Webcast: Watch Tesla Unveil Their Supercharger Tonight at 8 PST (11 EST)

SEP 24 2012 BY JAY COLE 6

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Looking for an alternative to Dancing With The Stars: All-star tonight at 8 pm?  (PST)  Tesla has some programming for you.

Tesla Teases The Supercharger Before The Webcast

In an event that begins at 7:30 pacific, but airs via webcast starting at 8:00, you can watch the Californian based EV startup take the wraps off their first Supercharger station.

Not much of the specifics are yet known, other than you can fully charge up your Model S Performance sedan (which has a 265 mile range and a 85 kWh battery) in about 45-50 minutes, and that the station is rated at 90 kW.  The presentation will take place at Tesla’s design studio in Hawthorne, California.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk's Supercharger Tweet

If you are worried about all your friends spoiling the current episode of the Voice on NBC, and choose to instead skip the Tesla premiere, don’t worry, we will rebroadcast the event here shortly thereafter.  (Voice spoiler:  Blake will talk about country music, Adam with annoy Christina, and Cee Lo will continue to only get the fringe talent because he is short and weird)

To pass the time ahead of the event, in the video below Tesla CEO talks with Bloomberg about the Superchargers, and how Tesla plans to enable people to travel anywhere in the United States, and there will be “over 100” stations available.

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Man! that’s past my bedtime, guess I’ll catch the recorded version on Tuesday.
You go Tesla!

There are a lot of people who can afford a Tesla Model-S. Those people tend to be moderately busy people. How many of them will want to spend 45-minutes refuelling. Will the refueling stations have an attached Starbucks and Jamba Juice to entertain the clientel? I have other idea too but that would require censorship. 🙂

The Tesla Experiment is fun to watch.

I really can’t see a 45 minute stop in most cases. I very infrequently use public charging (non-place of work), but usually when I do, it is circumstances where I have slightly miscalculated how far I can go, or if my plans have changed during the day. Then a quick charge comes in handy.

I think a 10-15 minute stop at a Supercharger to net you an extra 40-70 miles seems not too inconvenient.

Viability, cost and payback on any fast charging unit (let along this Tesla product) I think is a tougher bridge to cross.

Musk is creating a market. Who would have thought just a decade ago that people en-mass would be spending hundreds of dollars on mobile gadgets: phones, tablets, games non-stop?

And today we see so many of us drooling at the sight of a Model S. I think of it as the next mobile gadget. Instead of me holding it and carrying it, it holds and carries me. Do I need one now? Absolutely not. Will it change the world we live in and will eventually everyone drive an EV? Absolutely yes.

But as excited I am about EVs and what Tesla is doing, it doesn’t even compare to the next childhood dream that Musk is making a reality — space flight.

When you think of owning a 40kwh Model S for $0-$7000 more than a Toyota Avalon
( depending on years/miles/gas), it kinda comes into focus.

Solar powered US infrastructure free to Model S drivers…. You rock Elon!