Welsh Electric Road Trip | Fully Charged (Video)

FEB 24 2014 BY MARK KANE 3

Robert Llewellyn

Robert Llewellyn Got Fully Charged From Hydropower

After his London to Edinburgh journey, Robert Llewellyn took his Nissan LEAF to Wales.

As it turns out, such a trip is possible and charging points are already installed in guesthouses and the electricity comes from hydropower.

As Llewellyn writes:

A zero carbon electric road trip through Wales. Hills, sheep, water, mountains, rain and sunshine. And rain.

Total distance travelled 418 miles

Total CO2 output. 0.0

Total fuel cost £0.00p

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The only pure electric car out there that is practical for road trips is Model S of course. Nissan didn’t even bother to set up a Supercharger style infrastructure for its Leaf that would have made it somewhat roadtrip capable and they were right: it would have taken triple the amount of chargers and even with that in place drivers would face the bother of at least half an hour of charging after every hour of driving. Realistically Leaf and the rest of the current crop of BEVs out there are just city/commuter cars.

I love his report! Shows more than just the Leaf….

Great video! Wales is exactly the way I remember it: wet and windy. Interesting info about power structures, environmentally friendly B&B’s and the Centre for Renewable Energy. Not sure if I want to take our LEAF over to the UK yet, though. Chris O is right about the charging infrastructure needed. Here in the western part of Holland it is rapidly developing, so you Brits can take your EV and come over, no problem. And lots of rain here for you too, Robert Llewellyn!