Watch Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak Reveal


Volkswagen is set to reveal its first-ever all-electric race car and the German automaker has announced it will livestream the official premiere today.

***UPDATE – Livestream is now over, but you can watch it above.

The livestream is scheduled for this Sunday, April 22, at 3:00 PM UTC / 5:00 PM CEST / 11:00 AM EST time.

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Just a day after its debut, the I.D. R will go on its official test program.

For this year’s Race to the Clouds, Volkswagen has a very ambitious goal – to set a new record for electric cars in the race. The Pikes Peak challenge starts at 9,390 feet (2,862 meters) and finishes at 14,114 feet (4,302 meters) above sea level.

Volkswagen Member of the Board of Management, Frank Welsch, stated:

“We want to be at the forefront of electro-mobility with Volkswagen and the I.D. family. Competing in the most famous hillclimb in the world with the I.D. R Pikes Peak is a valuable test for the general development of electric cars.”

Here’s VW’s brief on the car and further below is the embedded livestream, which will begin in at 11 AM EST:

Charged to the Peak – world premiere of the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak

It is the start of a new era in motorsport for Volkswagen – and one thing is already certain: This Volkswagen is set to electrify its public. The I.D. R Pikes Peak is Volkswagen’s first fully-electric racing car. Lightweight construction and aerodynamic perfection contribute to an exciting design, which houses a powerful electric power unit.

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. . It’s a race. . They should probably have made 2-3, in case of crashes.
With extra cars, the drivers may push harder.

Loved the performance of Sebastian L. with the Citroen at PP. Very talenter driver. My favorite driver. Will be hard to beat his time.

New parlance: “IO”, which I take to mean “Input, Output”.

The consideration came up a few times, and specifically about tire selection. Better regen equals the need for less storage. Less storage = less weight. Pikes peak is very technical, with more tight, than open, turns. So, I assume they’re trying to harvest as much regen from all the necessary braking.

I hope we get some good spy photos/lap times, over the next few weeks. This was light on details (motors, weight range, regen KW??).

Looks like Autocar hung around: “Volkswagen says that around 20% of the energy used by the ID R Pikes Peak will be created using energy recovery during braking on the course.”

More from Autocar…
“The machine, which has been designed solely for the 12.42-mile, 156-turn Colorado hill climb, features two electric motors that combine to produce permanent four-wheel-drive and offer 470lb ft of torque. The ID R Pikes Peak weighs 1100kg, including driver Roman Dumas, with Volkswagen claiming a 0-62mph time of 2.25 seconds and a top speed of 149mph.”

From Engadget…
“With a 0-60MPH time of 2.25 seconds, VW claims its machine can accelerate faster than a Formula 1 or Formula E racer. That could be crucial on Pikes Peak, where top speed matters far less than how you recover speed.”

a sweet car indeed…

Cockpit shows a similar tub in the passenger seat, to the original GT3 R hybrid, which was an electric-mechanical-electric, roughly 50lb, flywheel. I have no idea if VW is going to do this, but the size of that thing reminds me of the (orange/white) GT3’s passenger seat.

Not much horse power but the most important is the torque at the wheels

Why try to set a record for electric cars, how about all cars.