan, when they could have had 800,000 registrations on a Crossover with better utility.

Hmm, maybe I just answered my own question…

The sedan will get better range than a CUV/crossover. I wonder if Tesla took this into account. By releasing the sedan first, they could go with a smaller pack size and buy time to get the price of the pack down before bringing the Model Y (CUV) onto the market with a larger battery pack size.

And, as longer ranges that Tesla wants to sell, he can’t be hobbled by either cell cost, or cell energy densities, as well as cycle life! CUV with just 180 miles as a base would not be acceptable to Elon, and so for now the Sedan wons in the Model 3!

By the way, the Road and Track July 2016 issue on the “Mind-Blowing S3X” Tesla story is out, grab a copy or 2!

The public has been manipulated into demanding tail fins, panoramic windshields, 400+ cubic inch engines, and all sorts of other madness that they hadn’t needed before, and then learned to live without again. Don’t surrender to the idea that SUVs and CUVs represent some pure expression of American individualism. If that were true, they would have been invented before World War II and dominated sales ever since.

This is about putting an idea before the public and proving that it is logically superior. 60 years ago Volkswagen did it with a car that wasn’t even all that objectively good, though it was useful once parts were common. The first adopters overcame the dictates of longer, lower, wider and changed the world. Also, it’s useless to keep slowly making engines more efficient if they simply let buyers get away with driving bigger and bigger tanks and breaking even like a junkie adding methadone to his heroin habit. The shock of the new can make people rethink their habits, and an electric car sized and shaped to maximize its virtues needs to get a fair chance after the luxobarge buyers have helped pay for its development.

Don’t surrender to the idea that SUVs and CUVs represent some pure expression of American individualism. If that were true, they would have been invented before World War II and dominated sales ever since. — super390

Indoor plumbing wasn’t everywhere before WWII either but I can’t see American’s giving that up either.

SUV/CUV/Mini-Vans aren’t going anywhere once people drove in something that they weren’t cramped and they could actually sit up while driving. There is a reason these vehicles sell.

Telsa sell for several reason but think how much better they would sell if they were selling Trucks, CUV’s, and SUV’s (I am not sure the X is a true SUV’s).

I really hope they postpone the Y for a long time. Tesla should make a proper pickup and van after the 3 to diversify a little and fill a much needed hole.

Huh? A pickup or van ahead of the Y? Disagree, for sure. The Y will be a mass market hit with relatively low engineering effort.

Then a compact pickup truck, which I agree will be awesome.

Model Why?

I still want a wagon/estate. Period. Won’t buy anything without that utility. Model Y better offer decent cargo space and fully folding rear seats. Model X failing on both fronts, this better be better.