Watch Tesla Semi Cruising Through Colorado

SEP 2 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

The Tesla Semi appeared in Colorado

Here is a short, but still one of the longest videos in recent days, of the Tesla Semi all-electric truck that’s currently traveling through the U.S., typically from one reservation holder to another.

As you can see, the Semi is pulling into a… gas station… But just calm down, everything is fine – there are Superchargers on site too.

Below, we’ve included another recent video of the Tesla Semi at a charging stop in Colorado.

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26 cameras sounds interesting! Would like to see all those views for sure.

I would love to see a view from any one of my cameras on the Model 3. It has like 8 cameras, and I get to see only one of them? How about some side views so I can cut down on rim rash…

Don’t need camera’s to prevent curb rash. Enhance your predictability

when electrek ran this story they said the Semi used “several” charging cables.

Teslarati reported 4 or 5 charging cables for super chargers.

This truck is a 300 mile version which means it should have around a 540 kwh battery. So 4-5 cables seems a bit more realistic but who knows.

If you listen to the sound track the Tesla guy says they were spraying down the radiator to help with the charging. I thought that was interesting.

The semi’s front has no “radiator grille” where you can spray water. Where is the TMS heat exchanger or the AC condenser coil that they were spraying? In the front? On the charging and driver’s side? (where the poster was not allowed to video)

Listen to the sound track at 23 seconds. “Spray down the radiators in front just to optimize the cooling”

look at the video @ 1:54. you can see the inlet at the bottom of the front of the truck.

There is a grille under the front license plate the full width of the truck

So….when are they are gonna start building and distributing them? Are they going to do another prototype? (I heard they were going to make a shorter design to comply with European requirements.)

Is that at least a proper side underride bar under the trailer?

It’s the heat exchangers to cool the battery packs that they are spraying down.

I like the Model 3 door handles.

If Tesla can pull this off, it has the potential to advance the electrification of road transport even more than any of their other vehicles. Haulage companies will buy it if it cuts the cost of transport as promised. Personal vehicle purchase is based much more on beliefs and projecting a certain image than pure economics.