Which Plug-In Vehicle Are You Most Eager to See Arrive in 2014?


BMW i3 to Launch in April/May 2014

BMW i3 to Launch in April/May 2014

2014 is expected to hold a lot of US launches of plug-in vehicles, so which one will you be most eagerly awaiting?

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Here’s a rundown of some of the highly anticipated plug-ins expected to launch in the US in 2014:

  • BMW i3 – Launch in April/May 2014
  • BMW i8 – ~ June 2014
  • Cadillac ELR – Technically this vehicle is available today, but first sales are so late in the year that we’ll lump it in with the 2014 launches
  • Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive – Summer 2014 in select states
  • Tesla Model X – Launch in late 2014 or early 2015

Out of those vehicles (or perhaps there’s a hot one we overlooked that you feel should be included on the list), which one(s) are you most eagerly awaiting?

BMW i8

BMW i8

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Tesla Model X


A while back, word from a factory tour was that employees thought MX would start shipping very late 2014 but probably early 2015.

Not really looking forward to any of these.

Frankly looking more for the Nissan LEAF “hot” battery due late spring.

Still wonder why no-one has brought something like the Outlander PHEV to market yet. If GM was smart they would have done that before the Cadillac.

What’s the “hot” battery? Battery for hot climates?

And +1 on the Outlander. The US would have been the killer market for it. But it’s also good to see it succeeding so well in Europe…

It’s a tweak to the battery (reportedly a ceramic coated separator) that should reduce the rate of capacity loss in hot climates by at least half.

Is the Kia soul EV due in 2014 in the US as well?

Since I have an S, I’m not particularly excited about any of the new EVs on the horizon for 2014.

I’m happy to see the X start shipping and would dearly love to see the Model E but that’s for 2015 or even later.

I could get excited about a 200 mile BEV shipping in 2014. If it’s a competently engineered car with some desirable consumer features and isn’t terribly ugly (LEAF or Prius ugly), it could be an inflection point car for EV penetration in the US. So far, I’m afraid that the Model E in 2015 will be the car to do it.

I agree. Got my Focus Electric and perfectly happy with it. My lease is up in early 2016, so I’m hoping that the Model E and others will actually show up with 150+ miles of range for under $35K. In my opinion, the planned 2014 launches are no more interesting than what’s already out there. Nice to see new marques getting into the game, though.

Model E isn’t even designed yet. Consensus is late 2016, with volume production in 2017. Volt 2.0 and Leaf 2.0 will probably be in the same timeframe.

Tesla “E” will be the EV car to buy; I have no doubt because Tesla is motivated by its CEO to build EVs for the betterment of the Planet not just for the highest profit margin. The other manufacturers build EVs because they have to. The exception is Nissan; however, they are blowing it badly as they count beans instead of innovating and keeping their customers happy and loyal. In the process, the other makers are catching up fast.

Model X for sure, curious what Nissan is going to do with the Leaf.

Hopefully the Outlander SUV plug-in will make it in very late 2014 assuming they can fix the battery shortage..


I would say the 2014 i-MiEV, but that does not count. It’ll be the i3 that I’d be most excited to hear about, but not having a CHAdeMO quick charge port (in Europe and US) is preventing me from going gaga over it!

Why would you go gaga if it had an obsolete standard?

Maybe because there are actual DC fast chargers deployed that he could use?


I’m sure he would have changed his mind by the time he actually got his BMW i3. Or at least within a year of having it assuming the roll out of CCS’s is slower than expected.

There are fewer than 10 CCS stations in the US. There are hundreds of CHAdeMO stations. What good is having a CCS-equipped car if there are no charging stations near you? Hell, I live in the ‘hood and there’s a CHAdeMO station only a few miles from me.

Exactly. That’s why I find the i-MiEV and LEAF a rather realistic new car for most. In the US, we know CHAdeMO works and is the norm and it ain’t stopping. From my perspective in Ireland, there’s only CHAdeMO and all over with even more yet to be installed, that of which will now come equipped with the AC 43kW that the Zoe uses. But if something like that doesn’t happen, building a whole separate network of SAE Combos will become annoying, especially as I’d imagine at the worst of any map that might list every rapid charger but not list some as SAE only or CHAdeMO. The thought of needing a quick top up and driving over to the wrong plug is something new or unaware drivers could fall for. Apart from building a separate network of SAE Combo chargers, alternatives could only be as I said building new or converting current Rapid Chargers that can supply two or more different plugs, or supply adaptors, of which only Tesla has offered. Until then, I won’t find it easy to recommend the i3, or any other German EV. While over here there’s plenty of 22kW 32amp 3-phase chargers as the… Read more »

As years past, I think it’ll be definitely possible to find a super cheap second hand i3 in Japan and if the import dealers could bring them over, then happy days. The Japanese i3s (catchy) are the only ones equipped with CHAdeMO.

With 200-300 mile range, having chargers everywhere is irrelevant… with 150-200mi range I charge my Roadster 98% in my own garage… infrastructure wouldn’t be such a big issue if Nissan/GM/etc could solve the range issue… in fact I believe they probably could solve the range issue today if they wanted but battery tech is simply not cheap enough yet and would add too much cost to their “entry level EV”

+1 to the i3s problematic quick charging situation.

I’m in the pacific northwest, and a CHAdeMO powered i3 would be a no brainer here.

As it is, I’ll likely sit it out another two years with a new lease on a LEAF.

I’m excited more for the Model E (not out yet), but if I was forced to pick from that list I’m more excited about the Model X. The rest we already know much of the details, so it’s not as exciting, but Tesla likely still has things up its sleeve for the X (that will likely carry over to the E).

Curious about LEAF improvements. Hot battery. Larger capacity option.

Kia Soul EV?
VW eGolf?

Curious about Model X but not realistic. Hoping they reveal a prototype of the Tesla model E.

BMW i3!

I’m eagerly awaiting the i3 since I might actually buy one. I need to sit in it first. I hope to see one at the Dallas auto show in February.

The other cars are interesting to me, but nothing I could afford or plan to buy.

I suspect 2015 and 2016 are going to bring much more interesting plug-in cars. I’m expecting a new generation Volt, a New Tesla, maybe a next generation Leaf, and I am expecting Toyota to surprise us all with the next generation Plug-in-Prius.

Model X of course

once the model x comes out its a wrap for all suvs

2014 will be the year of the BMW i3. 2015/16 will be more interesting…

What ever became of the Infinity version of LEAF? I’d really like to see the LE launch.

It got bumped to 2015 to start production with 2nd gen batteries on board.

The Volkswagen e-Golf. One of the absolute most popular cars in an electric version…. Now we are talking potential impact (unless it gets a ridiculous price).

The BMW i3 is already out and I don’t think the Model X will be available until early 2015 (for others than promotional customers and such).

If the B-class wasn’t just a compliance car then that one would be interesting.

Looking forward to seeing the Nissan e-NV200

I was ambivalent about this year, but you’ve reminded me about this vehicle. It may not be sexy, and it may not be something anyone on this forum ever buys, but it is groundbreaking in that it is (to my knowledge) the first commercially-oriented EV released by a major automotive manufacturer. And since that manufacturer is Nissan, and it borrows heavily from the Leaf, I have some faith that it’s not just some BS low volume limited production concept.

So before I read your post, I had no favorite to watch. But now I do: it is DEFINITELY the e-NV200.

I agree about the e-nv200… really slick… a LEAF that can tote a loaded pallet about… or run a parcel route… very cool… after that Model X to replace my old ford flex.

I would just like to see the Chevrolet Spark EV offered in New York State so I can purchase one.

That is what I would like to see too (indiana though). By the time my Leaf lease is up I would like to at least drive a Spark.

I;m hoping to get an i3 this year, but I can’t find out when they will be in Canada. I’m going to talk to our local dealer next week.

I’m excited about what might not be on the list, I really doubt that they are on the way but what I would like to see would be: (1) A Smart EV roadster for about the same price as the 2 (don’t look at me like that it could be great fun they could make the motor bigger or add a KERS), (2) A re-badged Zoe as the Nissan something in the US with a DC fast charger (3) Toyota/Lexus announcing that it is going to offer a plug on all of its hybrid models (even with 6 kWh batteries this could make a massive difference to the world) (4) Nissan coming to the party with an upgraded Leaf battery that gives 50-100% more range (5) Nissan coming to the party with an upgraded Leaf with 50-100% more power (AWD) (6) The Chinese bringing a half decent EV to the US that costs a lot less than its nearest rival (i.e. something the same size as a current EV but costing less) (7) A small start up bringing something to market that nobody saw coming but that is really quite amazing (8) A small start up doing something amazing to… Read more »

Mercedes B-class: I feel this car will be the rough draft for Tesla’s Model E. This car should be garnering most of Tesla’s attention as I suspect the Model E to be eventually produced through a partnership with MBenz.

I don’t think Tesla will have gained sufficient capital to go at it solo.

We might be surprised how much capital is raised by Model E reservations… Model X reservations are in the $100 million ballpark right now which goes a long way towards kicking off production… If Tesla puts together a compelling Model E for $35,000 we might see levels of reservations that knock our socks off. I can’t even begin to imagine what the waiting list for the Model E will look like, I’ll certainly be getting my reservation on Day 1.

I vote for a “ViaScalade”, what is mentioned as the Presidential SUV on the ViaMotors website. I wish Via Motors well, but for the life of me I can’t fathom why they have the absolute poorest website imaginable. And with next to no concrete information. What little they do have is contradicted on other pages of the same website. Ex: 1.44 kw charging is offered as well as 6.6 kw. Then they say that ‘240 volt charging’ takes place in half the time. These numbers are nonsensical. \Ex #2: “onboard power is 15 kw at 30 amps single phase, with 50kw utility grade in development”. I don’t know about you, but I have little use currently for 500 volts alternating current. Ex #3: They can’t make up their minds whether they’re going to use a 4, 6, or 8 cylinder range extender, and they don’t offer any choices once they’ve finally made up their minds, or so it seems. No price breakdown on options, or even a hard and fast list of standard features, nor even an MSRP. Not even for fleet buyers. Guess the various accounting depts get to dicker the price on every single fleet sale. That said,… Read more »

I’m holding out for a Kia Ray EV but only because my name is Ray

I’m most looking forward to receiving my Renault Zoe after ordering it later this month 🙂

OUlander PHEV in Australia

Anything in oz that costs less than 30k

BMW i3 decked out including self driving (in stop & go traffic) option!!

I’m looking forward to having more competitors in the segment. That includes every plug-in that’s available nationwide. Competition is healthy and good for the market, and shows that it’s maturing!

Whatever happened to Detroit Electric’s new EVORA Lotus Roadster?

they didn’t have Elon Musk’s deep pockets

I’m most anxious to see/drive the i3 and see real range numbers. I want a Model X, but that’s definitely not happening unless I find a vein of gold in my backyard.

I’ve been holding out for the Outlander PHEV for over a year now but it’s been delayed multiple times. I was excited to hear about the Volvo V60 PHEV (but sad to hear it would never make it to the United States). The Volvo XC60 concept showed promise…but no release plans ever announced. The recently announced 2015 Volvo XC90 is supposed to have a PHEV version…and is supposed to go on sale at the end of 2014 but I’m not holding my breath just yet.

Ditto for the Outlander PHEV. Or any AWD PHEV with decent cargo space for that matter.

I’m looking forward to Volts and Leafs finally coming off-lease with 3 year leases starting to expire. Once there is a steady flow of lease-returns hitting the used market, it will be interesting to see how the prices turn out.


Tesla Model X, there is no competitor!