When Your New Friend Is Old School – Video

APR 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 8

Electric cars will bring entirely new experiences, even for children.

In this video, BMW imagines how children might be affected by the coming of electric cars.

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If one kid has a silent electric car, while the other still uses (brrrrrrrr) ICE, well then, that’s old school.

BMW i3. The new friend.

Did you ever ask yourself how driving pleasure should sound? In this film the new, all-electric BMW i3 answers that question in his own way: silent, yet powerful. Sounds like he’s ready to electrify the next generation.”

BMW i lineup

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Well, there was a contribution to the Tesla Loveday competition that was almost entirely similar (from 2017)

Is this the same BMW which pipes in fake engine sounds into the I8?

Is there more than one BMW car company??

I was about to say the same thing. Granted, you can drive the i8 silently in EV mode for a whopping 18 miles or something.


Am I missing something? Isn’t the i8 (the same car the kid’s playing with) the cheesiest of all, having fake sound pumped out?? The ‘new school’ kid must get dropped off before the ICE mode kicks in..

Yeah he should of been not making noise playing with the I3, which is what his dad picked him up in.
Could it be that the i3 looks so dorky that no kid, old school, new school, or home schooled, would play with it?