This All-White Tesla Model 3 Came With One Brown Door Panel

Tesla Model 3


How about a white Tesla Model 3 Performance with white interior … and one brown door panel?

Yes folks, it really happened. Apparently, everyone at Tesla overlooked the fact that just one of the Model 3’s interior door panels was brown. Although it’s said that these cars go through a number of checks before leaving the factory, not to mention the process once they move to a delivery center, the issue remained unnoticed.

This Pearl White Multi-Coat Tesla Model 3 Performance is gleaming white just about everywhere. The car cost its new owner a whopping $78,000. Fortunately, there was no upcharge for the unique door panel that was discovered after delivery. Obviously, this is because the car was not ordered that way and should have never made it to the customer with the mismatched interior panel.

As you can clearly see in the photo, the inside of the doors are actually black, but the “pads” are white to match the car’s white upholstery. However, one of the passenger-side doors sports a brown panel. With all of the drama and negative press surrounding Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk these days, this kind of mistake is something that will not be overlooked.

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Let’s just get all the bad news in today. We’ll start fresh on Monday with some good news I hope.

It’s not that bad. His friend has a brown one with one white door panel so they just going to swap doors. It’s all good!


I agree, it’s not that bad. At least the rear bumper is still attached. ๐Ÿ˜‰

“With all of the drama and negative press surrounding Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk these days, this kind of mistake is something that will not be overlooked.” But it will be overblown. Like, REALLY overblown (cue Bro).

My big question is: brown? Do they make a brown interior panel? Where did a brown panel come from? Is the brown interior an imminent option? I think the white interior panels are plastic or faux leather, so it’s not like they forgot to paint it and left a primer coat.

OK, having looked at the picture myself on Twitter, I don’t think that’s brown at all. I think it’s black alcantera, which takes on a greyish look in sunlight because of the rough surface. So someone mixed up the standard black panel with a white panel. Call the SEC! /s


It’s not really brown, so not sure why they said that. It is the same grey/black alcantara as what the black interior comes with.

Yeah I put on gray socks and I go outside and they look brown. Or vice a versa.

Better than putting on white underpants that gets to look brown… ๐Ÿ˜‰

I saw this on Twitter. it’s surprisingly hard to catch stuff like this in QC. That’s why Toyota (and others) obsess about getting the process perfect. What would have cost literally nothing to do right on the line, and would have only cost ~$50 if they’d have caught it at the end of the assembly line, will cost ~$500 to fix in the field.

Not to mention the social media blitzkrieg and major story B.S. a mistake like this causes.

Elon, use this case as an example to plant workers and assembly line personnel how the mistake by one can cost a company millions of dollars.

Drunk and stoned workers at Fremont used to regularly pull stunts like this when GM and later Toyota and GM owned the plant and the UAW ruled the day.

I wonder how many assemblers on the Model 3 lines were once employees there under GM and Toyota?

So now you’re blaming former GM and Toyota employees for Tesla mistakes? Anything to deflect blame off Tesla and Elon Musk, right?

haha! Wow, that one must have come from the tent… Long hot days, and too much red bull…

You know the brown panel, was a result from the backed up plumbing, in the bathroom, next to the paint shop, before the fire, during the sprung structure installation, while whistle blowers were lurking about, shuffling industrial espionage secrets, and stolen copper materials, off of the premises.

Of course, all allegedly!

hahahaha! what about the drugs?

I thought that the Free Red Bulls, and the Drugs, kind of cancelled each other out, so as to be a “non-issue”, in the day to day Freemont TM3 assembly operations!

After all, it was right in the middle of “Production Hell”.

The trend in manufacturing is to implement 2- 12 hour schedule. When work decreases, it turns into 2-8 hour schedule.

The problem with 2-12 hour schedule are Saturday and Sunday. When you start forcing mandatory weekends, production actually goes down.

Problems with 24 hour schedule:
1. Deferred maintenance
2. Longer downtime.
3. Higher drug use
4. Higher absenteeism
5. Higher turnover
6. Low moral
7. Increase accidents
8. Lower quality
9. Increase capital expenditure with lower production.

Does it sound like Tesla?

Excuse me, but I see you’ve never worked on car factory. Turns are 8 hours, 3 shifts a day, so the chain never stops.

They are Internet trolls they never worked .

“Production Associate (Current Employee) โ€“ Sparks, NV โ€“ July 23, 2018
The job can be really boring at times and break-neck at others. The pros are the $15.50/hr pay and long weekends due to 12 hour days. The cons are that you have to get up two hours early to be at work by 06:00 am/pm due to the traffic. It can be also be very irritating when they enact mandatory overtime with little to no notice and you have to find someone to cover your shift if you can’t do it. They do not work with you if you absolutely cannot do the overtime day for the week.
Pay $15.50 and long weekends
Traffic and mandatory overtime”

I can go on and on. You have no idea how Tesla works.


I see no photos in this article on iOS Firefox.

Edit. I see I have to click through.

It looks like the regular black panel on the right door like in my car. Maybe the cameraโ€™s white balance?

The only photo is included in the Tweet.

You have to follow the Twitter link to see the picture. Honestly though, the panel looks black to me, or at least greyish, like black alcantera in sunlight

The AMP pages probably don’t show any media that comes with the tweet, so you may have to click on the tweet to see it. AMP pages on mobile try to cut download time and simplify articles. We couldn’t embed the actual photo since we don’t have the rights to do so.

Not sure how they see that as brown. It is grey/black alcantara-type material.

It’s grey/black, but that’s what they said. It’s what the tweet said. The point is it’s wrong. The color makes no difference unless it’s white like it should be.

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous


That’s friggin great……lol
Elon needs to spend a few more nights at the plant……..LMAO
Or needs to inspect and deliver them all himself…….BLAHAHAHAHAH

I only think it’s funny because I worked in manufacturing for over 10 years and have seen many “Ooopsies”.

C’mon, even Tesla fans/fanbois/fangurls could chuckle at this.

And these are just the problems you can obviously see, like the defective Model X windshield. What did they screw up under the surface?

That said, the last five or six MSes I’ve seen parked have had no obvious panel gaps, though one did have some brightwork misaligned. So, there is improvement on that front.

My Honda Clarity has surprisingly bad body panel fit (like a lot worse than the Chevy Volt I owned). It is what it is. Reliability is to early to say yet which of those is better

It is probably going to be a
Great PHEV otherwise.

Last time I looked, and I look about 3-4X a day on the Model 3 details….THERE IS NO “BROWN DOOR PANEL” option. I sure wish a brown interior was/had been an option when I ordered and configured my incoming Model 3 (AWD/PERFORMANCE, Red with Black interior), since I would absolutely have ordered that. I suspect the mismatch is a BLACK door panel though the photo is not good enough on my lowly iMac to be sure. But IF somehow that is a “Brown door panel,” then this really is a collector’s item, equal to a mis-struck coin or mis-printed stamp.

Just making a “fact check” observation. In case somebody “up there” wants to actually check the details of this “internet questionable” source…..

They called it brown when it’s black. The point is it’s the wrong color.

This one is a keeper ,the mismatch panels would make this T3 an instant collectible, I wouldn’t let Tesla service touch it.

Or, EVen get anywhere near it!

This Model 3 car, will be a Super Star, at any and all Tesla SuperChargers.

This is the fault of the production line software, which brought the wrong panel to the car. Tesla should not now start inspecting for matching panels; instead, they need to fix their software.

I wonder if someone ran out of white parts and just slapped a brown one in expecting it to get reworked at the end of the line instead of stopping the assembly line.

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous

Customer delivery inspections didn’t catch it either……

There is no brown it’s black and this could be easily missed.

Sorry, makes no sense. Leaving it off would be easier to spot and easier to fix down the line, rather than putting in the wrong type.

No, the technical term for this is “mistake”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Many mistakes, at every point of inspection… Pretty typical for Tesla if you read delivery threads…

This is actually something the owner should leave alone, like finding a postage stamp with the plane flying upside down. It will (hopefully) be the only one in existence built like that and is thus a collector’s item.

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous

Sell it to Jay Leno.

Except anyone can create an identical error by removing their white panel and installing a black panel.

This kind of thing has happened MANY times before. In one case, GM built a vehicle that had an Oldsmobile 88 front end, and a Pontiac Bonneville back end (the cars were built on the same assembly line and were mostly identical except for the trim.) Note that you could tell this had happened by just LOOKING at the car, but the vehicle made it all the way to a dealer and was almost SOLD before someone noticed.

In another case, a Pontiac LeMans ended up with the ENTIRE Pontiac GTO interior in it; in this case, it wasn’t noticed until well AFTER the car was purchased. (the LeMans was the cheaper model, the GTO was the performance variant of the same vehicle.)

These things happen, especially when you are trying to rush the manufacturing of these cars as we all know Tesla is doing. Nothing really to see here.

Exactly, and a visual inspection likely wouldn’t catch this as you generally can’t see both doors at the same time.

That was the problem with the Olds. From the front, looked like a perfectly normal Oldsmobile, but the BACK looked like a perfectly normal Pontiac.

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous

” a Pontiac LeMans ended up with the ENTIRE Pontiac GTO interior in it”

What would’ve been friggin awesome was if the LeMans had the GTO’s ENGINE!
Now that would’ve been a collectors item there.

As someone who drove a ’65 LeMans convertible 40 miles to school every day for a year, hell yeah.

What, wrong parts on a car not caught by quality control happens at other auto makers, not just at Tesla?!?!

I’m shocked, SHOCKED I say! Why, the Tesla Hater Cultists in this very discussion thread assure us that this never happens at any other company! How can they possible be wrong?

(Hopefully the /sarcasm tag isn’t necessary.)

I have not heard of something like that from a real automaker in years….

You clearly didn’t follow the link to the original twitter photo and read the responses…. Someone linked to this BMW screwup yesterday: ( source is the link provided by insideevs: )–ygHYVssi–/c_scale,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/ssx0yk0hv3pwxojbn6rt.png

“We were sent this amazing picture of a brand-new BMW X5 by a dealer whoโ€™d like to remain anonymous, if you donโ€™t mind. This is how the car came from the factory, with one black leather seat back, and one white one. Somehow, this made it past the final quality inspection. Somebody looked at this and said โ€œSure, looks great! Send it off!โ€ Amazing.”

Somehow this makes me think of Bill Burr. . Arguing with his wife about what color the seats/interior the new car should have.
I’ll give you a black seat…

How about the Jeep that had different years flaring for each side.
Looked good when viewed only on one side.
The tent thing to boost production is one thing, but the reported dropping of some quality control aspects to increase line rate is a tad worrying for awaiting Model 3 customers.

A quick search shows that almost every manufacturer had had cars come off the line like that.

Well of course. But reality never stopped a Tesla Hater Cultist from taking something as trivial as this and trying to make a federal case out of it.

I guess that is what happens when the entire production line all needs to take some Ambien for sleeping disorder…

Ambien is the “Cure All” for “Production Hell”!

Maybe Roseanne and St. Elon can get together, and start up their own Twitter/Ambien recovery group! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿš˜๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ’Š๐ŸŒˆโ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Just like food, sleep is for the weak.

Bruce Sanders said: โ€œLetโ€™s just get all the bad news in today…โ€

It could be good news for the car owner… like a rare miss-printed coin… perhaps valuable.

Good one

How is it even possible that something like that happens? This isn’t just a QC thing it should have never been possible to assemble a car with parts that are not destined for that particular car.

Yeah, never happens at any other auto maker, does it? ๐Ÿ™„

Where is the “eject” button for this serial FUDster?

The above comment and poster need to be deleted. A bunch of us of us like arguing Tesla vs GM vs Nissan, with the occasional amusing Toyota fan. But saying someone should have been aborted is way over the top.

forgot is one thing and should actually be easy to fin. Normally they constantly weigh those cars so it should be spotted. But using a different part?

Wow the hate for Tesla is unique, why you received the car in the first time. Go shorters

Mentioned in the article: “after delivery” – that means everybody missed including the lucky owner. Sort of like buying a Jean with 2 different color after trying it on.

This a clear and unquestionable case of SABOTAGE…. A casualty of war – so it seems. How else can it be explained? This sort of thing only happens in unionized workplaces. – sarcasm- Reuters Alexandria Sage and Salvador Rodriguez July 3, 2018 9:42 AM EDT A stressed, shouting Elon Musk and fears of burned-out workers: Inside Tesla’s Model 3-building sprint Last weekโ€™s big push also brought a rewrite of the employee attendance policy. After mandatory weekend shifts were assigned, two workers said, Tesla rescinded a policy promising workers at least one weekโ€™s notice before weekend work. โ€œThe manager and supervisor are verbally going around and saying: โ€˜If you donโ€™t come in, youโ€™ll be written upโ€™,โ€ one of the workers told Reuters last week. Some employees are worried the frenetic pace plus long hours could burn out workers. One employee said they were told to keep working until they met their daily production mark, not when their shifts ended. โ€œThey said starting tomorrow be prepared to work up to 12 hours,โ€ said the Model S employee on Monday. โ€œItโ€™s gonna be basically 12 hours from now on and Iโ€™ve got a feeling itโ€™s gonna be six days a week.โ€

(One employee said they were told to keep working until they met their daily production mark, not when their shifts ended)

?? They do shifts, so you are basically saying they have to stand two people at the same working station.
see how silly that sounds. Just another FUD campaign.

This makes no sense. Even before the potential owner receives the car, someone has to do an inspection and deliver the car to the intended owner. Then the owner would need to inspect the car before taking delivery. So it makes no sense that the vehicle would actually be ‘purchased’ by a customer without knowing of this issue before the actual purchase.

I’ve purchased many cars, and on occasion, I have had to have the wrong color floor mats in the rear replaced, an armrest missing the trim of the selected trim package, or upgrades missing here or there, but it gets fixed and I am on my way.

Then it’s the fact that it’s just a door insert that is easily swapped out in a few minutes. Not sure what all the interest is about.

Has anyone bought a new house lately??

“…it makes no sense that the vehicle would actually be โ€˜purchasedโ€™ by a customer without knowing of this issue before the actual purchase.”

If the mis-match was subtle enough to be missed by Tesla’s quality control, why would you be surprised that the customer would also miss it during inspection at delivery? Especially if he’s taking advantage of one of Tesla “five minute deliveries”!

The only thing that “makes no sense” here is that anyone doesn’t already know that this sort of thing happens occasionally at every auto maker… including Tesla.

I wish I had the money to buy that car from the owner , that unique one of a kind T3 is bound to become a collector car, just like flawed Stamps or Coins with blemishes from the Mint ! I dare say it’s worth $100,00 right now.

It can be duplicated by simply swapping a black panel from another M3 with a panel in a white interior M3.

What’s next? Claiming that a car with a missing tire is unique and valuable?

Purchased one of the first TN built Nissan Leaf in 2013. Should have been all cloth, however the back seat was leather. Nissan Corp got ahold of me real quick after I posted. Simple fix.

“…this kind of mistake is something that will not be overlooked.”

Seriously? If it was any other auto maker, then of course it would be overlooked!

I’m genuinely surprised that something this trivial is being reported as “news” even at InsideEVs. Surely this sort of thing must happen all the time, regardless of what auto maker we’re talking about?

That’s exactly the point. Due to the press and the news and the situation, small mistakes make huge waves. If we don’t report it, we get ten times more criticism than if we do. We still chose not to dwell on the massive amount of SEC, whistleblower, complaint, lawsuit, he said he said, drug trafficking, “source with information about the matter,” “news” that has overtaken the media for over a week. It’s all a disaster. We will continue to say that we report on all EV makers, good news or bad, and we will always strive to live up to that. The comment section is now becoming a place for the readers to tell us exactly what we should and should not be writing and publishing. The emails are outright outrageous. The terrible, horrible comments and attacks in the trash are probably worse. It’s endless and despicable. It takes nearly every minute of 18 hours each day just to keep it even workable. When to actually find time to write stories? With the private announcement and everything else happening in the news right now, it only stands to get far worse before it gets better, if that ever happens. Truly… Read more »

Keep up the good work!

you forgot the /sarc.

The problem is the inherent “anonymity” of the internet. One can be the biggest A-hole in the universe on the internet yet no one will be the wiser if this loser walks down the street. Losers can sit in their unchanged underwear in their Mom’s basement and smack others in the head all the live-long day, only because they can get away with it due to the anonymity of the internet. In the current day real world, a lot of these over-the-top obnoxious comments that we all have to endure would typically be rewarded with a verbal tongue-lashing or even a fist to the face if they were uttered in person. Two hundred years ago, these comments would be responded to with a challenge of “Pistols at Dawn.”. While politeness may not be totally dead, it is certainly on life support. As one of your humble and loyal readers, I appreciate the ungodly amount of crap you have to endure to basically provide your readers a service (which should be appreciated, but sadly is not). In addition to please keep up the good work, my only other nugget of advice would be “Illegitimus non tatum Carborundum.” Meanwhile, just ban the… Read more »

Well said. Thank you.

Agreed 100%, jm!

@Steven Loveday said: โ€œ… it only stands to get far worse before it gets better…โ€

Elon Musk said: โ€œ…But from a personal pain standpoint, the worst is yet to come…โ€ source:

Both of you have been on the receiving end of psychological warfare lead by someone that knows something about the topic. His hope is to wear down the target (elements supportive of Tesla) to induce fatigue to promote divisiveness and demoralization in hopes to weaken the target.

Nothing would please the anti-Tesla Wolfpack more than Tesla supporters turning onto one another out of frustration.

This is a serous game being played by a small handful of guys that literally have $billions riding on Tesla and itโ€™s supporters loosing… which to the anti-Tesla Wolfpackโ€™s frustration is not likely.

Best defense is to rest up… shake it off… and kick the ball back with a smile.

The reason the dial has been cranked up against Tesla is because Tesla is in fact doing well… far beyond what many had expected is possible.

Lastly, good job Steven Loveday…

in 10 years it will be a collectors item.

Why do people keep saying this? It’s trivial to turn any M3 into one with mismatched panels. Nobody wants that any more than they want a car with mismatched exterior door colors.

You are correct, Sir. In my earlier post, I also misspoke, opining it would potentially be a collector’s item. Perhaps let’s say it would be a “conversation starter” for the sake of accuracy.

Happened to the Chrysler Hybd Pacifica. Whole bunch were delivered with two different color door panels. Customers didnโ€™t even notice until it was pointed out.

I travel for vacations, and one thing I never see outside of a city is an expensive golf cart, I mean a Tesla car. I merrily fill up wherever I want to go in under ten minutes. I will never pay $100,000 for a golf cart. Honestly. What are people thinking???????? I wasn’t in line for the free Kool Aid that day…

I’d be more concerned about the quality of the paint. I’ve seen some really worrying examples on YouTube lately. Quality control at Tesla’s just doesn’t deserve its name ๐Ÿ™

Once again, Tesla quality for ya. Lol

@bro1999 said: โ€œOnce again, Tesla quality for ya. Lolโ€

The force of Tesla envy runs deep with bro1999. Must be frustrating to have the Tesla charger but not the car.

@Golgoth2020 said: โ€œ…The dude [Elon Musk] is a criminal.โ€

That is fantasy and your massive out-of-the-money TSLA short position is real… guess what that means.

Another Euro point of view

Just little bugs due to production rush, what matters is how good their technology is so I was more impressed by the article about the 300 miles Model X on same drive train and battery than this easily fixable little production bug. Now I can imagine it is embarrassing and comes at the wrong time.

Hey, but it can do 0-100 in 3 seconds. That’s the more important, you can beat with your electric car a Ferrari moved with dinosaurs juice in a race to the next red traffic light.

The lack of quality in the Model 3 assambling, is unexcusable. A 78k car with this obvious problem and nobody in Tesla saw it?. Where were the quality supervisors?. Is there anyone doing this job in Tesla?. What other things could be unnoticed?.

Tesla can’t accept this problems if they want to compite with the car industry. Probably any traditional maker, can do a good electric car. Maybe not so advanced in the electric features, but it will be a car with all the panels in the same color, whith regular gaps betwen all pieces, that doesn’t loose the bumpers when rain…. is very risky for Tesla not to pay attention to this things, Now Tesla hasn’t competitors, but this is gonna change ant they can’t live under excuses and fans support forever.

There are NO brown doors.

The person just referred to it as brown. It’s black/grey. The point is that it’s not white.

It’s kind of incredible. And it does make one wonder how it is QC is betting carried out over there.

Not as bad as not knowing the car had ready bad brakes though.

Maybe they can fix the door panel with an OTA update?

Maybe they have to check the assembly line for stoners, or at least make it fool proof. If the worker can not get their hands on the wrong part, they have no wrong part to install. That is fairly common in assembly lines. They make a routine, that is about as effective as a worker can keep during the length of a shift, and month after month. At the same time, they simplify the job by removing possible error sources. It can be the way a part is designed (that really have no improved function of the part), that makes it fit only one way – to make sure the worker don’t mess up. I’ve worked in an assembly line for a while, and you are supposed to be able to work there a day, without being mentally tired. It’s just to do one task, followed by another – and repeat it again and again. It’s not like when you repair a product, or design a product – and have to think more. In the assembly the job should be easy, and follow a set of guidelines. They may easily install a part with a different color like they did… Read more »

Is it possible this car was one of the ones produced while trying to hit 5000 per week where they used any parts they could scavenge? This is what happens when Tesla focuses on quantity instead of quality.

I had the exact thing happen to me when I leased a 2013 Chevy Volt. The salesman said he thought it was supposed to be that way!

At least it’s not nearly as bad as many of the VW Polo’s which was ship out the factory in the 90’s:

What’s wrong with that? For once a car that was not boring.

(For those that don’t know the story behind that: they originally made it only for an advertisement, just to demonstrate that you get a lot of choice… But people kept asking about the multi-coloured variant, so they ultimately decided to actually sell it.)


If that was my car I would be happy to keep it the way it is ๐Ÿ™‚

Tesla gets the important parts right… like supercheap running costs… 0-90 in 6.3 seconds… brakes that last forever… no maintenance on battery or motors… OTA updates… etc. etc.

How de we know this is not just edited on a computer, or someone swapped the door panel?

Just think the value this Model 3 will have as a collectible! A coin with a imperfection can be worth many times the face value of a perfect production.

Just have the odd panel signed by Elon.
BTW: it may already be signed; anyone think of checking the back side? ๐Ÿ˜‰