Watch Tesla Model X P100D Set New 1/4-Mile SUV Record, Crushes Trackhawk


It’s a new record for an SUV in the 1/4-mile.

Tesla Model X Versus Trackhawk

Set by the battery-electric Tesla Model X.

It’s often the Tesla Model S that smokes all takers at the track (or more recently, the Model 3), but this time its big brother is out looking for the win.

Watch as the Tesla Model X P100D destroys a Jeep Trackhawk in a drag race.

Video description (via DragTimes):

“Watch a Jeep Trackhawk take on a Tesla Model X P100D in an all out 1/4 mile drag racing battle at Palm Beach International Raceway. The Model X P100D sets a new world record for being the worlds quickest SUV.”

Model X Record-Setting Run

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


What were you expecting, the Tesla to lose?

The 4 of 4 race at 6:15 was great as they both cut the light perfectly.

It would be interesting to measure the CO2 output of each vehicle for these “drags”.

For the Tesla, it is easy. Just measure the electricity consumed and compute the corresponding average CO2 output for the power plants in the region.

For the Jeep, not sure how it could be done easily (without affecting the vehicle or race timings). But, it would likely be very much higher than the Tesla.

Hmmm… didn’t seem to lose steam halfway through like in the past. I wonder if Tesla changed the torque mapping. Anyway, if you really MUST have your groceries yesterday!

Anyone gonna point out that the X is 40 grand more? Also, why do the 0/60 and 60/100 times not add up to the 0/100 time?

The Bentley Bentayga wasn’t there, but the Tesla crushes that as well, and it costs ummm about $40K more than the Tesla.

The Trackhawk costs $55,305 more than a base Cherokee. The P100D costs $54,500 more than the Model X 75D. The price difference comes from the base vehicles, not the performance.

So they are comparing completely different vehicles, each with 55K worth of upgrades?

The joke here is FCA still advertises that expensive Jeep as “the quickest SUV ever” despite looking like it’s standing still next to that Tesla.

Might be time to add some asterisks to that clearly incorrect marketing claim!