Watch This BlackFly Electric VTOL Aircraft In Flight


Easy to transport, it assembles without too much hassle, charges to 80% in around 25 minutes and can operate in various environments

There’s more than a few electric airplane ideas floating around. Many never make it to the drawing board, let alone to a concrete flying example. However, some are actually translated from the idea to engineering & design sketches, then to a real model that actually flies. The Opener BlackFly is one of them. Designed to realize the ever-coveted dream of freedom and travel through the open spaces in the sky, the Opener BlackFly is an affordable, safe, easy-to-operate, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle. With quirky looks, it feels like some villain from a sci-fi movie will be coming to claim his prized work of art, but the BlackFly is not a movie prop that only works on the silver screen.

Even though this is a private enterprise behind the BlackFly, the aircraft is not some shady garden shed project. The airplane puts focus on safety as its primary goal. The VTOL aircraft is fitted with triple-modular redundant flight systems, control surfaces, and sensors. In turn, this provides Opener’s customers with a new way to confidently take to the skies. With over 12,000 miles flown with a payload and over 40,000 full-length propulsion system flight cycles – equivalent to 25 circumnavigations of the earth – the Opener BlackFly is truly one of the most impressive feats of private engineering we’ve seen in the last few years.

The vehicle is fully electric. It features a concept which the Opener calls Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV). In reality, it means that you’ll be able to take a maximum payload of 250 lbs (USA), taking it over 25 miles in distance, with a cruise speed of 62mph (100km/h). It is easy to transport, it assembles without too much hassle, charges to 80% in around 25 minutes and can operate in various environments.

You can grab a detailed look at the BlackFly electric VTOL (Vertical Take Off And Landing) vehicle in action above.

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That’s pretty cool!
The landing seems a little awkward but I guess the lack of landing gears saves on weight.

Another Euro point of view

That was great to watch ! Thank you.

You can hear a toy drone a block away.
I love this stuff, but don’t want any more noise pollution than we have now.

Don’t worry, the Tesla version will be silent

This is totally different than anything we have seen before.

The landing causes a few scratches, I guess.

Overall, it’s a very nice aircraft.

Good idea.

If this was “a concrete flying example” it would be too heavy to fly.

It’s a toy only 25 miles @65MPH. Pricing not revealed.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

That’d be enough for me to get to work in the manner accustomed to George Jetson!

Lots of hover but no winged flight.

Seemed to be very well received at the Oshkosh Fly-In – not an easy group to impress.

They hope to be priced competitively with an average SUV & want to be selling them by next year….