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JUL 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 45

Almost worth the wait…almost

Here is another review of the Tesla Model 3 – this time it’s like a general overview from New York Daily News Autos, who calls the Model 3 almost worth the wait.

In short, the Tesla Model 3 is considered as impressive tech and superb handling, with excellent acceleration. There is a lot to like in the Model 3, even despite some quirks.

“Despite its quirks, the Model 3 remains an impressive achievement on Tesla’s end. It’s a “reasonably” priced all-electric supercomputer on wheels capable of providing a fun and fulfilling driving experience to even the most fussy automotive enthusiasts.”

The review notes that for now it’s hard to find a Model 3 for under $50,000, despite a year ago it being advertised as a $35,000 car (before federal tax credit) – well, the reason is that the cheap version has been hugely delayed, as is often the case with entry-level Teslas.

“No doubt, the Model 3 is an excellent car in a variety ways, and has had an undeniable impact on EV adoption. However, with Tesla seemingly ignoring its initial appeal as the electric sports sedan for the masses, a focus on making costly version of the car could prove to carry consequences. A continued wait time of 6-12 months for a low-priced model could easily send interested buyers looking elsewhere.”

Source: New York Daily News Autos

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This review reminds me of the new playbook the shorts are using.

There’s a real effort to stoke anger for people who are on the reservation list for the SR Model 3, and reduce demand.

It makes me sick

Huh? This seems entirely reasonable. Tesla can’t have it both ways. Either the $35K car is a secret, or it’s well hyped and the delays are talked about.

In this case Tesla took interest free loans from 500,000 people based on an over-the-top promise, and people are holding them to that promise. This isn’t Kickstarter; there is a consequence to talking people’s money and then not delivering on time. A car is a major purchase requiring advanced planning, and some people want Tesla’a end of the bargain fulfilled. No reputable journalist can review the car without mentioning this; otherwise they would feel complicit in any kind of bait and switch.

Live by hype, die by hype.

Well said.

I know more that are upgrading and buying the LR car now than wait for the SR. That’s why they are only accepting souped up orders right now. Too many people like it.

The vacant threat that peeps kept waiting will go elsewhere…where exactly? A Bolt? I would hang to my car until it was smoking up its grille before I bolted. It’s a phoned in pos, stating the obvious.

Sure peeps who love living in box will buy it, but so far bolt isn’t doing well ntm losing tons of money per car which weirdly not weirdly enough nobody is ragging on for some reason who can fathom why.

“The vacant threat that peeps kept waiting will go elsewhere…where exactly? A Bolt?”


Having a lot of unsatisfied demand isn’t bad for Tesla or its image. It’s absolutely fantastic! Every manufacturer would love to have people clamoring for their products on social media and complaining that they aren’t being produced fast enough. What wonderful advertising for Tesla!

It’s called the Osborne Effect. And it’s a real thing. Their ineptitude is doing wonders for LEAF sales and Mission-E pre-orders though.

And, they just raised the price of entry on the Model S this AM, which they need to do to protect the “value equation” when a Model 3 really costs $50K-60K.

There is a $35K car coming, but it won’t have a Tesla badge on it. Which is better for everyone, since it would be a money-loser for Tesla but is in Nissan’s and GM’s sweet spot. Tesla should stick to being a premium brand.

It’s not “hard” to find a sub-$50k Model 3, it’s impossible since the cheapest 3 you can order is $49k+1k destination fee.

What’s the problem with bro1999’s statement? it’s accurate. I’m a huge Tesla fan, a model S in the family, solar being installed soon, a model 3 on order and possibly also an X, but there’s no denying what he is said is true.

I realize he and some others have may made controversial statements, but this is not one of them.

The problem isn’t the message, it’s the messenger.

It’s not what he said; it’s why he did it. He’s not trying to contribute to the discourse — he is just using every occasion possible to bring in negativity regarding Tesla.

No, he told the truth. Pushy-Tugme just can’t handle the truth…

So the review of the actual car is positive, so they resort to bringing up issues that have nothing to do with the actual car they are reviewing.

I guess when last year’s meme of “Tesla will go bankrupt before they can even build a single Model 3” is proven horribly wrong, just jump on another new meme that will be equally meaningless in another year.

When and where the car is avaialble. It would be misleading n foolish to do otherwise.
Unfortunately Tesla made the deposit too low for,the model 3 and every yahoo made a deposit or two. Waiting years to purchase what you made a deposit on is not good business in industry.
Tesla will,learn n likely never have new vehicle deposits below $10k in the future. Only then can the higher paid demand for new Tesla products be possibly met by a reasonable supply within a reasonable timeframe.

Making the required deposit a fairly low but still substantial $1000 was a brilliant way for Tesla to accurately gauge initial market demand, which turned out to be much stronger than anyone expected, even at Tesla.

So, a smart decision on their part.

“Stronger”… at the $35K level. That’s the point.

Most don’t understand there is no “elsewhere”

I don’t understand why Tesla could not free up 10% of the production for the entry model. It would reduce the profit a bit, but it would create a hell of a lot of Goodwill worldwide!!!

Not that easy because it would comlicate things at Gigafactory, where they are making exactly 1 battery back.
Making 2 would reduce their speed somewhat as long as there is no shortfall on CELLS.

How complicated can it be? 20 years ago a Dutch factory was already producing both Volvo’s and Mitsubishi’s on one and the same production line. What is Grohman – Tesla doing then?

But you do not have a clue about the cost involved. So why bring this up?

Its not complicated, but it would reduce production rate, while decreasing profit margin. Tax credits are only going to last so long, they need to pump out as many vehicles as possible in the next 11 months while there is a $7500 then a $3750 tax credit.

Tesla bashers first belittle Tesla by comparing Tesla’s yearly production to the total yearly output of the world’s largest auto makers, then they turn around and castigate Tesla for not being able to produce as many different versions of their lowest-cost car as those giants.

Tesla will put different versions of the TM3 into production when it makes business sense for Tesla to do so; when they can do so profitably. Tesla is not going to allow their business plans to be directed by the constant whining from Tesla bashers, nor the wishful thinking of impatient would-be Tesla car buyers.

Tesla Inc. isn’t a charity, it’s a business.

“Tesla Inc. isn’t a charity, it’s a business.”

Regrettably, it’s neither. They wont’ be a business until they can figure out how to make money. This is just a VC experiment until they can show there’s a positive gross margin in here somewhere…

Really? Don’t the model S and X have more than one battery pack options? Why would the Model 3 be any different? Doesn’t seem “complicated” for their other models.

The MS is already solidly profitable, ~25% gross profit on a unit cost basis, or perhaps even a bit better. The MX is probably not that far behind.

Contrariwise, Tesla has not yet had time to bring down the production costs for the TM3, nor amortize away the cost of building the production lines.

Tesla can increase production rapidly, or it can slow down growth a lot and let profit margins catch up with growth costs. It can’t do both at the same time. Tesla, wisely, chooses to grow its production rapidly so long as there is more demand than they can currently meet. That’s the best long-term business strategy. Furthermore, despite all the impatient comments from would-be TM3 buyers, it’s the strategy which will, in the long run, create the largest number of satisfied Tesla car owners.

Patience, Grasshopper!

Because just producing a small number of any product is MUCH more expensive than producing a large number. Car part prices are all based upon volume and rate of delivery. A $100 dollar part in small volumes may be half that price in large enough volumes.

I think you are getting sucked into this latest meme’s line of attack on Tesla.

Ok than produce a large number of $35k model 3’s. The unending defense of Tesla here reminds me of a certain press secretary in Washington DC.

That is the plan, as soon as they have stabilized making a large number of Model 3 LR’s. They are still working on that. After they achieve Model 3 volume in the first place, they can pivot to building a large number of SR’s. That has been well publicized ever since they had to re-plan the ramp-up. Product re-plans happen all the time. ICE car just companies hide it by just releasing yet another Concept Car.

My gosh! Being pro-EV on an EV website!! How shocking of me!! LOL!!

The unending whining over Tesla not bringing cutting edge vehicles to the market fast enough, when they are crushing traditional ICE car makers in pure EV numbers, reminds me of Pee-Wee Herman.

The 35k car will be a lower margin. They need the higher margin to survive. This is public information. So for the time being, Tesla must maximize profit per car built.

Can see you don’t own a business.

Hey let’s ignore the demand for the higher profit trims, so we can sell the lower profit ones.

I would guess that they’ll do that in early 4th quarter. There are a lot of reservation holders outside of the US so demand remains strong for the more expensive models (LR, AWD, Performance).
It’s a fine line for Tesla to tread but I do hope they try to add more flexibility to the production schedule. Maybe they already do, just not sharing it with the public.

Because it would be putting cheaper buyers ahead of more expensive model buyers for virtually no advantage to Tesla. I got $7500 on a $55000 car. Would I have been happy if they prioritized a few lottery winners to get $7500 off a $35000 car? No, I would not. Get the minimum model NOW for $49,000 with a $7500 discount in the form of the fed incentive. That’s only $6500 more than the stripped model to get premium interior, long range, and probably make the $6500 back when you resell the car.

WIll Tesla make good on the $35000 deal? Sure, by next year. Should they make sure you get $35000 *and* the $7500 rebate? Why not just give you the car for free? How about with a free hour with a blonde? A free washing machine?

“…free up 10% of the production for the entry model. It would reduce the profit a bit, but it would create a hell of a lot of Goodwill…”‘

Tesla doesn’t need goodwill so long as there is more demand than they can possibly fulfill for years. On the other hand, Tesla certainly does need all the income it can get, to ramp up production as fast as possible. Putting a cheaper version of the car into production prematurely would be shooting themselves in the foot. Tesla needs to wait until production is ramped up sufficiently to make that cheaper version profitable for them to make and sell.

Giving a small number of people the chance to buy a $35k TM3 now would be a poor tradeoff to being able to offer one to anyone who wants to buy one in a few months’ time.

Apart from the extra costs, producing just a few entry models would only make a few people happy, while doing little to assuage the rest. The negative narrative would just shift from “they are not selling the $35,000 version they promised” to “they are not *really* selling the $35,000 version they promised, except for a few cars as an alibi”.

Nothing to gain there; Tesla just has to sit this out until they can deliver the entry version in volume.

What I’m getting out of the news is Tesla believes they can stay busy for 6-12 months on the expensive models before needing to switch to the base models. That doesn’t fit the narrative that reservations are fleeing.

Tesla probably could build 200k higher priced, optioned model 3s a year for the next few years without “needing” to switch to base model production. Remember the base model will surely make less $$ for Tesla and we all can but guarantee as soon as those initial depositers get their base model 3s, Tesla will raise the model 3 base price(and probably standard features, range too) to $40k or so.

I’m hoping the base model Y is initially offered < $44k…but will almost certainly be requiring deposits of $10k or more.

Requiring a deposit of ten times the amount of the initial TM3 deposit makes no sense. The $1000 deposit for the TM3 was a good way for Tesla to gauge market demand. A $10k deposit would be a very poor way to gauge that. Heck, even the MS pre-orders required only (if memory serves) a $5k deposit. We can be fairly sure the initial deposit for the TMY will be less than that.

“That doesn’t fit the narrative that reservations are fleeing.”

Reservations are not fleeing, or at least the sum total of those waiting to buy a TM3 isn’t going down.

The serial Tesla bashers have seen their arguments that Tesla will fail with the TM3 fall one by one, and now the only one they have left is “Well, Tesla won’t put the $35k base model into production, or if they do, it will be too late.”

Too late for what, exactly? Too late for the bashers to make money by short-selling Tesla stock, that’s what!

Tesla is denying this… but the reality is that *anyone* can order the premium car today and get it within two months. Which doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in the supposed 400,000 people, with a firm deposit down, standing in that other line over there. I don’t see a lot happening here to convince them to “buy up” to the $70K car Tesla ‘wishes’ they would buy.

On the other hand, a lot of people are going to like the new LEAF.

Two things I have an opposite opinion from the reviewer.
1) The touchscreen controls is a non-issue. I must admit I was worried about this too, but the truth of the matter is, you rarely touch buttons on the screen. Set your temp to ~70 degrees (just like your home) and leave it. It heats when necessary and cools when necessary to keep the cabin at 70. Then use the right-stalk to set the cruise control and the right steering wheel scroll buttons to increase/decrease the speed. Need to navigate? Just push the right steering wheel button and tell the car where you want to go. Volume up/down or change music tracks? Just use the left steering wheel button.
2) I still think it’s a rougher ride than what I’m used to. Yes, I know, it’s supposed to be a stiffer suspension and I do have the low-profile tires, but I still think it’s worth mentioning. I don’t want people to think they will feel like they are floating in a Cadillac when they buy a Model 3. My Volt was a smoother ride, for those looking for a comparison.

I think a lot of people will upgrade to the air suspension, when that’s available for the TM3. That should allow drivers to select a softer ride.

I find it surprising that Tesla has given the TM3 the stiff suspension of a typical sports car. At least they did soften it a bit since the start of production, presumably because most people prefer more cushioning between them and the road. If I spent ~$45k on a sedan, I certainly wouldn’t want the ride to be as rough as a 1965 Ford Mustang!

“A continued wait time of 6-12 months for a low-priced model could easily send interested buyers looking elsewhere.”

¿Really? Where exactly?

New LEAF is epic good. And it comes with an interior.

and it comes with interior, hopeing you meant a great interior. But i agree most eleltric cars have very good quality to there interior

What i have seen so far is that there will keep being a steady increase on what electric cars and do. As we keep bring new ideas to the table. So spending 50 plus grand on a model three might not be a horrible idea. you get alot of bang for your buck. But on the other hand you could just wait a couple years . Because in the end Tesla has always delivered to us. It just takes them longer than some companies because they dont have a huge amount of money to spend. Were alot of car companies do