Watch Tesla Solar Roof, Powerwall 2.0 Event – Live-stream

OCT 29 2016 BY JAY COLE 22

From Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Tesla unveils its latest product, the solar roof.   Also on tap is the introduction of Tesla’s Energy’s Powerwall 2.0.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk at solar roof/Powerwall 2 event in LA

Tesla CEO Elon Musk at solar roof/Powerwall 2 event in LA

The event kicked off from at 5:30 pm (PDT), 8:30 Eastern on Friday, October 28th.  Well, it should have – as Tesla is want to do…it was a little late (enjoy some music while you wait).

Update (10:01 PM PDT):  Live event is now over, but feel free to now check out the replay loop (above)!

And also check out details/specs on Tesla’s solar roof/Powerwall 2 in our follow-up story here.

Tesla Powerwall 2.0 Specs

Tesla Powerwall 2.0 Specs

Also of interest (and perhaps to not clog up live event proceedings with too much content), Tesla announced its Powerpack 2.0 commercial grade energy storage solution – now with “twice the energy density”.

…and if you need a little something extra to watch, why not check out the aftermath of a Tesla Model S jumping some bushes, a Mercedes and then crashing into a dealership.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Install

Tesla Powerwall 2 Install


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Wow, late as usual. Based on the pics I have better things to do with my time than spend it waiting on these guys showing solar shingles which have been around and installed on a lot of houses around me for the past few years…

Maybe I will be wrong but I am not seeing anything “innovative” in them.

No solar shingle to date has been anywhere close to the look of slate, or clay tile.

These look great.

Hope they work a pricing miracle somehow.

The “French Slate” is amazingly organic looking. Love it!

Well .. I guess if you need a new roof and also want solar, as long as the price of a new roof + installation + solar panels and their installation is lower than that of installing a solar shingles roof in the first place .. this could work (not even taking looks into consideration).
.. waiting for more info .. stats and prices.

.. so the price of the Powerpack 2.0 is down about 5%+ and the Powerwall 2.0’s is down about 25%+ ? .. on a /kWh basis that is ?


It is much cheaper because it includes the inverter which was an additional cost previously.

Jay, dont you have any good Grateful Dead shows or maybe a rare Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac show instead of this pop mush? Ha

Thank you for having the replay loop available so quickly.

This is the future, y’all hatin

If they can ink major deals with some of the larger new home builders, this has the potential to be a huge cash cow.

Being in the solar industry I agree this is nothing new conceptually. Building integrated PV is available today from several providers. I would like to see if they are comparing prices to a slate roof or a comp shingle roof. I am curious as to the inverter that they are using. Smart Grid will be among us within 3 years. Also, everyone of these roof have serious shade issues. Too much left unsaid to get excited about.

Ok, Those look great. How the **** are they wired??

Love the PowerWall 2. I want one!

Tesla needs to introduce their own line of DC optimizers and inverters/chargers/controllers.

Two problems.
Typically only half a roof has solar panels. This is because only one side of the roof has much more sunlight than the other due to the angle.
This means you are paying for solar cells that are very inefficient. Also there should be optimizers on each panel or set of panels. Tesla doesn’t have optimizers. Also Tesla didn’t mention that they do not have either the inverter nor the switching system to switch from solar to battery.
Very poor try to show synchronicity.

Well I am sure they have “blanks” so you can put normal tiles without solar PV where you don’t need solar PV.

But how are they wired and how do they add optimizers (or microinverters)?

I’m pretty sure they have been working on inverters & battery chargers/controllers. These roof tiles won’t be available until 2017, so they have plenty of time to bring an inverter to market.

Well, I’ve ‘been in solar’ for (nearly) all my life (55 years – and yes, I started playing with PV cells very young!) and this is the very first truly compelling, fully integrated, domestic proposition I have ever seen.

Sure there are other forms of integrated PV out there but *none* that come with an off the shelf storage/back up system like this and *definitely* none that look as good or integrate as well.

The only 4 questions that remain are:-
1/ What is it going to cost
2/ How efficient is the PV side
2/ How easy is it to install, and
3/ When (if ever) will it (the PV side at least) be available to DIY-install.

Installation is a big question.

And they don’t have a full back-up/storage system. They just have a battery and perhaps an inverter in the battery. But that alone is not enough for a full battery back-up/storage system.

Salute to Tesla for (again) moving ahead of the pack while at a the same time making it cost effective to use solar!
For me the only thing that was missing was the cost and contact info of who to call to get listed in their Solar Roof queue.


Designing an inverter will take some time, as you also have to monitor the output, and produce real time output data and put it online for the customer.SolarEdge does a very good job here as does. enphase.
I don’t see how this system can be efficient without optimizers.