Watch Tesla Model X Stop Itself To Avoid Major Crash: Video


Close call

It appears as though automatic emergency braking has saved another Tesla from a crash.

This time around its a Tesla Model X that stops itself (possibly with a bit of extra help from the driver) from impacting a red-light runner.

The scenario here is a bit different than that last one though. There’s a chance the driver saw the car coming in this clip. There was no possibility the driver noticed the red-light runner in that previous incident though.

The driver himself admits to hitting the brake pedal, but indicates the car began stopping itself first:

The car braked hard and I think I joined in too. Split second he was gone and I snapped out…

It sure is swell having a car that has eyes all around it that are always on the lookout.

Video description:

Happened so fast. Idiot ran a red light and almost @38secs and almost took my Model X front end with him.

The car braked hard and I think I joined in too. Split second he was gone. I snapped out of it and moved on happy that my day didn’t go sideways.

The video was from Tesla autopilot cam so no sound and it’s narrow view, but it doesn’t do justice to show the split second braking and all the things that got thrown forward in the car.

Plus Some YouTube Commentary:

MotoK tips yes looking left and right as a matter of fact always looking 360 helps while driving in any one direction. And for that day I missed a distant high-speed missile coming from the left, I’m glad I escaped it with the help of AI looking for me.

Gotta watch out for those missiles.

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Autonomous driving is the devil. Humans are WAY more reliable and safer, as evidenced by the hundreds of daily crashes nationwide due to human failure.

I read on average about 100 people die on U.S. roads daily..

So, you’re saying that humans are more reliable at crashing? Doesn’t sound good to me.

No, I was being sarcastically facetious. I think 16 people didn’t understand that.

based on the dents all over that car, it’s probably not the first time that driver did something stupid.

What an total idiot redlight-runner. Tesla maybe saved two lives out there, but I am not sure one of them deserved to be saved.

Also, the Tesla driver should have looked left as he entered the intersection as is taught in every Defensive Driver course and Driver Education course, instead of doing a blind jackrabbit start.

Big deal. My Camry can stop itself too – and costs much less than the Model X.

Model3 Owned- Niro EV TBD -Past-500e and Spark EV,

But it’s pretty cool that Tesla has a built in cam that’s opened up to its customers to help us gaggle on youtube 🙂

YARIS can do the same like the Camry, and it cost less, too.

If that car T-boned you would you rather be in your Camry or any Tesla? That giant battery in the floor might save your life in an accident like this. Oh and if you are concerned about fire, remember that your Camry’s ruptured gas tank would set you ablaze much faster than a ruptured Tesla battery pack.

Wonder if there are any tests conducted in the side collision avoidance systems. If I remember correctly, the insurance tests were just forwarded collision.

My horse can park itself……… drive itself…………. by using whistle my HOrse will automatically come in front of me………… your camry sucks my HORSE are great……………

The video makes it look like a miracle work. However, your vision is much much much wider than the video shows… unless you have abnormal, severe tunnel vision.
Your actual vision is about 4-5X wider than the video shows and you would have seen the car approaching with your own eyes anyway.


“…The car braked hard and I think I joined in too. Split second he was gone.”

People see a lot of things, time seems to slow down, it seems that you could go get a cup of coffee in the split second that occurs before impact, except that often ends up being the last thing you see, since your reactions are not as fast as your thoughts.

Not if the car has 4x more eyes than you do all around itself.

“…you would have seen the car approaching with your own eyes anyway.”

The driver himself says he didn’t until after the Model X started braking by itself.

Oddly enough, I’m gonna believe the guy who was actually driving the car, rather than some semi-anonymous internet poster who apparently thinks he’s omniscient.

Amazingly, the Camry to the left didn’t hit the car either! How was that even possible?

Big deal. Lots of cars have emergency braking. It is a great feature. My $20k VW has stopped twice for similar situations, thankfully not as close. I guess I should post videos too.