West Coast Electric Highway Expands Into Washington State

MAY 25 2012 BY STAFF 2

Two months ago the West Coast Electric Highway, or  Interstate-5 to ‘regular’ drivers, officially kicked off in southern Oregon.   Now, the most northerly state (Washington) will be added to the chain on the 30th of May, completing the route.

The Electric Highway was first conceived back in 2009, and signed into action by the governors of Oregon, Washington, and California.  The route stretches from Canada into Mexico, and wil provide fast charging points at intervals of about 25 miles apart, making long distance travel in an all electric vehicle possible on the west coast.

Aerovironment will be opening several stations in Washington next Wednesday marking the event.  State Governor Chris Gregoire will be on hand for an official ribbon cutting ceremony.  All charging stations along the route are of the CHAdeMO protocol and not the new SAE Combined Charging System, as Nissan/Aerovironment has played a major role in the development of the highway, especially in Oregon.

New locations:

  • Bellingham – Sehome Village Shopping Center
  • Burlington – Outlet Shoppes
  • Blaine – Custer Southbound Safety Rest Area

West Coast Green Highway

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I guess if you had a pure EV this would be good for that rare long trip that you had to take and didn’t have a second car…


Personally, I’m not sure this infrastructure is needed, or makes a ton of sense. My own experience is 37k clics and 0 fast charges. 20 mins waiting on the side of the road is about 17 too many.

I woudn’t even consider heading out driving electrically if I had to go more than 80ish miles, I’d just take the gas car.

That being said, my sample size is only 1, lol. It may tickle someone else’s fancy…but I’ve yet to met anyone who says they rely on a fast charger when they go out and about their day, or trust one to be there (and operational) when taking a long journey.