Watch Truck Get Smoked By Tesla Model S – Video


Truck Versus Model S ...  Ha Ha Ha!!!

Truck Versus Model S … Ha Ha Ha!!!

As if the pickup truck ever stood a chance at beating the Tesla Model S down the strip.

Right from the get-go, the Tesla Model S launches off the line with such authority that the truck driver ought to just shut it down.

Even some onlookers laugh/giggle as the brute of a truck gets smoked by the Model S.

It seems like we’ve now seen the Model S take down practically every automobile with 4 wheels.

Which vehicle will the Model S eat for lunch next?

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That laugh at the en. Just perfect. That’s the sound of convincing a skeptic.

Anyone know what country this is? I thought that trucks were a rare sight in Europe.

Never really was a fair competition. First you have electric versus ICE which electric wins off the line with instant torque,then you have a truck not really built for speed versus a car that is.

If the place is at elevation, then Tesla would be even faster relative to ICE cars as EV performance doesn’t vary with elevation…

Try to Race a etanol powerd köningseg 😉

Love it every time, quite and quick!

It looks like it´s at Arctic Circle Raceway in Norway,19mi south of the Arctic Circle.

We have lots of trucks in Norway.

Why even attempt a drag race with a huge, heavy brick?