When Electric Vehicle Charging Spots are Limited, Go Vertical


In congested urban area, parking spots are often limited.

20,000 Kandi EVs will be driving around Hangzhou, China

Up to 100,000 Kandi EVs will be driving around Hangzhou, China

That’s not holding back at least one city in China though from adding parking for electric vehicles.

Hangzhou City, China has apparently started construction of a vertical parking garage specifically for the charging of electric vehicles.

Jam-packed Hangzhou has limited space on ground level for the up to 100,000 rental EVs (provided by Kandi Technologies) it expects to have there in 5 years’ time, so the solution is obvious: go vertical.

Up to 10,000 of these Kandi EVs will be deployed in the city by Summer 2014.

Hu Xiaoming, Chairman and CEO of Kandi, issued this statement:

 “The implementation of the Pure EV Sharing Public Transportation Plan will provide convenient short-term EV rental service to Hangzhou citizens and visitors, and it also builds the foundation for establishing a mini-public transportation system of pure electric vehicles. With more pure EV smart parking and charging facilities built and in use, it will greatly improve the efficiency of urban transportation and help easing major urban issues many Chinese cities are facing today, such as traffic congestion, scarcity of parking area, environmental pollution and energy shortage.”

The first vertical parking structure will be operational in “early July of 2013.”

The bold plan then calls for 30 more of these structures to be built by the end of 2013.  Of course, all of them will feature charging stations throughout.

Unique idea?  Or too costly to be widely applicable?

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Maybe a private EV-lot/deck is the only thing that will prevent ICEing. I got ICEd twice yesterday. If states are going to start charging more for driving an EV, then they better start passing more laws regarding ticketing gas cars parked in EV spots. I think only 1 state in the US has a law now, something like a $300 ticket.

Use the ICEing Ticket Money to offset the cost of installing new EV Chargers… They’ll spread like the Traffic Light Cameras in no time! 😉

Come on America, lets get moving again…i’m tired of our bickering. Progress is NOT a bad word or ideology!