What’s Your Plug In Time?

FEB 13 2015 BY MARK HOVIS 32

Organization on another level

Organization on  another level

On occasion, the topic is discussed of exactly how long it takes to plug in your EV. Though, no standard exists, the norm generally lies somewhere between 5-15 seconds x 2 for plugging and unplugging.

There are a number of inexpensive accessories that will make your plug in simpler and improve your plug in time.  The EVSE holster pictured on the right is a great way to store your plug handle with easy access. This accessory from ClipperCreek is $19. and well worth the purchase.

For myself, I did not need the ability to store the cable and I did not need protection from the elements in that it was a garage installation. I felt like there was a faster-simpler way to accomplish the task. My solution was to pick up a $14 radial holder from Home Depot to shorten the process by a second or two.

I strapped on the Hero camera to give a rough look at what a total  six second plug and unplug looks like. It happens so fluid  and so fast, it was hard to film. It is a rough image with more time spent focusing on looking directly at the plug in port and then quickly to the wall mount, but you quickly get the idea that this process can be fast.

So our question to you is, how long do you spend at the plug? Are there other simple adaptations out there that make this process more fluid? Please feel free to leave us a post and/or and image of your solution.

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Oh, I envy you…

We belong to the group that definitely does *not* save time overall vs. a gas station. Our typical plug/unplug time is a couple of minutes.

Our most common charge mode is trickle, with an extension cord, from the front porch. Often this involves bringing the two cords from the porch or from indoors, protecting their connection point from the elements – and only then plugging in.

Less often, the cords would already be connected and waiting, in which case it’s under a minute.

Even less often, we’ll use the L2 from the garage back in the alley. That’s easily 5 minutes, b/c the Leaf must remain outdoors, while we walk in, disconnect the breaker, hook up the L2 instead of the pottery kiln, etc. etc. etc.

Still worth it 🙂 Consider ourselves lucky for having a home plug-in connection of any form, and for being able to afford a usable first-gen BEV.

Havent done that for a while now 😉

Of course, you do have to drive to the right spot slowly, but so do you when you go into your garage.
And no need to unplug when i leave.
We’ll all get there eventually….

What efficiency loss are you experiencing versus a wired connection?

about 12%, so about a dime a day for me if i need a full charge.
se full specs and detail here:


That’s better than I thought. Thanks for the detail.

Do you know who is singing?
Haven’t got a clue what she was singing but I like her voice…

Of course, it’s Brigitte Boisjoli and the song is called Sans Regrets (without regrets).
See it here:

About 2 seconds. EVSE is mounted right next to where the charge port is on the car.

I charge in my garage and I just drape the cord over to top of the charger. That’s easier and faster than plugging it into the holster.

I take about 5 seconds to plug in and 3 seconds to unplug.

I was a little put off by the sex innuendo caption to the picture. Just take off the “Babe” and it’s ok.

Thanks, Mark. Just classes up the site IMHO.

Thank goodness the power-that-be have decided not to run any more of those “sexy” EV babe, Saturday articles. I know the effort is to try to attract hormone-filled males to visit the site, or maybe some women who enjoy the rhetoric – but I think it backfired and smutted up an otherwise classy website.

Oh well, we men – we make mistakes, we live and learn.

* Tiffany Raim ( Kick GAS girl, to those who don’t recall )

I think it takes me less than 5 seconds to plug/unplug. I have to walk by both the charge door and the EVSE to get into the car, so it’s pretty much the same amount of time it would take just to get in/out of the car.

I used to use my L1 EVSE that came with the car, but it was such a hassle to move around all the time that I bought a L2 EVSE to reduce plug-time. I actually didn’t care about charge-time since I could charge overnight every third day and be ok. Surprisingly I got a better deal on a wall-mounted L2 EVSE than a wall-mounted L1!

I am definitely at the point where my plug-time is much less than my fueling time. For fueling, you also have to consider time that you take going out of your way just to get to the gas station. My best-case fueling time is just over 10 minutes. Typically it takes more like 15-20! And I have to do that every 350-400 miles? Forget that! Give me the plug every time!

I have the cable strung through the rafters and just pull it from a holster in the ceiling right above where my charge port is.
Takes like 3 seconds.

can you provide a link to this $14 radial holder from Home Depot?

I can’t believe that girl is talking on her cell phone while fueling her car! Oh wait.. it’s an EV 🙂

That would be a funny commercial. Have some guy opening a “fuel” cover; inserting some handle; then lighting up a cigarette. Flash the words “Don’t worry, It’s OK”, then pan out, and it’s a BEV.

Offtopic, but the claim that cellphones pose a fire (let alone explosion) hazard at gas stations is an urban myth.

I know its a myth (from Mythbusters!), but still makes me chuckle.

There is a thread somewhere stating that EV owners stop smoking because they no longer go to a gas station where they used to buy these drugs.

About 5 secs with wall-mount L2 in garage next to charge port. L1 charging took about 30 secs beacuse of inconvient location and there was no guarantee Volt battery would be full overnight.

Haha, photo shoot photo shows petite person plugging a Chademo gingerly with one hand while holding her phone with the other. Completely realistic*.

I don’t even notice that I’m plugging in anymore than I wonder how long it takes me to blow my nose or contemplate how many seconds it takes to wipe after, um, you know. It’s just one of list of little things I do during the day.

Sadly my plugin time take about 5 minutes. I am one of the unfortunately souls who lives in an apartment and doesn’t have access to a dedicated hard installed Level 2 EVSE. As a result I use the Level 1 charger that came with my Volt. My apartment complex has arranged for me to use a plugin near my assigned parking spot ($30 a month for the privilege). So plugging in involves me parking, getting out, opening the trunk to get the charger, placing it properly, and then driving the car forward on the charge cable. I had an incident where my charger was stolen (the parking lot is unsecured … a $400 loss!), as a result I park on the cable to ensure it doesn’t walk off again. Then I finally power off the car and plug it in.

So, yes … a big hassle … but much better than visiting a gas station IMHO.

Mine is probably around 7 seconds. The plug port is right near the driver and I leave EVSE port right where I get out.

I probably have the all time record time wise for disconnecting the TSL-01 connector from a Roadster, since the thing constantly freezes on me during the winter time, and the connector MUST be removed to drive the car. I wish it didn’t.

That picture is so crazy.
-She’s on the phone but she’s not talking.
-She’s holding the Chademo thing but she is not looking at what she is doing.
-She’s looking off in the distance smiling . . . while supposedly on the phone and plugging or unplugging a Chademo plug.

It just makes no sense. So staged.

I bought a clock/toy antique gas pump to which I attacked my charging station connector holster. Each time I charge my LEAF, I’m reminded it only takes seconds as compared to minutes to pump gas. I don’t rush to plug in my car since a few seconds +/- is insignificant.

Correction…to which I ‘attached’ (the holster).