Watch Tesla Model X Falcon Doors Get Attached At Factory


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Model X Falcon Door Getting Attached

Model X Falcon Door Getting Attached

Via Instagram, Tesla Motors shows us how the Tesla Model X falcon doors get attached in this very brief video.

The falcon doors are easily the most distinguishable feature of the Model X and arguably the most complex door ever fitted to a production automobile.

This video shows what it takes for one of Tesla’s massive robots to accomplish the job of attaching the structure that is the Model X’s falcon door.

It all looks just too simple in this video, though we’re sure that the process is much more complex than it appears.

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Every modern car factory has the same industrial robots.

Kuka, Fanuc, ABB…

Does Tesla wants us to believe that this is something special?

Are you related to Bob Lutz?

Bob Lutz L M A O ..One Very Forunate Smart Ass…

It’s not about the robots, but what the robots are DOING, that’s special.


Sure… but it’s still porn to all us interested in technology, gadgets and robots πŸ˜›

Every modern car company has the same homo sapiens.

Male, Female , Transgender…

Does Tesla wants us to believe that this is something special?

– I’m telling you…The Telsa Trolls are getting more and more ridiculous every day!

My point is that Tesla – like in its financial reports – is tanglong carrots in front of both customers (unrealistic dates and price promises) and investors (guidance vs results).

One example: Compare actual cash-flows as reportedby other companies…

to the rosy figures of Tesla’s latest shareholder letter (page 1, large chart).

No, this is a completely different point.
Tesla is ahead of all other companies in producing premium EVs. In part because they risk and invest all their profit in their insane growth.
Even when the others will care to *really* compete, Tesla will still be too far ahead to reach, except if they play dirty on a big level, as little rats like you do on this small scale of bogus negative commentators.





Thomas J. Thias



“Tesla will still be too far ahead to reach…”

Tesla annual prodcution: 50k cars
(90k if you believe in their 2016 guidance)

Global annual car production per year: 85 -100 million cars (depending on source)

Do the math. What is Tesla’s market share?

Tesla estimated 50K to 55K for 2015 and delivered the lower end of the estimate. So now they estimate 80K to 90K for 2016 and say they deliver “only” 80K. And that will be 60% YoY topline growth, not enough? Being on the cutting edge, the estimates are not going to be accurate to the 100th car.

What is the average selling price of the 85M worldwide car sales? Like $10K? Average Tesla car today goes for $80K+.

I’m talking technology advances, battery production capacity and above all prestige of the brand and continuous high demand.

tftf asked:

“What is Tesla’s market share?”

Growing much faster than any other auto maker’s share, that’s what.

Now crawl back under your bridge and quit whining.

Tesla is the only company which names its robots after X-Men characters!

Xavier, Iceman, Wolverine, Beast, Storm, Colossus, Vulcan, Havok…

Now, what is it about this that makes you trolls keep whining about it all the time? Crawl back under your bridge and stop being a wet blanket.

Sure they Do… They are all installing FALCON WING doors too, just like That! The very same Robots that install FW Doors on all Vehicles, Eat Ur Heart 0ut…… L M A O

Thats surely CGI, as we all know falcon winged doors can’t be built. And if you watch the video in reverse, you can clearly see that there is no FW door at the car. And if you listen very closely, its just a whisper, you can hear someone say: “The Model 3 will be late. Lets burn some coal in the backyard. We need to beat the CO2 emissions of a Hummer”

I’m glad to see that Tesla cares enough about the working conditions of its robots, to install ceiling fans for them. πŸ˜‰

They prolong the life of the robot & prevent malfunctions as a result of excess heat when temperatures controlled , This Keeps the robot at a more Constant 0perating Temperature……

And reduces the risk of a robot uprising πŸ˜‰

Also sadly reduces the risk of anyone ever saying “Man, that robot is HOT!”

Go ahead …, say It ! lmao

I see they are using Fanuc robots. Here’s a video of a Fanuc robot installing the seats. I think they still have some programming tweaks.

Great video! Thanks for posting it.

Did you see how close that guy’s head came to the concrete floor a couple of times? It was wild, and incredibly stupid. He’s lucky to have not had his skull bashed in or neck broken.

No kidding. Good to see he made it but it was incredibly stupid.

This must give nightmares to Bob Lutz, seeing how he thinks it’s impossible to have such doors on production cars.

Lutz….l m a o……. A lucky “Has Been” Smart Ass, that doesn’t realize his blessings ….N0 Skills…., Always at he right place, at the right time, with the right people ! Confirms that Timing + who you know is everything!

The robots do what they are programmed to do – to place and bolt or weld in the door subassembly at its designed anchor points. That does not negate the fact that the falcon door subassembly is a heavy, mechanically-complicated mess and looks to me to me a long-term maintenance issue.

It especially bothers me that Tesla made a major last-minute change in both design and vendor. Doors are one of those items that the major manufacturers run each design through accelerated cycling tests prior to final validation, simulating 10 years or more of average to severe use, in every environment. No way Tesla had the time to do that. Probably software simulation. Anyone see the movie “Aliens”? The drop-in leader had lots of experience – simulated – as Ripley learned to her chagrine. That drop-in did not turn out well.

I was one of those calling on Tesla to offer sliding minivan type doors as a more reliable, proven sort of door mechanism, for those who didn’t want to risk buying a car with doors that open in a way that will certainly produce unexpected problems. But now that Tesla has decided to go ahead with them on the Model X, offering no alternative, I don’t see the point in continuing to sound the alarm about it. It’s time to wait and see how the falcon wing doors do in real life. I have not yet seen any reports of any serious problems with the doors not operating as intended. In fact, very nearly the only negative comments I’ve seen on InsideEVs is from a surprising number who keep imagining they see “mis-aligned” doors in videos which quite clearly show the doors line up just as well as on any other expensive car. Let’s hope that in the long term, the falcon-wing doors will prove to be as trouble-free as the Volt 1.0’s hybrid powertrain, which likewise is more complex than what most cars use, but has proven to be remarkably trouble-free over the years. A more complex mechanism makes… Read more »

and so Skynet begins…