Watch The Latest Tesla “Easter Egg” Take You To Mars Via A SpaceX Shuttle – Video

DEC 24 2016 BY JAY COLE 25

The most recent update of Tesla software includes a couple of Easter Eggs, and as the fellows from “Now You Know” discover, there is more than just a hidden “Christmas Show” feature found on the Model X.

Tesla's latest "Easter Egg" changes your EV into a SpaceX interplanetary shuttle to get to the Red Planet

Tesla’s latest “Easter Egg” changes your EV into a SpaceX interplanetary shuttle to get to the Red Planet (via YT/Know You Know)

Overall, the hosts do a fine job of explaining all the ins-and-outs of what Tesla’s recent software suite now enables functionally in the Model X…but also what it can do for “fun”.

Specifically, entering the word “Mars” after holding down the Tesla “T” at the top of the touchscreen (in the Model S or X), transports your EV to the surface of the plant (complete with an accurate satellite maps of the Red plant for your to tour).

Also, instead of displaying the location of your old pedestrian, Earth-bound Model X (or Model S) on the plant, your EV is now imagined as a space rover.

(Check out the video from the 10:07 mark for the “Mars Easter Egg”)

As noted in the walk-through, the Supercharger infrastructure is a bit lacking at the moment, so you might want to keep your trips on the Martian surface short.

Also of note, when “heading” to and from Mars, your Tesla also converts to a interplanetary SpaceX shuttle…which is kinda cool too.

Time to use that handy satelliate map of Mars to navigate your rover around

Time to use that handy satellite map of Mars to navigate your rover around!

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I do personally like Elon Musk in that he is taking care of two major things I’ve worried about for years.

The first one is the end of oil and preparing for it.

I also feel like Spacex has done more for space travel in the last five years then NASA did in the last 30 years.

Certainly SpaceX has done more for manned space travel over that time.

NASA has had some pretty remarkable successes with its space probes exploring the outer planets, with its Mars robotic explorers, and with the Hubble space telescope.

Why don’t they put the Mars video and Holiday music and lights on the model S?

I could do without the “we are going to colonize Mars” nonsense. The planet has no active core so it cannot sustain a substantial atmosphere, it cannot protect us from space radiation, therefore it cannot be “terraformed” therefore it will always be an extremely deadly environment for humans and a particularly unpleasant one at that with dust storms that can last for months and extremely low temperatures that are rarely get above freezing.

There is not going to be a future in which large numbers of people are going to try to subsist on Mars by completely shielding themselves from that planet, anymore than there is a future in which large numbers of people will chose to live in Antarctica, which would be a lot better place to live BTW as at least one could venture outside ones and while for some (very) fresh air and travel easily to places that are not completely hostile to human life.

I bet you are a barrel of fun at a Star Wars, Jurassic Park or any other Sci-Fi adventure movie! Explaining to the person next to you that what they are seeing is not feasible. Then spending the next few days ranting to coworkers and friends what a bad movie you saw.

Actually I love those movies but I don’t make this mistake of confusing these SF fantasies with reality.

A successful science fiction movie like Star Wrs also has a return for investors (ask Disney).

Going to Mars on the other hand would take billions and billions – another huge Musk money pit.

What about a small moon base first (financed by many nations) instead of going to Mars with thousands of ships (that’s Musk’s plan)?

My prediction remains the same: Musk and Tesla will fail because of a lack of new cash and focus (what about Model3 without Mars, tunnels, satellites, a Tesla truck and what not).

Most likely this unwind will occur during the next recession.

Sigh, the downside with posting anything remotely critical of Elon Musk is that it invariably draws out the trolls…

Musk is a visionary, he sees possibilities where others don’t. That’s how he created a so far remarkably successful EV company that defies all industry logic as it prevailed until recently. That’s how he created retrievable rockets and set the wheels in motion for hyperloop systems that are actually being tested right now with lots of interest for real world applications.

Doesn’t mean that all his ideas are practical and Mars colonization strikes me as a highly impractical one, but who knows, maybe Musk knows something I don’t…

Really smart people can believe really dumb things.

You label me a “troll” just because I predict that TSLA (even more so when including SCTY on the balance sheet moving forward) will fail?

If so, many in the financial community/investors are trolls. Look at the short ratio.

PS: And by the way, I predict a rosy future for EVs within the next decade (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and others). But EVs winning as a category doesn’t mean TSLA will win.

PPS: Look at Blabckberry and Nokia marketshare as of late 2016. Now go a decade back. Who were the leaders in the early smartphone wars? I predict the same fate will hit TSLA by 2020-2025.

tftf said: “What about a small moon base first (financed by many nations) instead of going to Mars with thousands of ships (that’s Musk’s plan)?” There’s nothing on Luna that’s worth going there for. Nor is there much point in repeating the success of going to Luna, which we have already done successfully several times. Mars does have the resources needed to sustain a human colony. It’s only necessary to free those up, and perhaps add a bit of air and water by smashing a few ice-teroids into the planet, to terraform it sufficiently to support human life. That will be a formidable and long-term engineering project, but then so was building the Panama Canal in its day. Thank goodness Elon Musk, Bill Gates and others are daring to Think Big again! We need visionaries and dreamers to promote big engineering projects again. Our society has gotten much too timid and scared over the past few decades. I think Elon’s plans for a colony on Mars are premature, but we certainly need people working on such a plan, if it is ever to become reality; if we are ever to escape our cosmic cradle, so that not all our species’… Read more »

There’s really no hope of colonizing Mars or anywhere else but earth with our meat-bag bodies. We know we can send stuff to Mars as we’ve done it many times with several EV, no point in doing it over and over.

Far better is to research into making our bodies suited for Mars (ie, not meat). Instead of destroying a planet to fit our meat bodies, we should be thinking how we can transform ourselves to meet other world’s environment.

If that happens, we won’t need to worry about climate change on earth, either. We’ll simply transform to better suit changing environment.

Most of us are rather attached to our meat bodies.

..and dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones…

Sentimental fool! I’d rather be Borg and go anywhere instead of destroying worlds at huge expense just for our selfish needs.

There are those who airily talk about “uploading” their consciousness into a computer, so they could have a potentially immortal and easily changeable robot body. Such people ignore the reality that you can’t “upload” your mind into a computer; at best, you can only write a computer program that simulates your thoughts and feelings. Someday we may be able to create something that thinks it’s you, but it won’t be you.

Personally, I’m rather attached to my body — both literally and figuratively.

Unless you think we’re bunch of ghosts in machines, there’s nothing special about human consciousness; it’s a byproduct of physical brain. However, quantum mechanics would prevent duplicity, so uploading won’t be possible.

That doesn’t mean we can’t have brain in jar. Watch the great documentary series called Futurama to see what I mean.

You’re only attached to your body, because you fail to see what alternatives are possible. I’d rather be experiencing the universe than tethered to earth with inefficient means of communication via our limited sense.

SparkEV said:

“That doesn’t mean we can’t have brain in jar. Watch… Futurama to see what I mean.”

You’re citing a satirical cartoon show as support for your argument?

Okay, definitely time to declare victory and move on.

Yeah really. Sure I like a healthy dose of fantasy with my reality too, but colonizing Mars? Come on.

Chris O said: “The planet [Mars] has no active core so it cannot sustain a substantial atmosphere, it cannot protect us from space radiation, therefore it cannot be ‘terraformed’ therefore it will always be an extremely deadly environment for human…” Reminds me of what my Grandma used to say: “‘Can’t’ never did anything.” Fortunately, Chris O, there are people with more imagination and inventiveness than you. Smashing a few large, or a large number of small, ice-teroids into the surface of Mars would add sufficient atmosphere and water to support human life. That may need to be repeated every few centuries, but it’s certainly not as impossible as you say. Large mirrors in orbit around the planet could raise the temperature sufficiently to support human life and food crops. Or, as Robert Zubrin pointed out on Nat Geo’s “Mars” series, we could trigger massive global warming on Mars, by freeing much of the CO2 locked up in the planet’s crust. I do not believe we will achieve a self-sustaining colony on Mars within my lifetime, or within Elon Musk’s, if we can’t come up with a better space propulsion system; one which doesn’t involve a six-month journey from Earth to… Read more »

It’s not enough that humans are destroying planet Earth, you want to destroy Mars as well? “Terra forming” Earth for meat bag habitat is fine, but “terra forming” other planets is criminal, especially since there could be life on Mars that could be wiped out by making Mars habitable for humans.

Your comments read like the ones from people who claim we don’t have the “right” to destroy, for example, the polio virus; nor destroy certain species of mosquitoes which carry epidemic human diseases.

I don’t merely disagree; I violently disagree. Refusing to support our own species in favor of some bug or germ is worse than being a traitor to your nation; it’s being a traitor to the entire human race!

Try to imagine how extremely little I care about potentially destroying the habitat of some undiscovered microbe, in favor of ensuring the long-term survival of my species. No, try harder; I care even less than that.

“If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us it’s that life will not be contained. Life breaks free, it expands to new territories and crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously, but… life, uh… finds a way. — Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park

“Do not go gentle into that good night.” — Dylan Thomas, Welsh poet

If you don’t care about killing other living beings so you can be selfish and enjoy your meat body, why even both with ecology on Earth? Go hunt those lions and tigers to extinction for your pleasure; they certainly kill humans. You have to be a complete psychopath to think so.

Fact is, we don’t have to destroy Mars for humans to survive there. Just adapt our bodies to Mars. And if we can adapt our bodies for harsh Martian atmosphere, we can live on planet earth no matter how harsh it gets. Even 100 degree warming and surfuric acid ocean won’t be a problem.

Then we’d how how to live not only on earth and mars, but on almost any place in the universe.

“If you don’t care about killing other living beings so you can be selfish and enjoy your meat body…” Well of course I care whether or not I can “selfishly” buy meat in the grocery store (or hunt and fish my own food, when I prefer), and enjoy eating it. My ancestors didn’t claw their way to the top of the food chain so I could eat tofu! “…why even both with ecology on Earth?” 1. Because we human animals, just like all animals, are utterly dependent on the ecology and resources of Planet Earth. And that’s why we need to eventually colonize Mars; so that’s no longer true, so we have another “string to the bow”, so to speak, of ensuring our species’ survival. 2. Because diversity in the plant and animal kingdoms is on the whole a good thing, both for making a healthier and more robust ecology, and also because more diversity makes for a more interesting world. I say “on the whole” because, of course, no rational person should have any compunction about killing off species of parasites, disease germs, and the like which are detrimental to our species or the species of plants and animals… Read more »