Wheels Gone Wrong? BMW i8 Sports Red Vossen Wheels


Probably Not The Right Wheel For This Car

Probably Not The Right Wheel For This Car

It’s shocking how much a wheel swap can change the entire appearance of a car…for better, or worse.

Spotted at the Miami Beach Concours, this BMW i8 wears huge red Vossen wheels and we think the overall look of this i8 has taken a turn for the worse simply due to poor wheel color selection.

But, to each their own, right?

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Yea, That Go Cart Doesn’t Need anymore Help ….It’s Pretty Hard On the EYES Stock from the Factory….


The wheels are innocent.

The i8 is “Citr├┤en concept car” ugly. Not quite “Gumpert ugly”, but close. BMW has often embraced odd styling to gain attention in special products. Not in their mainstream line lately, but I respect their willingness to take risks.


Yeah, but when you open the hatch does it have an lcd screen and a Playstation?

They look much worse in that picture than they do in the video. It’s not my style, but I can see the RC car look they were going for and its kind of fun.

I prefer the blacked/greyed out stealth look myself, but I do realize that this style is becoming a bit dated already.

I like it!

Money can’t buy taste.

I think everyone is missing the point.
I think the owner chose wheels that would get the car noticed.


And ANYTHING that gets EV’s noticed, for now, is a good thing.

“OMG, Look at those wheels!”
“Holy crap…it’s plugged in!”
“What IS that?”

Love it.

Brings plugin’s much needed street credit among a certain demographic.

And yes, mission accomplished.

I’ve seen worse