West Coast States Under Directive to Add More EVs to Fleets


According to a report by OPB, every West Coast state is under a directive to purchase additional electric fleet vehicles.

i-MiEV is Popular With Fleets

i-MiEV is Popular With Fleets

As part of the fleet vehicle buying cycle, West Coast states must replace aging ICE vehicles with “alternative fuel vehicles and to reduce fossil fuel use,” says OPB.

Most of the “alternative fuel vehicles” to be purchased will be plug-ins, as they’ve been proven to cut operating costs substantially for fleets.

With the US pulling out of the recent economic recession, several states now have the necessary funds to begin procuring replacement fleet vehicles.  In this buying cycle, which is considered to be underway right now, the West Coast states must purchase alt-fuel vehicles to meet deadlines set forth by various pieces of legislation.

Some fleets who are still tight on money are trying to lease plug-ins, rather than to buy them.  It remains to be seen if this sort of deal will be worked out.

Other fleets reportedly have funds to buy plug-ins, but lack additional funding for charging stations.

One thing is for certain: as government fleets secure the necessary funds, procurement officers will procure EVs, which now seems to be the vehicle of choice for fleets looking to go green and save some green.

Source: OPB

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After reading your article about how the Nissan LEAF fleet in the city of Houston saved it $110,000 this past year I can’t imagine why all city managers wouldn’t be jumping at fleet upgrades. We should all make sure our local Governments are aware of this info.