Wave 2013 Electric Vehicle Rally Draws Record Number of Participants in Europe


On Friday, June 28, more than 40 electric vehicles kicked off one of the world’s largest EV rallies.

Called Wave (World Advanced Vehicle Exhibition) 2013, the goal is to showcase electric vehicle technology by driving for 10 days and 1,118 miles.

The route (shown below) takes the participants across Europe in the Vienna to Zurich rally.  The vehicles in the Renault ZOE, Tesla Model S, Tesla Roadster, Renault Twizy, Nissan LEAF, Vauxhall Ampera and Peugeot iON, just to name a few.

There are several scheduled stops along the way to show off the electric vehicles, to educate the general public at events setup along the route and to recharge.

Wave 2013 Route - Click to Enlarge

Wave 2013 Route – Click to Enlarge

Though Wave 2013 kicked off with roughly 40 participants, the rally grows in size each day as additional EV owners join the convoy as it makes its way to Zurich.

Some rather unique converted electrics have joined the group, including a Porsche and a home Sterling EV.

Here’s some Wave background:

Created by Louis Palmer, the first man to drive a solar-powered vehicle around the world, the first Wave event took place in 2011. Since then, the tour has annually taken a different route across Europe.  Though we’re sure it’s a blast, the goal of Wave is to promote electric vehicles in every city and village across Europe.  Any individual that owns or has access to an electric vehicle (even an electric bicycle) can participate.  Teams from around the world participate in the annual event.

Wave is not a race.  There’s no prize for finishing first.  The grand prize is in promoting EVs and convincing the public that plugging in is the future.

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How do they keep all of those vehicles charged? Its one thing for a single car to drive across such a large area and find places to plug in. But where do you plug in dozens of vehicles?

Most used industrial plugs with adapters and lot of temporary wiring. Real EV charging stations were only used by a hand full of cars.
The daily distances were very short, no quick charging was required to finish in time.

Why am I reminded of this video?

Congratulations to all the WAVE-2013 participants! Our own North American All Electric Vehicle Rally, BC2BC-2013, 1500 miles (2400km) from Canada to Mexico, was run concurrent with this European event. While we also had record participation, there are several differences between the two events. BC2BC is a bit longer, however we don’t allow fossil fuel burning. The Volt / Ampera type hybrid cars are welcome, but the fossil fuel tank is sealed off. It’s no surprise that non entered. Also, we rely on existing electric infrastructure to complete the event. And finally, while BC2BC is not a race either, it is indeed a competition. We were successful in getting a fair amount of “non-EV industry” mass media on television and print media. I would like to congratulate the number 43 team of George Kuhnke and Jack Bowers (Tesla Model S Signature) who won this year’s event with a perfect score of 1/1. They took home a trophy in addition to a Teslaccessories Center Console Insert ($869 value). Here are the results: BC2BC-2013 Results: The BC2BC-2013 All Electric Vehicle Rally began with all vehicles departing from the Canadian border at the Peace Arch State Park, Saturday, June 29, 2013 with 1508 miles… Read more »