What’s His Daily Driver? For BMW North America Boss, It’s A BMW i3 (w/video)


I Drive A BMW i3 Everyday

I Drive A BMW i3 Everyday

It’s likely that a big shot exec at a major automaker drives one of the most expensive, luxurious cars that particular automaker sells.

While that’s typically true, BMW NA boss Ludwig Willisch breaks from that mold.

Which vehicle does he drive on a daily basis? One of BMW’s cheapest offerings, actually: the BMW i3.

“Ludwig Willisch, head of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG’s North America unit, talks about the luxury automaker’s U.S. manufacturing operations and product strategy. He speaks with Matt Miller at North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Bloomberg Television’s “Surveillance.”

States the video description. You’ll hear Willishc briefly discuss i3 sales in the U.S. and at the 2:01-mark, he gets asked about his daily driver.

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That says a lot about BMW and where they are headed.

Also, I wasn’t aware the i3 was one of their cheapest cars. Then again, I never paid attention to the price of any other BMW because I never cared about the brand before.

He sounded like he genuinely like his i3, and it wasn’t just a plug. That is great news for the future of the i program.

It is genuine. He’s already said he’ll be replacing it with a 2015 i3 when they are available. So he didn’t just get it because it was a new model in 2014 and then switch to a different car in 2015. He’s going to continue driving an i3 for at least another year.

modern ev’s are simply better cars, there are issues around range on bev’s that mean they are not for everyone but my leaf compared to any other hatch is just better. If I could have any BMW I’d have an i3.

The Boss Said, “It’s our cheapest Offering”

I agree, I see “Cheap” everywhere!
But, it’s not “Cheap” to buy.

I see a 34hp engine optioned transport, with all of the qualities of a weatherproof conveyance for the fareways costing $60,000, with Tax and license.

A proud accomplishment for him if he could just get these “Cheap” cars out the door.

I’ll drive one if you think it will help sales,,,,,,,,,,,I’ll bet he said.


BEV or REx version?

I would expect a good boss to use all the company’s products, just to get an understanding of the customer’s experiences.

Don’t know about BMW, but in a lot of industries, it’s pretty much required. In the software industry, this is called the “eat your own dogfood” principle.

Willisch can have any BMW he wants. The fact that his company car was an i3 in 2014 and will be another in 2015 shows strong support for it. You might expect the CEO to be driving the flagship car, a 7-Series in this case, but he really enjoys driving the i3 so that’s his choice.

Tom’s points are very important. This could be the guy that decides how much of the US marketing budget goes to the i3.