How Well Do You Know Your EVs? Charge Port Quiz From LA


As with years past, the Los Angeles Auto Show once again kicks off another major auto show season in the United States.  The event opens to the public on Friday, but to the press a few days earlier.

And while there will is lots of new vehicle launches, and concepts to report on, we thought we’d step back a moment and have a little fun – by challenging readers to identify a few of the plug-in vehicles we snapped at the show and in the past.

Or at least their charge ports!

Here are the dirty dozen to try your hand at – we will give you the first one for free! (full answer grid below)

Plug-In Vehicle Charge Port Quiz - If You Get Them All, You Really Need To Get Out More ... or write for us

Plug-In Vehicle Charge Port Quiz – If You Get Them All, You Really Need To Get Out More … or write for us

Full answer key belowskill rankings below:

zero right – c’mon we gave you the 2016 Volt up top, you weren’t even trying
1-2 – congrats on having owned 1 or 2 EVs
3-6 – well versed EV enthusiast
7-9 – very good
10-11 – we are impressed
perfectwe don’t believe it, you cheater!


Charge Port Quiz Answers - C'mon No Way You Got The Mercedes C350e - it isn't even out until next year

Charge Port Quiz Answers – C’mon No Way You Got The Mercedes C350e – it isn’t even out until next year

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Should have added the Tesla S & X and the Outlander PHEV


I know the Tesla has a pretty blue light, and then goes to green.


I hate to be critical, but only 4 of those are EVs. The rest are hybrids. Out of the four, only 2 are available in our state( the one Tom has and the one i have), one is a compliance car and one is a prototype. I will admit i only got the evs correct. Missed most of the others. Maybe next time include the Smart Ed, B-class, E Golf, Kia Soul, Fiat, Fit EV, iMiev, Victory, and Zero. And a Tesla.

Jay Cole

Time to let the hair down a bit Ken, hehe

Just the title says EV (just the reality of mass media titles these days), story says ‘plug-ins’ throughout in the spirit of greater accuracy.

Quiz is just a bit of light hearted fun while the LA show is running…I wouldn’t try to read too deeply into anything, (=


I didn’t want to be overly critical. I also didn’t want to start the whole erev vs plug hybrid debate. Anything with a plug is better than a car without. I have a pic of the Mini E charging inlet from thr NYC show that i attended before Tom and I both got our Mini Es in 2009. I bet most wouldn’t be able to identify that one.It was made by a german company i believe, ODU. It looked kinda like the Tesla Roadster inlet. I still have the plug for historical purposes.

Jay Cole

Definitely can identify with this urge to hold onto (and collect) the obscure.

I was thinking, when talking to Tom about the plugs, to add an “advanced class” bonus section (like the MINI e) for the outliers, but without any answers for a day or two for fun.

For some unknown reason, I’ve taken to snapping photos of every charge port and logo for every EV since, well…forever. Not had any reason for doing it really – some would say its my OCD. Maybe another day, (=


Kinda shocked (pun intended) that the Bolt Prototype does not sport a CCS socket.

GM didn’t have a spare from a SparkEV? It didn’t have to be fully functional, but it would have helped this traditional automaker make a statement supporting a vehicle with the biggest battery they’ve ever sold, to date.


Loved this. Got all but the Porsche cayenne, 918, Volvo xc90, and Cadillac elr.

The Bolt concept’s charge port looks tacked on. I’d be shocked if it doesn’t come with a CCS port for production.

Bill Howland

Hummmmmm Green Light……. Says VOLT, hummmmmm maybe something to do with JUICE.

Green… Ok a neighborhood GEM vehicle for Green Electric Motors (ok there’s no motor in the picture, but I know there’s got to be one cuz the gangster in the movies always says to the dame, “get your motor running”.


This really points out the “beta vs vhs” dilemma the industry is failing to solve.


I agree that we don’t need chademo, Ccs, and tesla supercharger plugs all competing for fast charging standards. But all the vehicles pictured would accept charge from a standard J1772-2009 charging station.


No Tesla ports ? I got five right.. 🙂


Neither of the two i-MiEV ports either. (L2 on the right, CHAdeMO on the left!)


While I’d never unplug someone, I’d sure like a cheat sheet telling me where the charging indicator lights are and how to determine SoC or when the vehicle is finished charging.

I believe the LEAF and Soul EV have the same three charging indicator lights.

1 2 3
30% steady flashing
> 60% steady steady flashing

100% all indicator lights on or off



If we replace those Plugin ports with gas tank port, how many people would be able to tell the difference?

The point is that they should look exactly the same as much as they can. It is a standard!


A photo of the recently unveiled geely emgrand charge port from the Guangzhou autoshow. The Chinese gbt standard…the more the merrier.×422/quality/95/

Richard Joash Tan

The charge port at the rear is actually a Koeniggsegg