Who Did You Have Supper With Last Night? For Elon Musk, It Was The US President – Video

FEB 15 2015 BY JAY COLE 22


The President of the United States is in the Bay Area this week, and decided to check out some of the local cuisine in Presidio Heights at Spruce.

So who was Barack Obama eating with? No, it wasn’t Jay-Z tonight, but a quick check of the White House press schedule just stated “friends and staff“.

Turns out one of those attendees, who had to park 2 blocks away in his red Tesla Model S P85D, was Elon Musk.

We are guess he was part of the “friends” group.

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Only 2 blocks?! That’s pretty close for SF! I’ve had to park 10 blocks from my destination before, which is why I take BART and Muni every chance I get.

I would think, Elon parked in one of the paid parking structures πŸ™‚

That had to be an interesting evening…

Great minds think alike.

I think Koch brothers would not accept Obama’s dinner invite.

Would never presume them to be invited, nor on the “friends” list. πŸ˜‰

Good. The more time they spend talking the better for everyone.

Who knows? Familiarity can also breed contempt. Obama is a politician, a suit, while Musk sees himself as an engineer. Those are not usually the most compatible personality types, regardless of ideology.

They both serve humanity in different roles, but the do share many commonalities…

Both look at climate data, and agree anthropogenic climate change is a threat to human survival. Both are pro-electric for vehicles: Obama’s even pushing for a Federal $10k POS EV tax credit. Again, would love to know the general topics discussed…

They may h ave similar goals but they have very different approaches.

Elon wants to drag the Auto Industry, kicking and screaming if necessary, into the 21st century with vehicle electrification. Obama wants to “make a deal” and compromise every principal in existence on the “hope” that the other side will go along with it.

I think he’s learned that some people just suck, and to go around their obstructionism when necessary. *shrugs*


POTUS whoever they might be should be using Elon as an advisor on all things regarding the electrification of transportation and the quest for 100% renewable energy

I got some inside news from Tesla that Obama is getting a Model S after office..

Sorry Volt : )

I thought POTUS has secret service protection for life – Will he be touching a steering wheel any time soon?

No. He will have AutoPilot ™. πŸ˜‰

Elon rollin in the Red Tesla… my man

Looks like there were a couple of parking garages with L2 charging on Sutter street. It would have been 0.9 miles to walk, or 15 minutes.

So who paid for the meal?

If it’s like a normal political fund raiser, Elon probably got to pay quite a bit to have facetime with the POTUS. πŸ˜‰

Must be a “secret weapon” planning session. Maybe Musk knows that they are working on the $10,000 at-sale rebate for EV sales and he is pushing to get that moving faster through the process. $10K point of sale rebate would be a huge catalyst for the Model 3 and even Model S/X.

Elon if you are reading this, tell us was the food good?