Watch As Tesla Model X Launches Glider Into The Air – Video


Launching gliders with a Tesla Model X from teslamotors

Glider In The Air Above Model X

Turns out you can launch a glider into the air with a Tesla Model X, but was there ever any doubt?

The video quality is rather poor, but this is the first time we’ve seen a Tesla put a full size glider into the air.

Video description:

“This is not a professional video, but one of our flyer, Jonas Schwengler (thanks, Jonas!), documented the start from the back seat of the Tesla. Interestingly, the acceleration was strong and completely even on uneven and slightly damp grass. The aircraft is an ASK-21 double seat. Pro start with a 370m rope at 250-320m depending on the wind you need about 3% of the battery charge.”

Source: Reddit, Electrek

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Vehicle Tow Launches for Gliders is but one of the Common Methods! Others include the Typically Seen – Aero Tow, and also, a fixed High Speed Winch, is another ground based launch technique. Finally, there are a number of ‘Self Launching’ Sailplanes, previously using Gas Engines, but of late, since at least 3-5 years or more back, Self Launching has turned on to Electric Power, even adding Solar Power for Extended Flight! Many by now should have also heard of the Fully Solar Powered Flight Around The World – But also, others are using Solar Power, too: is but one example! Plus, at EAA Air Venyure, this year, I saw others using Electric Power for Flight, plus the NASA booth discussed thei Electric Flight Projects, too! New Electric Motor Designs by Siemens have now 5X the Power Density of their previous designs, and are being tested in an Aerobatic Aircraft, in the form of the Extra 330LE – Which has also done an Aero Tow – Video: So, using a Model X, that always has Dual Motors and All Wheel Drive, which is rated to Tow 3,500 pounds to 5,000 pounds, should be considered a ‘No… Read more »