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Tesla Model 3


Another one. #Model3 ?: @teslamod3

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For release candidate Tesla Model 3 electric cars, first there was black, then blue and now white.

The Tesla Model 3 sightings continue to become increasingly common. Here we get our first look at a Model 3 in white.

From the early prototype Model 3s ’til now, there’s very little change noted. Some nipping here and a bit of tucking there, but these later Model 3s still very much resemble what we saw at the initial reveal back in 2016.

The final reveal of the Model 3 in full production form will take place sometime in July. Ahead of that, a small viewing party will get an up-close look at the Model 3 on June 2 and 3.

Here’s a look at some of the other Model 3s we’ve recently seen out on the road:

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

More Model 3 images here

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The new face is a regression to the mean.

Hopefully, for a mid cycle refresh they can bring back the bold front fascia once customers have gotten used to Tesla’s new design language.

Wow. Three whole testing cars. They don’t really look ready for mass production this year at all. I predict less than 5K Model 3’s delivered.

Three colors of Model 3 caught by cameras doesn’t mean there are only 3 test cars in existence.

I predict at least 20k Model 3 delivered this year.

20k??? That’s the number of Model X they produced for the entire year last year…on mature production lines that reused an existing platform. Someone has unreasonable expectations…or is desperately hoping that they will get the last few federal rebates!

I wouldn’t make any bets on it, Dan. Not either way, either under or over 20,000.

Here’s a bit from Wikipedia: “Tesla indicated to suppliers that it intended to double earlier announced Model 3 production targets to 100,000 in 2017…”

Now I personally think Tesla won’t be able to achieve such an aggressive goal, but certainly their plan is to make a lot more than 20,000 Model 3’s by the end of this year!


P.S. — According to figures at the link below, Tesla sold 25,312 Model X’s during 2016.


They probably produced way more but they don’t want to have a huge fleet outside. Testing ist also done inside the building to see how good the machines produce these cars in terms of quality and so on.

Ok I’m tuning in into this speculation game. I’m more optimistic and will say probably 30k cars.

While car color is personal preference, Tesla’s basic boring white one screams cheap to me. IMHO, the pearl white would look a lot better. Basic white reminds me of drywall primer and low-end models going back to the Toyota Tercel.

On the plus side, it would be better to buy basic white, if you wanted it to be repainted with a custom color. White will also look great with aftermarket details like a decal or racing stripe. But I still think a pearl white color would stand out in a field of basic boring white cars.

White is the most popular car color. Sounds like you have some personal issues.

We buy white cars to reflect the sun. Keeps things cooler when the car has been sitting in the lot all day.

White is also timeless – never overdone or outdated.

YEP! I think it’s beautiful. Very sharp looking!

White doesn’t help much with heat rejection when the entire roof is glass.

And that’s one of the reasons why I wouldn’t be in the market for a Model 3 even if I was still driving and could afford one. Even the “steel roof” option has most of the roof covered with black-tinted glass, for an extra-hot oven effect!

You can sure tell that Tesla’s designers live in a very temperate, “Mediterranean” climate! If they lived here in Kansas, or some other State where it actually gets hot in the summer, then you can be sure they would offer the option of a car roof which actually provides shade for all the passengers.

“We buy white cars to reflect the sun. Keeps things cooler when the car has been sitting in the lot all day.”

Bingo. If white is the most popular car color, is is almost certainly for practical reasons, not esthetic ones. Not everyone picks style over substance when choosing a car. In fact, a lot of us don’t.

My wife loves the White Model S, we have a White Kia Soul, from 2010 (Intended to be my last ICE Vehicle, as I await my Model 3)!

We had a 2004 Prius that I bought in October, 2013, but it was a Burgundy color! Now it is being loved by a coworker, for a couple years!

All my Leaves are Pearl White. Can’t wait to switch to Tesla Model 3! These upcoming weeks and months are fraught with Model 3 anticipation!

White cars look like rental cars. Very bland.

Car colors are so dramatic these days. You get a great choice of white, black, grey. Uuuuu.
Seriously debating white vs. pearl white?

Red is the only bright color available. Blue looks like when its not a blue shade of black.

Yes, a lot of us deplore how so few choices there are for colors these days other than shades of gray.

At least the Chevy Bolt EV is available in a nice bright blue!

I definitely prefer the black one, even that my favorite color is blue.

According to InsideEVs’ Jay Cole, it’s a scientifically proven fact that cars painted black are better in every way! 😉

/true fact


Get 13 hours of free (paid) electricity!


Really, this is awesome, Germany produces too much electricity!

Unfortunately those are gross market prices, so you will still pay as a private person 😉

Any news on the home storage front?


Oh yes I know it’s off topic, but I really don’t care about colours when it comes to cars. Mine is mainly white but with blue and green spots (15%), red and yellow is like 3%.

Carefull! That sounds like your car is having an Alergic Reaction! Or, it might be something contagious!!


It’s not contagious, most people who see it just say Wow and keep on having a white or black car.

Careful, it could be Skittles Pox, and that is contagious.

Too much electricity indeed…too much coal electricity and too much fossil electricity.

Tesla Model 3 is a great looking car…in all colors!


I’ve never owned a white car. They always remind me of rental cars or work vans.

Meanwhile the real leader in the ev race GM, had this to say:

“We are bringing disruption through a game changing electrification strategy. But it’s going to be backed up with the dealer network, it’s going to be backed up with the product quality that Chevrolet knows how to sell, service, and look after your product and make sure it’s going to work in people’s everyday lives. So I think that is going to bring us a massive advantage in the electrification space.”
–S. Norris lead designer Cheby Bolt!
(Good for a chuckle).

I wouldn’t chuckle too much. He makes good points. I have a lot more warm-fuzzies buying from GM w/a vast service network than Tesla, where the nearest service center is 3 hrs away. I don’t think Tesla does nearly as much QC & testing as GM either.

My wife and I have had a very similar conversation regarding how we’ll replace my 2013 Leaf in a year or two. While I really like T3’s looks, I’m far enough away from any Tesla store or service center that it’s simply not practical. I hope that in the next year, say, Tesla opens at least one new facility no more than an hour away, but I’m not holding my breath. With four Nissan dealers nearby, a Leaf 2.0 seems all but certain.

So, did the trunk opening ever get enlarged?

Not by much, I hope I’m wrong! The upcoming Model Y is your big boot car, without the hefty Model x price tag.

I’m not sure how much wider they went, but it definitely looks like they went taller.

There has been at least one claim that it is unchanged, altho I haven’t seen any photos of a “production prototype” (or “pre-production unit”) with the trunk lid open.

My guess — and it’s only a guess — is that the actual opening has been enlarged slightly without making the lid any bigger. In other words, just making the distance between the edge of the lid and the opening to the trunk a bit smaller.

Imagine if InsideEvs reported on every color of Chevy Bolt spotted on the road.

Imagine if InsideEVs reported on every GM sponsored Level 3 Fast Charger Installlation for the Chevy Bolt, at dealers AND in the wild!

We can only speculate, of course, on the above articles.

GM was so close with the Bolt. 90% of the way there IMO except:
– No L3 charging. Relegates it to a 200 mile range commuter car.
– A little too narrow. Makes it seem smaller than the LEAF. Certainly not a mainstream feel to it.

Model 3 clearly looks nicer. I can’t tell how practical though. Rear seat headroom, truck access (no hatch). No dashboard.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Huh? The Bolt can DCFC at 80KW?
That is if you can find a CCS station that is capable of 80KW.

no, it can charge at 80kW capable charger for whatevah it means, but IRL it is 47kW max IIRC

Since as far as I know, nobody in the US has posted any charging numbers from an 80 kW charger, that 47 kW number is probably more a limitation of 50 kW chargers.

For a number of reasons that I don’t have enough factual documentation to claim as actual fact, I have a strong belief that the Leaf will likely be able to stay near 80 kW for a fair amount of time before tapering. Battery cooling will be a major factor, plus other factors.

We’ll see.

I keep posting pretty much the same thing hoping somebody will eventually post some actual numbers from say 5-10% to 80%…

How far back does that windshield go?! Looks like a Model X windshield!

Looking forward to seeing a Red Model 3, or a Gold one, Yellow would be nice too…

Personally do not care for cars in the fifty shades of Gray.

Just happy to see more Model 3!

Yes wanting to see Red.

Which is an actual color that actually looks appeasing and isn’t bland nor generic.

Red is sexy

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I like the white.
The darker colors are thermally HOT AF here in CA!

And? My car is black with black interior. Heat doesn’t affect me. I just suck it up.

Every human i’ve ever encountered always complains about being hot or cold. I never complain. Because there is nothing we can do about it so I just suck it up.

What the hell are you talking about?!
Of course there is something you can do. Next time you rent a car rent a white on tan inside and feel the difference from your all black.

That nose….definitely doesn’t look as sharp as the S nose.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Harry Potter designed the nose, It’s the Voldemort design.

Needs gloss black rims. Otherwise it looks like a rental generic car.

Red is the true color i’m waiting to see.

Ok my guess is that the nose on this car is just a place holder for the production nose that the model s/x currently wear. I can’t imagine they would pass up using design language like that.

Ahh, if they’re going into production in July, that’s the nose.

That nose is very bad in white. Even worse than the current S/X nose. Good thing there are other colors available.