What’s Next For Federal EV Tax Credits?


They’re set to phaseout for Tesla in 2019, with GM close behind, but could Congress extend or eliminate them?

Federal tax credits of $7,500 were enacted in 2010 to help spur sales of electric vehicles, which was a priority for the Obama administration. Unfortunately they’re not permanent, and are scheduled to phase out during the calendar year after an automaker sells 200,000 EVs.

Tesla has already reached that milestone, which means if you don’t take delivery of a Model S, Model X, or Model 3 by December 31, 2018, you won’t receive the full credit. The federal tax credit on Tesla models will drop to $3,750 for vehicles sold between January 1 and June 30, 2019. It will then be reduced to $1,875 for units sold beginning July 1, 2019, and will be eliminated altogether on December 31, 2019.

General Motors is expected to be the next automaker to reach 200,000 total EV sales, and it should happen sometime during 2019. That would mean the federal tax break for the Chevrolet Bolt EV (and also the Cadillac CTS and Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrids) would phase out beginning on January 1, 2020. Again, they’d drop to $3,750 on New Year’s Day, fall to $1,875 on July 1 and disappear on December 31, 2020.

Nissan is the automaker that’s next closest to reaching 200,000 sales with the Leaf, but it’s probably still a few years away from hitting that mark.


The irony here, critics say, is that eliminating the tax credit based on sales essentially penalizes automakers that were at the forefront of EV development and invested heavily in the technology early in the game. Tesla, which is as much a luxury-car brand as it is a purveyor of EVs, isn’t likely to see its sales suffer as much as would General Motors. The Bolt EV, which goes for around $28,000 after accounting for the tax credit, would effectively suffer a $7,500 price increase.

That would give the vehicle’s closest rival, the Nissan Leaf, a big advantage, Deducting the $7,500 credit, the 2019 Leaf costs around $23,400. Losing the tax break could also adversely affect GM’s future EV plans, or at the least might force the company to sell its electrified rides at a loss to remain competitive with makers whose models are still eligible for the credits.


Not surprisingly, GM and Tesla have lobbied Congress to extend the federal tax credits. A General Motors representative told Reuters that it is important “to provide a federal tax credit for consumers to help make electric vehicles more affordable for all customers.”

To that end, Representative Peter Welch, a Democrat from Vermont, introduced a bill that would replace the current sales-based system and enable a tax break for all EV buyers for the next 10 years. It would also swap the current tax credit for a direct rebate from the government. As it stands, EV buyers have to file with the IRS along with their annual income tax forms in the year after buying an EV to receive the credit. What’s more, those who pay less than $7,500 in taxes lose a portion of the incentive.

“Transportation is the single largest contributor to greenhouse emissions in the United States,” says Welch. “It is urgent that we transition to cleaner, more efficient modes of transportation. My legislation will make electric vehicles and their charging stations more affordable. We are in a race for the winner of the technology for electric vehicles and this credit is going to help spur that.”

A similar bill was proposed in the Senate by Dean Heller, a Republican representing Nevada. His legislation would likewise eliminate the 200,000-vehicle cap and allow for the full $7,500 EV tax credit through 2022. After that it would phase out for all automakers.


On the other hand, some in Washington feel the best way to handle the situation is to eliminate the tax break altogether. Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman John Barrasso, a Republican from Wyoming, has introduced a bill that would do just that. His legislation would not only immediately end the tax credit for all automakers, it would impose a new tax on EV owners (who otherwise avoid paying gasoline taxes) to fund highway repairs.

As one might expect, Senate Democrats are opposing Barrassso’s bill. “Repealing a policy that helps combat climate change is the absolute wrong decision,” says Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon.

It’s uncertain when – or if – any of these bills will come up for a vote on the floor of the House or Senate. Legislation can be slow moving as it is, and any action would likely be put on hold until after January when the full House and newly elected members of the Senate are sworn in. And with fresh blood coming to Washington, there’s no telling how this might play out.

In the meantime, act fast if you’re in the market for a Tesla or Chevrolet Bolt EV.

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Dean Heller lost his re-election bid and while the Dems will likely control Congress, there will be little to no chance that any EV credit bill will pass the Senate.

I would not bet on that. GM/Ford and the like have a bunch of lobby power and they are American companies, with American jobs. They are likely the ones who stopped the repeal of the tax credit in the last round of talks about it.

Tesla would have the support of California and Nevada congresspeople, at least, and I’m sure that Michigan and other rust-belt States with large factories would have congresspeople partial to anything GM wanted.

A bill that’ll appease Senate and Donald trUMP is to allow tax credit only for US made EV. That will include top best sellers, Tesla, GM, Leaf. US Leaf will also appease some southern states.

May not be a bad approach if nothing else is proposed. It’s not like Hyundai or VW will flood the market with evs anytime soon anyway.

Good idea, till EU and China reciprocates.

Let them. US makes best EV in the world. By making it cost more for superior US product, they’ll be helping promote US made EV.

Tesla sales will drop sharply in EU

With its Korean battery and drive train plus various other parts from other countries I doubt that the Bolt is a majority domestic content car.

Bolt has 20% North American content this year, according to Kogod, which puts them at around 350 (guess) out of 546 cars sold in North America. Volt is 66% North American, which is #2 in the Kogod index for North America. Tesla Model S in 55%, which is #8.

I wonder what the Model 3 is, now that the battery cells and packs are coming from Nevada.

That will include BMW and Mercedes since the have factories in Alabama and South Carolina

Regarding stopping the repeal of the tax credit —
That was just the reconciliation of the House GOP tax bill with the Senate version of the bill. Items that were not in both versions of the bills were “filtered out” during reconciliation, and therefore were not part of the final bill, that passed into law.

Canceling the EV tax credit was not part of the Senate bill to begin with. There was a PROPOSED amendment to the Senate tax bill, but it never made it out of committee.

So the EV tax credit wasn’t in danger once it was known that canceling it wasn’t part of the Senate bill.

The Democrats will have a majority in the house and the Republicans a larger majority in the senate. It takes the house, the senate and the president to make or eliminate or revise a law. I think it is improbable that these three actors could agree to do anything with this issue at least during the two years starting 1/1/19. Possibly the all Republican government could something between now and 12/31/18.

I think the best solution would be a revision to establish an equal phase out for every manufacturer starting a some date certain but I doubt we’ll see that or any other new scheme.

“is that eliminating the tax credit based on sales essentially penalizes automakers that were at the forefront of EV development and invested heavily in the technology early in the game.”
Ridiculous logic. That was the idea of the subsidy, to make the forerunners way ahead of others, so they no longer NEED the government subsidy. If they still need govt subsidy, that means the technology doesn’t have its own legs t stand.

Why bother posting this crap here?

Because he is an anti-EV and especially anti-Tesla troll.

No he’s a free market republicans

I agree with your concept but as it was implemented it doesn’t benefit the forerunners. The current implementation benefits whoever hasn’t sold very many EVs. So, initially, that was the forerunners but now it will shift into penalizing them and benefiting their competition. Some of them kick started the EV market but now those who haven’t sold many EVs will be able to pull customers from them by offering the subsidy. I think it should have had a cutoff date to start with. Also, I think it should be applicable at the point of sale regardless of income. As it is it benefits those the most who need it the least. I’d have a Tesla now if I’d qualify for the credit but I don’t. I live responsibly and have the cash to pay for a Tesla but don’t make enough annually to qualify for the credit. I don’t want to pay full price for something that people who make more than I make get to buy for $7,500 less. It would be nice if their savings were passed on to the used car market but that doesn’t seem to be the case either. I almost wonder if some people… Read more »

Well, you are kind of saying that those who already used their quota of subsidies (tax credit) are being penalized because they already benefited? That’s odd. It’s like, I arrive early, get my portion, and still want more before others took their shares.
If the subsidy didn’t help put these manufactures ahead of others, then it kind of failed to do its job.
But they may be already ahead and no longer need it. For example, per Elon, Tesla’s battery cost is now way below others’ at $100 a KWh due to ‘economy of scale’. So why does it need the FITC?

“It’s like, I arrive early, get my portion, and still want more before others took their shares.”

No, it’s like you got there so early that you had to help make and bake the pies, then those who arrived later got to eat part of your pie without helping make it.

The other way it’s viewed is companies like Tesla and Nissan walk point for everyone else who sits back and lets them pour money and resources into all the development, and test the public’s appetite for EV’s. Once companies like Tesla and Nissan have secured the beachhead, everyone else steps over them.

Might I add, that a little subsidy for the poor who drive old fuel inefficient, polluting vehicles will do more good to the environment than a few Prius drivers changing to plug-ins and BEVs?
it’s not just CO2 those old clunkers are emitting.
A little subsidy for hubrids will also do miracle for the environment.

Home loans get tax breaks. Does that mean home ownership doesn’t have its own legs to stand?

Yes, it’s all an illusion….didn’t you see The Matrix?

That is true. Mortgage tax deduction is one of the biggest ponzi schemes devised by US govt to prop up home values and create bubbles in home prices. Government hsouldn’t meddle with consumer behavior.

I fail to see how it’s a Ponzi scheme when both the lender and borrower benefit and when actual product is involved. Try building a home yourself; you’ll find that it costs just as much.

Many people who don’t understand the term ‘Ponzi’ love to use it. And oddly they never come back when it’s misuse has been clarified and simply own it.

So…. you are arguing the government should not support people owning their own homes, despite all the public good which comes from that.

In fact, you’re arguing that this is a fraud, which you are mis-labeling a “ponzi [sic] scheme”, despite the fact that a Ponzi scheme properly refers only to a fraudulent multi-level marketing scheme, which… well, as they say, that’s “Not even wrong”!

If you don’t want government meddling in consumer behavior then live in the middle of Sahara desert, the moon, or Antarctica LOL we are the government lol CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP EARTHLINGS co2.earth

More right-wing talking points by our latest anti-Tesla and anti-EV carpet-bombing and lying troll.

Why don’t you take your anti-Tesla pravduh somewhere where it will be appreciated by other serial Tesla bashers? Some place like Reeking Alpha or Yahoo Finance.

This is a pro-EV forum, it’s not a megaphone for your anti-Tesla B.S.

“General Motors is expected to be the next automaker to reach 200,000 total EV sales, and it should happen sometime during 2019. ”

According to your colleague, GM is 3014 EV sales away from 200,000.
If that is correct, so they will hit the magic number in 2018, maybe even in November.

Wondering how possible it is GM could have a plan similar to Tesla’s high production, post 200k? As it stands, credits are no longer limited by quantity, for TSLA.

For GM to substantially increase production of the Bolt EV and/or the Volt, it would have to have access to a substantial increase in the supply of battery cells. Do you think LG Chem has been letting some battery manufacturing supply sit idle, or that they’ve been stockpiling cells to put in Bolt EV packs?

Neither scenario seems believable to me. And since LG Electronics is assembling all of the Bolt EV battery packs, I rather doubt GM has a contract with any other battery cell supplier.

Bottom line: GM couldn’t suddenly increase production of the Bolt EV or the Volt even if it wanted to. Nor does GM want to, because that would cut into its sales of gasmobiles.

All that said, there is a good potential market for the Bolt EV in Europe, if GM can sell it outside its deal with Opel, which clearly isn’t interested in selling the car at a competitive price. In Europe, the car wouldn’t compete with sales of GM’s gasmobiles. I hope this is a market GM will choose to exploit, altho at present it appears they have no intention of doing so.

GM is slightly more than 3,000 Bolts & Volts away from hitting 200,000 according to your website; and they sell that many Bolts & Volts in a month, so I don’t understand the GM part of the article.

It looks like GM will hit 200,000 in 2018 Q4 (based on your website’s numbers) and if so, the EV tax credit for GM would be cut in half starting April 1, 2019.

Purely as a numbers game, Tesla and all other automakers should have made their 200,000th sale in January of the calendar year. Of course you must remember taxpayers as a whole are paying for this EV tax credit.

Like they do the mortgage interest deduction, and tax exempt interest, and Trump’s 700 bn deficit.

“taxpayers as a whole are paying for this EV tax credit”
I thought it was my money that i got to keep more of because i bought an ev….

“taxpayers as a whole are paying for this EV tax credit”

Complete utter nonsense. You do not get the tax credit IF YOU DID NOT PAY! Getting YOUR MONEY back is YOUR MONEY, not other tax payers’.

The notion that tax payers are PAYING for the tax credits and CAlifornia rebates. This is the utter nonsense that ICE heads fud. .

This and much of the govt deficit spending are being financed by treasury bonds bought by China, which we can default on if need be. Just keep riding the free money train till it runs off the rails!

Debt to China is about $1.4T out of $16T US economy Worrying about less than 10% debt is like worrying about $5K car loan when your income is $60K.

Hey author and editors: you blew it in the first sentence!

“Federal tax credits of $7,500 were enacted in 2010 to help spur sales of electric vehicles, which was a priority for the Obama administration.”

WRONG. The tax credit was first enacted under the Bush administration. It sat on the books largely unused until the EV market finally started delivering cars in volume in late 2010 (launch of Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt).

Notwithstanding you opening the article with this howler of an error, I’ll try to ignore it and take the rest of the article seriously.

Chris C agreed: I believe this is one of the ONLY things the Bush Administration did that was “For the People”. Its nice to see you are reminding people of the facts….. President Trump at today’s extended Press Conference said several refreshing things: One – calling a reporter’s statement a highly RACIST comment (which it was), and shining the spotlight on rude and obnoxious behavior – taking some haughty reporters down a few pegs. As regards this ‘Interest Blog’, I find it interesting that he says We as Americans want “Crystal Clear Water and Air” – and he also said that he could work with Speaker Pelosi and the democrats, since he says he LOVES TAX CUTS, (and the credits that evs would get are in effect middle-class tax cuts) – WHICH he said he would like to do if the democrats will go for it. One other thing for those of you who still have grave misgivings about Donald J. Trump: Here’s a 1 minute video that you would NEVER SEE WITH BUSH, CLINTON, or OBAMA – where you never saw a real moment. This is a cell phone feed where he goes right up to common people at… Read more »

Bill, this is not a place for you to post your political leanings. Please stop. I was enjoying this thread until this point.

Really, you were enjoying TeslaInvestor’s anti-EV pravduh and his utterly removed from reality rant about home owner tax credits?

I am on topic since the President of the United States just said as recently as yesterday, without provocation, that he wants:

1). Crystal Clear Water and Air.
2). A 10% Tax cut for the Middle Class IF THE DEMOCRATS WILL GO ALONG WITH HIM.
3). Looks forward to working with the new speaker of the House, Mrs. Nancy Pelosi.

This is directly related to the ‘EV Federal Tax Credit’ since Automotive News as recently as Yesterday Evening said that, since the Democrats now control the house, they will be bringing up such topics as EXTENDING THE EV TAX CREDIT. My comment DIRECTLY refers to the entire point behind this article. So sorry, I will continue to comment on it and not be stifled.

If he wanted #1, then the EPA wouldn’t be cutting back or ending pollution rules, delisting coal ash as a pollutant, backing off the vehicle efficiency mandate indefinitely, opening up Federal lands for fracking and mining, fired all of the scientist panels, removed climate change and global warming from their website… he is the quintessential snake-oil salesman and abusive father figure, telling you what you want to believe just long enough for him to get away with doing the exact opposite. #2 won’t work because he and the gop-led Congress exploded the deficit with two rounds of staggering tax cuts for rich and corporations – it’s a publicity stunt, knowing full well that the Dems will not, cannot in good conscience or good faith, agree to any kind of tax cut in times like these. Taxes desperately need to go back up, big time, in order to staunch the bleeding trump caused. #3 is a blatant attempt at gaslighting since he knows full well that the House will be investigating all of his foreign financial entanglements. He knows nothing will work out well for him, so creating the image of wanting to work together plays to his base and a… Read more »
HAHA! Seems like your imagination is getting away with you. Trump clearly stated he is very happy with the election results. Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) were mostly among the ones who retired, since they BELIEVED the blue-wave fiction the media was constantly proclaiming. Unstated was the fact that, of 11 people he stumped for, a full 9 were voted into office. Those who refused his campaign help, or were a “NeverTrump” got voted out. Result: Those who got voted in both Liked Trump, and owe their success to him. Far from hurting the party, Repubs now NEED him. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s unfortunate accident today at her office (many 85 year olds do have trouble with their balance), may lead to another Justice in the near future. His next Supreme Court nomination will therefore sale through, and Impeachment is off the table since it is impossible to Impeach someone of such high growing popularity. Coal Ash from the plant in my town recently effectively forced to shut down (our ‘state epa’ would only allow the plant to run self-destructively), was fully recouped and made into high-quality dry-wall, not that formaldehyde-laden Chinese stuff that Lowe’s used to sell that ruined wiring… Read more »

Clinton has surplus, you are confusing debt and deficits. Clinton had deficits until 93- 97 and surplus were coming in 98- 2000. Deficits leads into increase of debt

Re-read my comment Will. No confusion on this end.

Yelp. Let’s give out middle class tax cuts with no spending cuts like the last round for we can cut Social Security later to save the budget and country. It’s a poison pill

No revenue to pay for spending l. Gutted the EPA. Obama tried to work with GOP and got the 🖕 from them. Bill please leave. See you in 2020

Yup – you are proving my point. You say you believe in free speech – and want ‘tolerance’ for your lifestyle. Yet if someone else voices an alternate view you just want them to leave. And you guys categorize any comment you don’t totally agree with as “Hate Speech”.

“I believe in Free Speech, just not Hate Speech”.

Observer: ” I believe in Physics, just not Gravity”.

Bill, let’s be honest, here. You believe everything about your pal Trump, and you watch a lot Fox News, since that’s what you are regurgitating here, nearly idea for idea. You don’t believe in proper punctuation or correct spelling. I find it amusing that you can’t spell “lying” correctly, yet you profess to be an expert on Trump’s truthiness. Your guy’s approval rate has been pretty steady in the low 40s, with a disapproval percentage in the low 50s. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/?ex_cid=rrpromo You describe this as “high growing popularity.” Perhaps a quick lookup of the words “popularity” and “growing” would be a worthwhile 5 minutes spent for you. The word “impeach” is not a proper noun, and as such, it should not be capitalized. Actually, you have a lot of trouble with first letter caps in many of your postings. If you want to stress a word, perhaps you should write it in all caps. Of course, if you overdo this technique, then you look like a yelling moron, so use in moderation. My six-year-old is learning about capitalization in school right now, so I’ll admit, it’s top of mind for me. One of these years, I will find an educated Trump… Read more »

I’m glad your 6 year old is twice as smart as me – by the way, I never watch Fox news. NEXT !!!!

I voted for Trump with reluctance, but lately I like what I see.

With the midterm results, it is perfectly clear that the credit will not be eliminated due to the Democratic majority in the House for the duration of the 116th Congress.

It is hopeful that the 6 or so flipped governorships might enable those states to create and/or extend their existing EV incentives. It was reported on this site, I forget which state, was pledging to increase their incentive to cover all (or at least some) of the Federal EV tax credit phaseout (might have been promised in response to the talks of having the credit eliminated).

I really hope that at least the Federal credit is converted to a point-of-sale rebate, as the “cash-for-clunkers” rebate was.

“converted to a point-of-sale rebate, as the “cash-for-clunkers” rebate was.”, or at least a program that offers greater rewards for removing dirtier, lower fuel economy, fuel hogs, off the road, and more rebates fore more efficient & longer range (= typically more expensive) EV’s! As has been seen, no current BEV for sale is rated under 105 Miles Range, but even so, such vehickes seem to get qualifications for the full credits! I propose that it is already well understood that 150 Miles Range, as in the 2018 Leaf, is Not More Compelling than the 200+ Miles Range found in the Bolt EV, & in Tesla’s; therfore, at 150 miles Range, a $2,500 Credit, at 200 Miles Range, a $5,000 Credit, and at 250+ Miles Range, the $7,500 Credit (or as Direct P.O.S. Rebates)! The Base 240 Mile Range Model S, for example, would then get less $, as well, and be equal to the Bolt, and the Base Range Model 3. The Mid Range Model 3 would still Qualify for the $7,500, if the EPA Rating, is in fact, 260 Miles Range! As to PHEV’s, there needs to be an “Annual Increase in Minimum Qualifying EV Range”, as well,… Read more »

If Donald trUMP is really a nationalist, he’d support EV tax credit since the best EV are made in USA. Unfortunately, the “made in USA” aspect is rarely mentioned with EV. Mention it loud and often, and even Republicans will be on board.

According to the evening Automotive News – it is expected to be one of the top ‘green’ tax incentives to be made by the new Congress. I don’t think the Senate will be much of a problem since Trump said earlier today that he is in favor of a 10% tax cut for the middle-class IF HE CAN GET THE DEMOCRATS ON BOARD. To me that means if they fight an ev tax credit they will be fighting Trump, who is an early Tesla Roadster Owner.

It would be nice if they extend the tax credit, but it seems unlikely.

A lot of bills don’t even make it out of committee, and never get voted on by the House or Senate, so it will be interesting if any of the bills make it to a full vote in the House.

A critical step in any extension or expansion of the credit would be convincing T***p that the tax break greatly benefits ONLY the top 1%. He’ll sign anything if he thinks it works that way.

How do you explain tax cut for the middle class?

Rather than playing non-existent class game that he won’t care anyway, appeal to his nationalist zeal. Best EV are made in USA. We shouldn’t let other countries with EV industry get ahead with their subsidy while US EV industry suffers due to cutting tax credit.

“How do you explain tax cut for the middle class?”

Anyone not living in the far right wingnut bubble world will understand that doesn’t need “explaining”, since it’s just another unrealistic campaign promise that has no real-world chance of happening.

The Orange One would not care if such a deficit-inflating tax cut actually passed; he’d be happy to sign it because he doesn’t care how much more that would drive up the federal debt. He’s already demonstrated that by signing the last tax cut into law; the tax cut which mainly benefited only the very rich, while ballooning our national deficit spending.

But there will be few if any lobbyists bribing congresscritters to pass any middle class tax cut, as they did for the previous wholly irresponsible tax cut, yet another example of the class warfare which the very rich have been steadily winning for something like 35 years now.

Income inequality in the U.S. continues to get worse. Just as happened in the 1930s, this will eventually lead to increasing social unrest until the situation is rebalanced.

Well, talk is just that…..Talk. Unfortunately, many people want ‘free speech’ as long as it totally agrees with them. Hillary, and Eric Holder were even calling for ‘lack of civility’ until the Democrats were back in power, and called basically for the attacks currently ongoing – whether it is attacking Senators in Elevators, or at Restaurants. Many on the Liberal side of things are drifting dangerously toward MOB RULE, where differing viewpoints are never allowed to be heard. Currently they are attacking the homes of Tucker Carlson, Ann Colter, and Sean Hannity – people who I disagree with in part, but believe they also have a right to their private lives when not working. I like specific statements. I’m glad that Mr. Trump has defused several hot spot situations, – as many RINO republicans and most of the Democrats were itching for war with IRAN, North Korea, Russia, and Syria . (Obama’s reluctance to attack Syria directly I consider one of his few accomplishments). War, and more to the point, Nuclear War is always bad for a country. I’m happy that there is negotiation going on at this point, and welcome more of it, since that helps preserve the ‘standard… Read more »

Democrats in the House will do this call and email your congress.

Of course Democrats will. Problem is upper house and veto are by Republicans. You should contact/convince your Republican representative if you really want this. After all, Republicans always talk about tax cuts, here’s a chance to extend the tax cut. This is common cause that Democrats AND Republicans should support.

I’d be happy to support any measure to balance the budget. That’s something that the GOP used to give lip service to… but once in power, they have done opposite, driving deficit spending to previously unseen heights. Not that the Dems are any better; both parties now seem to be competing for which can drive up the federal debt, and drive up deficit spending, the fastest.

Whatever happened to Republicans being the party of personal and fiscal responsibility? Conservative values means prudently investing in the future, not slashing spending everywhere while ignoring crumbling infrastructure and ignoring debts piling up.

I’d be happy to rejoin the GOP if it ever returns to its real values.

What are you ranting about? GOP talks about individual as in lowering taxes for individuals. Fiscal responsibility has not been a thing with GOP since Reagan days (probably even way before). Republicans freeing the slaves is exactly the same principle: individuals.

Now if you’re not going to talk to Republicans and instead live in Democrat plantation bubble, you’ll have no chance of anything getting done. Shouting down speech events and forcing Republicans out of restaurants is going to further divide.

Fiscal Responsibility has been the gop calling card for longer than I’ve been alive (40yrs). gop Congressmen have been saying it even as late as last election cycle!! They have been beating that drum to no end!!

Of course, in practice, they have not been concerned with fiscal conservatism when they are in power and doing the spending and tax cutting – that really got rolling during the Reagan administration, when the staggering tax cuts tripled the deficit during his second term, and has never really stopped.

The current crop of ‘republican’ neo-conservatives were the very same Warmongers who supported Lyndon Banes Johnson all the way.

” in practice, they have not been concerned with fiscal conservatism”

That’s precisely my point. Talk is cheap, but the action is what counts.

As for Reagan deficit, it wasn’t due to tax cut but increase in spending. Look at revenue to GDP ratio during Reagan era, and it’s not much different from previous high tax years. What that’s showing is that tax cut can be revenue neutral whereas spending will impact deficit.

But still he wasn’t a fiscal conservative

Ronald Regan’s Policies changed 180 degrees after he was SHOT by Neal Bush’s friend, John Hinckley, jr. (i.e. friend of the VIce-President’s son).

Ike never made those cuts cuts because he was supporting the Military industrial complex. Nixon had Vietnam and Stagflation to deal with plus Great Society programs that went into affect. Reagan increased military spending to destroy and collapsed Soviet Union. GOP is all talk about. Only gringrich actually reduced with Clinton the federal budget and deficits and create a surplus at the end of the 1990s

Reagan did not want to WIN the Cold-War, he wanted to END it, which he did. Stagflation was mostly occurring during Carter’s administration – probably the reason he was not re-elected, although it was Nixon who in 1971 made the $USD 100% Fiat, (in the next 9 years the price of Gold went from $42/oz to over 800).

Newt Gingrich is real slime –

The Clintons need no comment since they’ll be in the news again sooner or later.

Nixon was a mixed bag for me – better than LBJ or the Bushes, but overall pretty lousy.

I probably have the lowest opinion of IKE than anyone here, although he did give a good final warning ; but to leave things on a positive note – ‘the times, they are ‘a changing’.

Republicans talk a lot about cutting spending but the only that did so was Hoover during the Depression

Americans don’t like paying taxes period and expect world class infrastructure, world class military, world class education et… unfortunately nothing is free. This results in our politicians borrowing and spending borrowing and spending borrowing and spending LOL

Might not happen for many decades longer: The $USD may not be the world’s reserve currency for much longer. The advantage of course is that the rest of the world sends us tangible products and we pay for it in dollars – which until recently every nation who wanted to trade with other nations had to obtain $USD to consummate the trade, thereby vastly, artificially increasing its value.

Now Trump is trying to get SOME industry back in the country, so when this happens – we at least will have SOMETHING TO TRADE. First things first.

Yes the can but you compromise. Don’t GM have some factories in Kentucky and Tennessee

The dems are doing this so badly. Trying to push for 10 years and justifying it with greenhouse gas emissions is unbelievably stupid and dooming the effort to fail. Zero chance the republicans won’t vote that down.

Here’s what you do:
1. Put all the tax credits into one pool rather than making them manufacturer specific.
2. Cost of the program remains the same.
3. Instead of punishing early adopters it now rewards them
4. The two American automakers who are selling the most are rewarded the most.
5. Call it the American automaker jobs bill.

That’s how you get the thing passed.

Absolutely agree. It doesn’t matter why something is done as long as the end result is what was desired. EV subsidy is something both parties want, but has to be framed as such.

Why would big oil want an EV credit?

EV tax credit was started under Bush, the Texan oil Republican. Ask him why he wanted it.

That was back before the gop fired all of the scientists.

If you define scientist as card carrying socialist member of the Democratic Party who goes around shouting about “end is nigh” despite all evidence to the contrary, then yes, your brand of cultists posing as scientists should be fired. Unfortunately, not enough of them are fired.

Climate change is happening if you don’t believe it look at studies and reports on the issue at hand

City of Miami Beach is spending $500 million on elevating roads and installing sea water pumps to fight sea level rise. CONNECT THE DOTS

‘Sea Level’ has been rising for about 200 years. I guess all that wood-powered ‘Global Warming’ during the 19th Century caused all that – oops – it got a bit cooler during that century.. hummmmm…

I don’t claim to be conversant with MB, but in most places these days they’re having more ground level decreases than sea level rises. Or too many sink holes or earthquakes from Hydrofracking – a practice which to me can’t go bankrupt soon enough.

Cancel GM’s credits for any lease, since they do not pass it on to the lessee anyway.