Watch This Tesla Model S 60 Get Upgraded To 75 For $2,205


It’s true! You can now upgrade your Tesla Model S 60 kWh to 75 kWh for just $2,000 plus tax!

60 To 75 Upgrade For Just $2,205

That’s an unbeatable price of $133 per kWh (minus tax).

The electric car community was somewhat shocked yesterday when we reported that Tesla had slashed the upgrade price from ($10,000 or $6,500 – see quote below) to just $2,000. We did originally report it like this back when the price was $6,500:

“For a mere ~$6,500, buyers could choose to unlock the battery’s full potential at the point of purchase. After the fact, it would cost ~$10,000.”

Maybe it was a just a dream? Nope…

As you’ll see in the video, the upgrade from 60 to 75 kWh is officially $2,000. Taxes will vary (we think), but when tacked on to this order, the grand total rings in at $2,205.

That’s one heck of a deal for the added range that access to those additional 15 kWhs provide.

Range should improve by 40 miles or so, according to the chart found here.

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Does Tesla have some compensation for people that already updated?

Imagine you just updated your 60 to a 75 a week ago.

On the other hand, some bought the 75, instead of the 60, so there will be quite a few people that payed too much. Too many people to fully compensate for their purchase.

What greedy soul would dare demand to be compensated for early and easy access / privilege to significantly more range, long after buying and using their BEV?

Humans are never happy…

Eeee… its like saying my audi r8 as a 12 gallons capacity and my the malibu as 15…. oooooh which one should i take …NOT

Vdiv reply sorry…

Yea! And I had to buy an F150 since the upgrade was too much! Where’s my compensation?!

I’m not so sure they’ll see most of S60 buyers upgrade even at this price point. And since Tesla has already incurred the cost of delivering 75 kWh, every dollar anyone will pay to unlock it is a free dollar at this point. Therefore, I expect the price to drop again – but not until most of those willing to pay $2k has bought it.

Software-restricted hardware is probably the dumbest feature I know of.

Agree, though in a way all hardware is software-restricted 🙂

Tesla was probably getting some flack from people pointing to the BoltEV’s range so they had to retire the 60 kWh Model S. It was nice that they lowered the price of the 75 kWh to make buying one more palpable.

Tesla cares far less about the Bolt than you think…The X75D has a range of, wait for it, 237 miles or one mile less than the Bolt EV…If Tesla cared, surely they’d find a way to get the range to 239…They could literally get there by using different tires but elected not too…

Heck they could probably get there just by adding 1 psi to the specified tire pressure.