Webasto Becomes Newest Entry In Charging Market With Family Of Level 2 EVSEs


Webasto announced its launch of a family of global OEM Level 2 charging solutions with connected hardware, professional installation and full-service end-to-end support.

Level-2 Webasto EV Charging Station

The debut of the chargers in North America took place at 2018 CES, but the company intends to sell stations in Europe and China too.

There will be various versions of the stations depending on the market, and requirements for different power levels, plug standards and features.

In the U.S., Webasto Level 2 will be supplying up to 12 kW at 50 A (240 V).

For Europe, there will be 3-phase versions of up to 22 kW.

Certainly we could forsee a heavy weight automotive supplier like Webasto forging some deals with manufacturers, and ultimately taking a big part of the market pie.

“Under the motto “Driving the Future Since 1901″, the company is presenting charging solutions that can be adapted to the specifications of car manufacturers as well as retrofit solutions. The offer includes a professional, nationwide installation and service network.”

“Charging Solutions meets the highest standards for safety and performance
The company will exhibit an array of Level-2 charging stations designed for North America, Europe and Chinese markets at CES. Compatible with both Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Battery Electric Vehicles, these units are designed for home, business and multi-unit dwelling applications. Each are customizable to meet OEM vehicle-specific requirements. They are designed to meet the highest international standards for safety and once installed, will deliver reliable service and a positive end user experience.

The company’s wall mounted solution provides up to 50-amp or 12 kW of charging power and can be offered with connectivity and smart home capabilities. The wall mounted solutions with connectivity features comes complete as a UL compliant system with intelligent load management and SAE J1772; IEC 62196 – Type 1 plugs for the North American market. For more information on Webasto electric vehicle charging stations, please visit www.Webasto-Charging.com/us “

Fabian Bez, globally responsible for the business unit Thermo & Comfort, said:

“OEMs want partners who understand and quickly adapt to their development cycles, specifications and evolving engineering needs. As a technology leader for thermal systems, it is our goal to become the leading system supplier of charging solutions for electric vehicles.”

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9 Comments on "Webasto Becomes Newest Entry In Charging Market With Family Of Level 2 EVSEs"

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They claim they’ve been around since 1901 but they’ve waited until Tesla’s model ‘3’ to be released before selling consumer wallboxes that are compatible with- get this- both PHEV’s and BEV’s.

I assume the 50 ampere rating is to be compatible with the 48 ampere Long Range Model 3 with adapter, although those owners will most likely buy a Tesla HPWC since its cheaper.

If they are advertising ‘Type 1’ compatibility, why does the car have a Mennekes jack?

Looking at that top photo, I can’t help but think that it was really two photos put together by the Adverteasing department and Photoshop.


Seems like these guys want to sell you an overpriced EVSE if you ask me…

Neat, I wasn’t aware that Webasto was getting into charging equipment. I recognize the brand as a maker of convertible tops. On classic cars I’ve looked at they made a large canvas sunroof that most people refer to as a Webasto top. I’d consider buying a charger from them, they have a lot of experience in the automotive industry. And I like the look of their charger ?.

50 Amp at 240 V to provide 12 kW is an odd choice. If they use a 50 Amp breaker and circuit an EV can charge at up to 40 Amps max, which would be 9.6 kW.

Are they sure they know how to design, build, and sell EVSEs? Maybe they should have just stayed with fuel-fired heaters.


EVSEs should be commoditized soon. It’s just a smart switch. No reason it should be large or cost more than $100. Those Chinese duosida units are already driving down the prices.

The box could be done for $100 sure, but the cable and connector add almost another $100. Could be cheaper if intended only for indoor/mild climates.

Yeah, I have a 16 ampere Duosida unit I bought for $199 and also a 32 amp wallbox (with 50 amp contactor, and J1772 end) for $280. Both work great.

Of course you can pay over $1000 for either, but I don’t need anything fancy.