Watch A Tesla Race A Superbike, Formula 1 Car, Jet, Airplane & More


Well, this Tesla fares pretty well, despite the competition.

This is one of those strange matchups that we stumble upon from time to time. Take a fighter jet, passenger plane, Kawasaki H2R Superbike, Formula One car, three other unnamed sports cars, and a Tesla (assumed to be a Model S P100D, but unspecified). It takes place on a runway at the new airport in Istanbul, Turkey.

As you can clearly see, the vehicles are spread out and don’t all start at the same time, so watching the video doesn’t give you a clear cut idea of the winner. Both aircraft are way behind, but they don’t seem to take off when many of the others do. The Tesla Model S, Formula One car, and Superbike all have an obvious edge at the beginning. It’s crazy to see the Tesla hold its own with such strong competitors.

While the Superbike seems to blow away the competition, according to the video description, it only wins by .04 seconds. Not too shabby a performance for a Tesla sedan with room for the entire family and their luggage!

Video Description via Global News on YouTube:

Superbike wins race against fighter jet, aircraft, Tesla and Formula one car

A superbike outpaced a fighter jet, aircraft, Tesla and three sports cars, including a Redbull Formula one race car, during a two-day test race at an aerospace and technology festival in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Kawasaki  2R, driven by former Supersport World Champion Kenan Sofuoglu, outpaced its rivals by 0.04 seconds.

Source: Motor1 Turkey

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Bad slow Tesla overrated
Attn: Shorters

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I’ve never seen an “Airplace” before.

This video made me giggle 😀
It seems to me that the Red Bull would’ve won, if it wouldn’t have missed an upshift.
Those F1 cars accelerate crazy fast! It’s truly impressive how the Tesla keeps up! Even though it is modified aerodynamically and probably modified otherwise aswel.

F1s are crazy fast, but there are cars that should keep up for the first 62 miles/hour (100km/h) , including the fastest Teslas – a bit over 2 seconds.
F1s and the bike are just almost equally fast going from 100km/h to 200km/h – around 5 seconds – here “normal” cars are probably behind, a Tesla should take close to 10 seconds. After 10 seconds the F1 can reach 300km/h.
But the F1 is not about straightline speed, it’s about curves. I was comparing times for a circuit and while a motoGP do a lap in 1m40s, a F1 car do it in 1m24s – that’s a huge difference.

Yes, F1 are very fast and not just in a straight line, but they’re not street legal, while motorbike is and are closest in acceleration and braking performance.
Basically, you can buy cheaply an F1 performance any day with motorbike or Superbike, while buying a F1 is not an option.

This bike isn’t street legal. As for braking, bikes are generally outclassed by cars.

The motorbike in this video is the H2R from kawasaki. It is not a street legal motorbike. The road going version is over 120bhp down on this model and would’ve been crushed by the F1 car.

The Redbull F1 would’ve won. I think the F1 car was probably on traction control off or missed the upshift. I can tell by hear the F1 engine’s rev unproperly. Sounds like it didn’t got a good traction or didn’t shift properly.

F1 cars need hot tires. If it sat on the track for 5 minutes it’s performance was hugely impacted.

And the bike was spinning and lifted the ftont wheel in the first 3 gears.

That’s the Electric GT Tesla. It’s definitely been race-modified. You couldn’t do a stunt like this in the USA. The chartreuse sedans is a Ford Fiesta (you can tell by the color).

Among all those vehicles, Tesla is the only 1 that can carry 5 passengers, all others are just 1 / 2 seater and despite this Tesla fared very well.

The passenger jet can carry many people.

It would be interesting to compare how much fuel was used during the race.

It was our, SPV Racing, Electric GT Tesla P100D race car for the FIA Electric Production Car Championship. Full FIA spec 500 Kg lighter then the road car. It’s on Pirelli slick tires but the runway was slippery. Emma Kimiläinen did 10.8 on 1/4 mile neck to neck with the F16. Now we are heading to Red Bull ring for the E – Mobility event on September 29 – 30. Then it’s back to QEV in Barcelona for some updates before we start our winter test program in Southern Spain, Ascari track outside Ronda- Malaga November 17 – 18. Lars GV Lindberg SPV Racing Team Manager

Thanks Lars! I am following you closely.

……and, you don’t think the F1 Red Bull jumped the start??

The editing on those videos is so bad that there’s no way to tell.

The redbull F1 was probably on traction control off mode.

0-100 isn’t the F1’s forte, 0-300-0 would have looked very different… and on cold tires, it’s compromised as well. That’s why warning blankets are kept on the tires until race start, despite the warmup lap (formation lap).

But for one a drag race that wasn’t a drag. Wish the video was more straightforward and just showed us what took place instead of as many fancy camera angles as possible. And that the times had been included. Still, it was cool.

Yeah, maybe some 40 mph Roll races too. Did the jet even use afterburners? Very inconclusive video.

I think we have seen it all, we know Tesla model S is fast. I use too go crazy over those videos.
Not any more, model S was not design to be a super car, it is more like a high end family car, the fact that it can beat car like Porche, Ferrari and the like is a plus.

Time to look at other aspects of the car like ride comfort like Mercedes, Lexus, etc.
Options advantages compare to other manufacturers.
external and internal design compare to other big names.

The jet would have been faster had it taken off.
Yeah, I was thinking that too.
So, the Jet, obviously, would have won.

Joke. That f1 is a world faster than everything when the tires stick. So much tire spinning

An F1 should do like an 8-9 second quarter mile. Fast, but an H2R can also do a quarter mile in under 9 seconds, so it’s a pretty legit result. I’m sure the F1 had some traction issues which caused it to just slip behind the bike, but it’s not a world faster.

Now a top fuel dragster is a world faster. If you cross the starting line of a quarter mile race in an F1 car already doing 200 mph when you pass the stopped top fuel dragster at the starting line, it will still beat you in the quarter mile.

Fun to watch and must have been fun to run!

How does a motorcycle like that not flip over? Is it driving skill or do they have some sensors that detect the angle of the motorcycle and gradually accelerates it in a way that prevents it from flipping over?

Modern bikes have wheelie control which can just dial back the power enough to keep the front from lifting too high. And a good drag rider will be far up on the tank.

The jet fighter uses thrust which takes time to react against its weight. If the same jet engine had all its power as torque, it would be the fastest!