Watch Tesla Model X Beat Coal Rolling, Black Smoke Belching BMW


Rollin’ coal won’t guarantee you a win against a Tesla.

In fact, it seems this coal-rolling BMW can’t even escape its out black smoke, let alone keep pace with the Tesla Model X P100D.

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Officially, this version of the Model X can hit 60 MPH in less than 3 seconds, so even this pumped-up diesel BMW is no competition for the big SUV.

Additionally, you’ll see the Model X race a couple of times against what appear to be some souped up, subcompact hatchbacks.. Again, the Model X dominates, despite the early start afforded to the lesser car.

Just in case you’re not aware of what this rolling coal nonsense is (electric cars don’t do this, no matter how modified), here’s a definition via Wikipedia –

Rolling coal is the practice of modifying a diesel engine to increase the amount of fuel entering the engine in order to emit large amounts of black or grey sooty exhaust fumes into the air. It also may include the intentional removal of the particulate filter. Practitioners often additionally modify their vehicles by installing smoke switches and smoke stacks. Modifications to a vehicle to enable rolling coal may cost from $200 to $5,000.

So, basically it’s destroying the environment / affecting the health of individuals on purpose and it’s illegal. So STOP!

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The funny thing is that the guy stopped at a supercharger (Fátima – Portugal), heard about the drag event, and think, “what the hell, let have some fun” and smoked the competition.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


The stupid word used now when people have nothing intelligent or interesting to say.


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Wah, wah……..I said something you don’t like……wahhh……

You must be manstruating today……take a Pamprin or Midol.

You must have a pretty boring life when the highlight of your day is making perpetually sophomoric comments on an EV site. Personally, I enjoy watching folks act like heat-sinks, but that probably means I have no life, either..

No, He’s Demonstrating !……… lol

That black smoking BMW is utterly disgusting, they need to pipe it through the cabin to lay waste to the idiot driving it.

Well, we don’t want to actually harm others. I say once the nasty smoke fills the cabin, have automatic ejector seats that launch the occupants 100 feet(30 meters) high into the air, far away from the harmful smoke. Lesson learned!

Wow, what an embarrassment. Why do folks even buy ICE at this point??

Why? Because we can’t afford the price tag of electric cars. Plus… Be thankful that everytime I fill up at the gas station taxes from that give you a road to drive on. Just wait till it doubles or triples electric rates and it’s just as or more expensive to charge your car.

Why is it that electric car drivers look down on us “ice” drivers?

How about we stop using everything with an engine. I would love to see how your silly electric vehicle will get made, or how you would even have a road to drive on.

It seems that every tesla owner thinks they are better then everyone else and for that reason alone I won’t buy one.

So your car is quick whoppy. Tesla have no soul, and are ugly as a hell. You know what though technology wise they are phenomenal.

To end, think of all the jobs that will disappear if you rid of these crappy ice vehicles you so much hate.

Most states with large numbers of EV’s already charge extra tax on them when they are registered, because conservatives never met a tax increase they like until you start talking about EV’s. Nobody is saying you have to buy a luxury premium EV. My used Leaf cost $12k. I get that you’re just butt hurt that ICE is losing to EV’s on the track, and soon in sales. Change is scary for a lot of people.


I took the leaf out for a test drive. For the 1.5hr drive everyday it was too small for me. It doesn’t fit half of the things I need to carry and also I’m a little bit bigger and it wasn’t that comfortable for me.

Mike; are you not also outraged about the loss of jobs in the whale oil and horse tack industries?

EV’s Create New* Clean* Jobs as We Clean Up the Planet*. But NO , Lets Drive ICE Kill so that we can KILL 0ff the The Planet and all Living Things On it , Including the people on it , That Way .,THERE WILL M0RE JOBS FOR NOBODY !

Hey Mike, guess what? I just registered my 2015 Tesla in Nevada today- it cost me $853. I DO pay my fair share to DMV and the highways in my state. And then some. Don’t come at me like I get a free-lunch just because my “Rich Guy” electric doesn’t pay for road taxes at the pump. I’d LOVE to pick up the tab on your fuel tax in exchange for your car registration cost! And while we’re at it- I work a blue-collar job and just happen to bust my behind and watch my spending in order to afford a used Tesla. You should try the same, instead of complaining about those who HAVE while you have NOT. I’ve owned more than my fair share of ICE-mobiles and have driven used electric cars for the past 5 years, and have saved WAY more than driving ICE due to no gasoline or maintenance. You have only excuses at this point, because affordable EV’s are a dime a dozen now. Or simply stay on your high horse and pay the long-term perpetual high cost of ICE ownership and waste your time trolling EV sites. Why you and folks like you even… Read more »
John, You contradict yourself when you say you bust your behind to afford one and then say they are a dime a dozen don’t you think? I have never spent over 15k for a car in my life and maintain my vehicles myself because I too work a blue collar job as a mechanic. I’ve costed everything thing out where I am located and the “higher” price tag with these Ev cars in the short term does not warrant spending the 56k plus for one. Now I say 56k because I need a much larger vehicle and that is only offered from tesla no other company. How many Ev cars have you owned in 5 years? You see for me I get 12-15 years out of the cars I have owned. The last one I put just over 350000km or 220000 miles on it. My last car I owned I only put a total of $1300 into it for repairs and maintenance. $2200 into it for oil changes $29,000 in fuel I also only paid $13,000 for it Registering every year is $125 so that brings me to $1625 Which brings me to just over $47000(cad) for 13 years of… Read more »

I too have been doing my own minor repairs & maintainence on my ICE Mercedes . Got it New..It’s Going on 20yrs old & Not Worth Much $$ , But to me it’s Pride & Worth Keeping in Good Shape As I Get Gas & Oil Gouged in the process , Until an EV of My Liking & Price Arrives to Market , It still drives Nice , looks Clean & Respectable always Garaged. Just keeping it Going By doing the odd repair . To be totally Honest., “I will NEVER Miss Doing all this Maintanence”, Once my EV arrives .

That’s fair enough Mike, a little bit different than your original emotional rant. I can respect your points. But to be fair, I didn’t buy a Tesla overnight. I traded up (ICE) vehicles until I could afford a used (but loaded) Volt for $18k. Drove it for 5 years and still do. It’s my second vehicle now. Sold my wife’s Leaf and waited for an AWD and Autopilot car. Could’ve bought a P85 for $35k, but needed the AWD and it happened to come with Autopilot. So I paid a bit more.

Point being, there’s used Tesla’s now in the $30k range, and if you still think that’s a price only for the rich, then I guess we have different definitions of rich. Because getting any DECENT vehicle for under $35k (with taxes) is next to impossible.

Good luck in the future, I wish you well and hope you have a great week!



All good buddy.

Things here in Canada are more expensive I guess. Like I said cheapest tesla is 50k in all of Canada.

The thing with me specifically is I drive anywhere from 100-200km a day and there are no chargers where I go.

Even this past weekend I went away to a show and drove 500km. There and back on one tank still have 1/4 left. After being at the show for 8hrs I just wanted to go home. No chargers where I was. I would have had to go elsewhere and charge for 10-20 mins when all I wanted to do was go home after a long day.

I have changed my tune a little and realize that some minor sacrifices need to be made when driving electric. I guess I’m just not willing to do so just yet.

I guess part of the problem also for me is I’m in the automotive business and electric vehicles will hurt my business, I guess I’m pissed about that.

For now I’ll keep driving my 13k vehicle until I can’t and then figure out what I can do after that.

All the best to you.

Well I hope things open up for you in the near future. The charger issue is legit, you can’t do much about that. Waiting for EV’s to come down in price is one thing, but you can’t wait for chargers that never happen. Once (God willing) Canada becomes as Supercharger / Level 3 enabled as the U.S. I hope you can experience what brings us all here to these forums to discuss!

Travel safe up north, buddy!

Let’s Not Forget $$$ the Multi Billions of Dollars in subsidies the oil producers get ! It’s such a Routine Business as Usual Perk , That they Now Think they are Entitled! ! ! ! Nobody ever says a Word about THAT!…Do They??

Wow. ICE nuts are even more stupid than I imagined.

How dare you roll every ice owner into one ball.

That’s like saying all tesla owners are pretentious.

Well that’s mostly true. But I meant ICE nuts specifically. “Petrolheads” and such. (I couldn’t bring myself to use a silly term like that)

That KiLLER Smoke Stack BMW should Be OutLawed & taken 0ff The road Immediately ..

All that black smoke from the exhaust is wasted energy that failed to be converted into power at the wheels.

Billowing black smoke is like putting a sign around your neck and admitting you are a failure at putting power to the ground where it matters.

Y’all dumb. A diesel BMW was never meant to drag race. You line up modified diesel pickup (for the same price you can buy this Elon musk garbage) and you have a race. You line up any respected muscle car and it wins. I do respect the electric car and what they stand for, however any real car guy or gal would pick an internal combustion engine without thought. And for all of you tree huggers that keep commenting the black smoke is killing the environment, look up the numbers. Please tell me how your electric car doesn’t have any link to harming the environment. Because this is on a biased website in favor of ev’s, of course the Tesla wins against 4 and 6 cylinder junk cars and is glorified for only running 11s. Also, the article calls the Tesla a “big SUV.” This thing is barely a crossover in size. I’ll be more impressed when car people can do real car people stuff with these things. FYI: Tesla’s car side of the business probably won’t last much longer unless something drastic happens in production and affordability.

I can’t wait for the next gen roadster to smoke the bejeezus out of ICE cars on the track. Modify the hell out of your fuel-to-noise converters all you want, but 99.999% of people could never afford an ICE car that can beat the roadster.

Actually EV buyers are the same sort of folks who also install solar and wind power. In fact, currently solar and wind power generation is actually out producing the amount of electricity electric cars are consuming. So EV owners with their solar and wind power production are actually taking net zero electricity from the grid to operate collectively. They have actually collectively made the grid cleaner, making it cleaner for you to run your A/C.

This isn’t an accident. Green production and green consumption of power

But it is funny that you nutters only become verklempt about emissions and harm to the environment from the (long) tailpipe ONLY when an EV is involved. But as long as you are talking gas cars you don’t believe YOUR damage to the environment is any problem at all.

Well said.


Thanks for sharing!