What It’s Like Inside And Riding In The New 400 Mile Lucid Air EV – Videos



Endgadget journalist, Roberto Baldwin, got a chance to not only see the Lucid Air EV (above video), but also take a good “once-over” to the features inside the car and take a quick test spin; as did SlashGear – who provided a more detailed ride experience in the video below.

The all-glass roof on the Lucid Air EV

The all-glass roof on the Lucid Air EV

Unfortunately, the pre-production model was not yet functioning at full power, and still had plenty of exposed beams and wires, and no carpet.

But still, a ride in the could-be Tesla-competitor, is a big deal. The company is already taking pre-orders, but it doesn’t even have a factory yet, and production won’t start until 2018.

It seems like Lucid is doing everything it can to be “just like” Tesla in so many ways.

From the styling, the all-glass roof, loads of tech, super-capacity battery (130 kWh), pre-orders years before production, location, etc. The flush door handles with the push-to-open feature is a carbon copy.

The Air will be super luxurious as well and will come at a price that coincides with Tesla’s current offerings; a well appointed (and 130 kWh) version will be produced first and cost just over $100,000, while a future less expensive trim level is promised to ring the bell (~100 kWh) at ~$65,000.

Tesla-like door mechanism

Tesla-like door mechanism

None of this is too surprising, as Peter Rawlinson, a former Tesla top engineer, is now on board and CTO at Lucid. The company is going so far as planning to build cars that are equipped with autonomous hardware, but require over-the-air software updates to unlock the features. One such feature that may set the Lucid apart from Tesla, is the installation and application of LIDAR.

Three displays fill the dashboard, and just about everything is managed through touchscreens. Apparently, there is a smaller fourth screen that sprouts up from the dash when needed. There is even a touchscreen in the back to manage the unique, rear seat incline.

A Lucid engineer demonstrated the car’s self-driving and self-parking features, however, it was a closed environment with a set course.

Check out the full unveiling and numerous photos at this link.

Lucid Air's panoramic roof

Lucid Air’s panoramic roof

Lucid Air front seating accomodations

Lucid Air front seating accomodations

Lucid Air Interior

Lucid Air rear “executive” seating option

Lucid Air rear seating

Another look at the Lucid Air’s “executive” rear seating

Standard rear seating

Standard rear seating

Lucid Air revealed this month

Lucid Air revealed this month

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No Supercharging network? …otherwise a good Chinese attempt to copy Tesla.

Regarding “Chinese attempt” I’ve seen it said that although the most talked-about investor is Chinese, they’re not a majority stakeholder nor even the largest stakeholder. I haven’t looked into it myself.

Test driving a some what finished car, I’m not sure that’s a Good Idea..Not very Impressive.

It shows they have a physical alpha model and not just some CAD drawings and presentations.

Hogwash. Tests of engineering and validation prototypes are offered to the press all the time.

Someone has got their head stuck in Trump’s behind!

Lucid is based in California. The founder happens to be of Chinese origin. That doesn’t make it a Chinese company anymore than Tesla becoming a South African company because of Elon.

Competition always improves the brand. I hope Lucid is successful.

No thanks.

They’re on to something here, Lets see what they can do . it may turn out surprisingly much better than we’ve ever expected……… ..never say never..

You say “never” with great frequency in your comments on this very website. Practice what you preach and you might gain a shred of credibility.

Tesla is going to need to recruit more than just Volvo’s head of interior engineering for its second gen Model S.

Lucid’s premium interior design is just the beginning for these new luxury EV barges. When Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche are going to catch up with their BEV offerings, IMHO, not that many people are going to stick with Tesla.

Absolutely. While it may not be that economically attractive to them, the German brands certainly have the technology to produce top notch BEVS if they choose to.

The german companies will continue to fail in EV’s until they start making EV’s that directly compete with their own ICE cars. That isn’t likely to happen though.
Every EV that BMW, VW group etc produce will be designed for the so called EV market.
They keep ignoring that Tesla/Lucid etc aren’t competing in the EV market – they are competing (and winning) against the overall market and directly against ICE cars.

Theres room to improve the model s rear seathats for sure. I have one and i wouldnt want to sit there very long.

Of course the response is to buy a model x if you want a nicer rear seat.

I wish tesla would make a lower cost version of the model x. Get rid of those falcon wing doors and those rear seats. Put in regular doors and regular folding seats in the back and lower the price.

Some will say model y would be be what im talking about but i like the bigger x.

As to lucid?

Meh. More chinese junk imo. Buy american. Buy tesla

I’ve never understood the appeal of the Model X. Yes the rear seat in the S is horrible — I couldn’t sit back there because of the lack of headroom in the first couple of model years — but you’d think that could have been addressed with changing the roof line. Worse range of course but the Model X isn’t as efficient as the Model S in any event. Otherwise the Model S has lots of room and the hatch style gives you ample cargo room.

I dont have an issue with head room because i have the old pano roof. I just dont like the fact the seats on the floor so ur knees are in ur face.

Sure the x uses more juice because higher cd and more weight. I think my suggestion on changing the doors and seats would drop the weight. Its just a bigger taller car so not much u can do about the cd.

The x is just more people friendly. It definitely has a bigger presence when you are around it. Its also better for old f#cks.

I think Tesla should have done a Model 3 after the Model S then done a Model 3X crossover with regular doors.

Chinese Junk? Other than as inverters, the Chinese have little to do with Lucid, and the first factory is slated to be in Arizona. Why not wait for the actual product to be produced and evaluated before declaring it junk?

Such an awesome vehicle. I really like the rear seats and display/infotainment in the rear.

Only four seats??

The four seat “executive” package is optional. The standard configuration is the classic “five”.

Will add another pic (of the 5 seat configuration) into the story as reference…its pretty unexciting/standard, but at least it is there, (=

Thanks for that picture. Suddenly the car looks a lot more attractive and much less a bizarre design essay.

Yeah, no one likes to show and/or talk about the 5 seat standard trim…just too ‘plain Jane’ amongst the other hotness

Definitely gutsy to enter the market now that Tesla has awoken the major players. They have neither Tesla’s first to market advantage nor the Big Boy’s resource advantage. Will be interesting to see what their compelling advantage is. Right now it looks like a high end Tesla for the customer who wants more luxury at a higher price than the existing Tesla offerings.

Frankly, the “big boys” are at least a decade away from having a real Tesla competitor.

Yeah, GM and Lucid have shown how many decades Tesla is away, they built a superior car in 1 – 2 years, where Tesle needed a decade

What other car company has shown a real Tesla competitor yet?

None. That was easy.

And GM and Lucid have a supercharger network that supports their products?

CCS is mostly 40-50KW.

The installation of new 350 kW next-generation CCS chargers has been announced for both the US and EU markets. These will likely be built out to meet the next wave of pure BEV’s that a lot of car makers have announced for the 2018-2021 time frame.

The current supercharger advantage that Tesla has owned for years will not last forever, as even Tesla has now joined the CCS standards group, working on future chargers.

Source: insideev’s archives.

GM? Ok
Lucid? No way!
U are obviously not from the car business.
Putting up a hand made prototype is an easy task. Transfering it to a large production series is the chalenge. Tesla itself is still struggling with that.

More convincing than FF, who are totally unconvincing, so it is a rather low bar.

So it begins. More luxury electric sedans. Not sure there is room for more than one competitor in this space given that at least the German luxury makers seem poised to enter. However, if they take their sweet time, perhaps there is room for a second competitor.

The one feature here that is missing in the Tesla is the actual idea of luxury. The Model S has a subpar interior. No doubt Tesla knows that and hopefully has plans to address it in the next generation Model S.

They did:



But I’m not sure it’s enough.
Not when the real competition in interiors comes from Germany.

I’d say it’s not enough to just grab a few “heads” and run with that. They need a great team behind them for support.

Methinks it shall sucketh greatly, charging at a CSS Combo Charger that’s maybe 50 kW, and the battery is 130 kW capacity… 😛


I know right?!?!?!?!?!?

Hello? 150-350kW CCS is a year away. By the time the Lucid starts selling the CCS network will be upgrading to the faster standard.

Fingers crossed that it will happen.
But I’m not holding my breath.
The “Upgrades” will be at a Glacial pace. IMHO, the current CCS are most likely gauged to the spces now for the de-ratted continuous current load so a full rip out the copper and put in bigger copper will have to happen.

Another Euro point of view

Tesla have many things going for them, a strong brand, huge loyalty from followers, good design, auto steer, GF etc…but the least strong competitive hedge Tesla now has is the supercharger network. I yet wrote this in comments sections 3 years ago and will carry on repeating again and again. A supercharger network gives Tesla exactly the competitive hedge the other car makers allow Tesla to have. At least in Europe I am thoroughly convinced that a twice as powerful (350kw) and more extended network will pop up between now and December 2018. I mean chargers are comparatively so cheap and easy to install, a city like Amsterdam already has 581 EV charge points. That maybe represents a budget of one hundred 350kw chargers, or the price equivalent of a tiny tiny tiny bag of peanuts for a combined consortium of legacy car makers.

it is a mistake to judge a “luxury” car by price alone. you can spend $300,000 on a bentley, which is a luxury car. you can also spend $300,000 on a ferrari, but people don’t consider a ferrari to be a “luxury” car, they consider it to be a “performance” car. in some regards, what tesla has done is define a new category of car: namely the “technology” car. when people pay $100,000 for a tesla, they aren’t getting luxury, their buying a leading edge technology gadget. lucid apparently is going for the conventional “luxury” segment with the “air”. without a doubt, there are a number of tesla design cues in this car. i would not state that the lucid air has an “all glass roof, since it does not appear to be a single piece of glass. instead, it has a really large windshield that is much like that of the tesla model X. also, there does appear to be structural support where the two glass pieces meet at the top of the roof. so that appears to be different from the tesla model S where the roof has no support. i still don’t care for a glass roof.… Read more »

Tesla has a good platform for a luxury car. It’s a barge with pretty good NVH and safety numbers and good enough tech. Driver aids aside, everything else “tech wise” that the competitors have in their cars, Tesla can also get, and a lot of it they can make in-house. That leaves them with the most complicated task of them all: blending it all in a luxurious, refined interior.

They seem to have recruited the right head designers for it. I’m wondering if they will have to make 2 major trims: the spartan one they have right now for the “technology enthusiast” and a true luxurious trim, one that would actually make the Model S compete with all the other luxury car models. Even if they won’t sell that many of the latter, there’s still lots of money to be made in that segment. And most important imho, as far as the interior goes, what they have right now won’t fly for much longer. Lucid is just a sign of things to come.

Compare this prototype test drive, to the Tesla Model 3 Test Drives…

Both prototypes.

Both supposedly Alpha designs.

But both Tesla prototypes (Silver and Matte) looked far more refined and finished when shown in pubic. Dare I say, nearly production ready. And yes, I know the red one was an empty shell for stage viewing at a distance.

Can’t wait for more Model 3 reveals…

Seems like a nice science project. Kind of like a baking soda volcano. Looks like a volcano, acts like a volcano, but not a real volcano.