Watch The All-New InsideEVs Weekly News Recap

APR 1 2018 BY STAFF 2

Check out some of the week’s most important electric car news in the form of this InsideEVs-focused recap.

It turns out that YouTuber Alex Guberman, host of E for Electric, was impressed with our new site design, so much so that he sent us an Easter present. Actually, he offered us an exclusive weekly news video.

This weekly “E for Electric” video is not posted online for the general public, but can only be found here at InsideEVs.

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In the future, we hope to tailor the coverage to best reflect the stories that have been most popular to our readership throughout the course of each week.

Video Description via E for Electric on YouTube:

Electric car news and analysis created for by E for Electric. For daily electric car news visit “E for Electric” at

Hat tip to Alex!

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Thanks InsideEVs for this recap. But please, change the background for a still one (removal of flicking icons …), it is causing a bit of attention distraction.


You guys HAVE to do something about that background, it’s brutal! Why not have just a nice view of somewhere, or a simple, non-animated image, or something. The green grid with the popping icons is distracting and looks amateur.