Wheego Exits U.S, Has 2 New Models Planned For China

SEP 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 7

Wheego LiFe

Wheego LiFe

Wee…go to China, says Wheego Electric Cars’s vice president for electronics Susan Nicholson:

“We are not making the Whip or LiFe any more, but still support and service the cars. We are working on two new models which will first be introduced in China, followed a few years later by introduction to the U.S. market.”

Wheego originally emerged in 2010 introducing its first smart look-alike model in 2011. The Wheego LiFe had lithium-ion batteries (spec), but the price of $33,995 (pricing) for the Chinese made vehicle made it noncompetitive.

Wheego at least didn’t go bankrupt like Coda and many other start-ups, but the company is no longer offering electric cars in US.

The capital-intensive automotive business and all the regulations are hard for most wannabe carmakers.

Maybe in the fast growing Chinese New Energy Vehicles market, two new Wheego models will be successful, although that market is now also ultra-competitive too – so we have our doubts.

Wheego LiFe

Wheego LiFe

Wheego in 2010:

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Yeah. I never saw the appeal of these cars when I could buy a “real” car like a Leaf for the same price or less.

I think this company was run in a honorable fashoin to go through all it has and NOT need to go through bankruptcy.

Bravo!, and I wish them well in the Chinese market.

As someone who worked for a Wheego dealer, I have to say good riddance. They were unsafe at any speed and did everything a front-drive vehicle should not do. Bump steer, torque steer, brake steer, etc.

Suspension components were so weak you could just about bend one by looking at it funny.

Plus… you could buy a Leaf for a similar price.

Hard to argue with something directly ‘from the horses mouth’.

Saw one during my commute this morning. (was commuting to the place in the first photo) 😛

This was the kind of EV effort that gave EVs a bad name.

Good bye….

If I could have a wish for this or other ev news services regarding Wheego Life would have been to have heard from a couple of year owner of one; an interview.