Watch Tesla Model X P100D Accelerate To 60 In Almost 3 Seconds


The up to 7-seat electric Tesla Model X SUV isn’t meant to be a zero to 60 MPH champ, but it’s a Tesla, so you can be certain it ain’t no slouch.

However, even we were blown away by the time it put down in this clip, recorded by the Dragy device.

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Often times it’s the Tesla Model S putting down insane numbers like this, but occasionally a Model X makes its way out onto the track and, when it does, it seems to be equally impressive, if just a bit slower.

No Tesla is a top end (high-speed) machine, but the off-the-line torque and traction of the AWD, dual-motor setup in the Model X P100D can’t be matched by any production car, other than one made by Tesla.

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I thought the official stats for the Model X P100D 0 to 60mph was 2.8 seconds?

In Tesla site is 2.9sec to 60mph for Model X

I have mixed feelings about all these videos of Teslas racing other cars, doing 0-60 runs, etc.

On one hand, they feel like pointless me-too-ism: Hey, look! EVs can do dumb [expletive] just like the fossil fuel burners!

But I know that they likely serve a good purpose in terms of educating the general public that EVs not only are “real cars” (and not glorified golf carts) but they can be exciting and fun drives. Based on friends and relatives I talk to about this stuff, it’s clear that we plug-heads still have a LOT of work to do in terms of educating the general public.

Just the other day I ran into yet another person who thought the trump card (denigrating double meaning intended) for arguing against EVs was that… wait for it… if you plug one in at home it will (gasp!) add to your electricity bill. When I point out to people making this “argument” that it reduces your fuel cost by much more than it increases your electricity bill, many of them refuse to believe it. (I haven’t heard one actually call it “fake news”, but I suspect that will happen eventually.)

My neighbor yelled that at me when I drove home in my new Volt in 2012. “Hey! Your electric bill is gonna go up!”. No sh!t Sherlock. LOL.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

My neighbor said the same thing.
Then I told him my parking fees at work that I paid for for 15years has free EVSE access. So I charge free at work, fill up Friday drive it down on the weekend and fill up Monday.
So no, by electric bill will only go up a few dollars at most on the weekends where I go more than 150 miles.

Trollnonymous, what EV do you drive?

Have had that question asked a million times. What’s your electric bill like now? Higher but my gasoline bill is lower. Duh. I eventually just came up with a canned response of “it goes up enough that it costs me the equivalent of about $1 a gallon of gas for the miles I drive.”

You should say 99cents/gallon.. just to mess w/them more 🙂

When they asked I pointed to the panels and told them $0.