What Are The Odds? Tesla Model S Runs Down A BMW i8 Testing In The Wild (w/video)

JUN 27 2013 BY JAY COLE 17

A Tesla Model S Overtakes A BMW i8 For The First Time Ever

A Tesla Model S Overtakes A BMW i8 For The First Time Ever

Normally a video of “car A” approaching and overtaking “car B” would not illicit any notice from us.

But when car A is a Tesla Model S (85kWh) driving in Munich, Germany (huh?) and car B is a camouflaged BMW i8 out for testing, we have just have to say, “What are the odds?”

…and of course post the video shot from the Model S driver’s iPhone.

(The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid supercar that will be released in the US in 2014, and has an estimated price-tag of about $130,000-$150,000.  For that you get about 22 miles of range and a 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds…as well as the exclusivity and extreme styling that the car itself brings)

via electrive.net (German)

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The i8 is an awesome looking car, much better than the Tesla (as impossible as that sounds) but the price is ridiculous. If the base price is really to be around $130,000 then how many do they plan to sell? I mean they are competing with the likes of Lamborghini, not Tesla. And for that price, I’d expect more than just 22 miles of range too.

22 miles of EV range = fail

for PHEV it’s ok
the question is why they don’t want to make EV version too

How many does your Volt have again? 20? Stop trolling.

You’re posting on insideevs and you don’t know how much more mileage a Volt has over an i8? Seriously, you cannot be that stupid. Who’s the troll?

my friends volt gets 56 miles every charge so…

it does not look better than the model s, ur on crack

Mine is bigger than yours. Yawn.

The price is pure speculation. I could just as well say it’s going to be $99,000 or even $88,000 and it wouldn’t mean anything. Until BMW has announced the official price for the US market, I’m not going to say it’s too expensive or too-whatever.

If you wonder why there is a Model S in Germany, it’s imported US model demonstration car from Tesla, registered in Munich, here driving to the Tesla office in Switzerland.


This was not shot using an iPhone. The iPhone has much better shake correction than whatever device they were using to shoot this video.

That being said, the poster of this video should use YouTube’s anti-shake function to stabilize this.

It’ll be interesting to see if Model S can severely hurt i8 sales.
The i8 is a half assed overpriced car done by the people who were adamant that electric drive was foolish nonsense and that the combustion engine was here to stay.

It’s all about perception so will the buyers of plugins believe that i8 is credible or will they be drawn to the pure future feel of the Tesla.

I guess there will still be enough loyalists in germany and people who aren’t really into electric drive but just buy for the novelty and wont make clear distinction between the two drivetrain types.

There will be some BMW loyalist buyers in the US jus as there have been some Prius loyalists buying the PiP. That said, the P85+ will destroy it in every measurable category, except single fill range.

So the I8 will sell well …. it has the “Badge”
People are strange when you get down to it and some will consider the “fashion” over function.
Oh and agree yes the Tesla S is better.

Over the weekend we went on a golf trip in a buddy’s Tesla Model S with the big battery. We left with the car saying range almost 300 miles. I could not fit in the back my head would hit the roof bad design. I am only 6’1 had to sit in the front. Golf clubs would not all fit and with the AC on and driving normal not babbing it we barly got 100 miles. That car is nothing what it is raited for. Weak Sauce for the Tesla S

lol u r dumb

That BMW is an real ugly car! What type of idiot will pay over $100,00 for such an ugly car? The owner will get attention, but most of the time laughed at!