Watch Tesla Model S, X P100D Race 2018 BMW M5


A luxury electric SUV, a high-performance battery-powered sedan and the pride of Bavarian car industry walk onto a racetrack

While we can already see the supporters of both camps arguing mercilessly about the pointlessness of this race, drag racing is a fun sport that gives us insight into the sheer straight-line speed capabilities for these vehicles. This particular drag race shows us a Tesla Model  X, Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous mode and a BMW F90 M5 battling it out.

Unlike its predecessors, the newest generation of the M5 relies on a specially tuned xDrive all-wheel-drive system, allowing for impressive launches off the line. Under the hood of the latest generation of the highly-coveted German high-performance saloon is the newest version of BMW’s 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Delivering 600 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque, it is one fast mover. All of that fire is sent through an eight-speed ZF-sourced automatic that’s been specifically tuned for M5 duty, allowing the M5 to sprint from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 3.2 seconds.

Battery powered cars are represented by the Tesla Model X and Model S. The latter is considered the ultimate Model S right now. It comes with the most powerful output among all the Model S versions and features a 100 kWh battery, churns out mounds of torque and can sprint from 0-60 mph (0-100km/h) in documented times of less than 2.3 seconds.

On the other hand, the Model X is the ultimate luxury battery-powered SUV. The Model X is the quickest SUV on the planet right now, in P100D form, that is.

How do they fare up against the new challenger from Munich? You can find that out in the video above.

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Interesting , the cheapest car lost the drag race? Now take them to any road course where the M5 was designed and engineered to be run, and see what happens to the more expensive cars… M5 is engineered to be a balance of power, handling, and braking, its not the best at any of those things, but when put together make a pretty amazing track car…. Also goes 190 MPH, so the sheer straight line speed capability is much greater in cheapest car in this example.

Sure if you take the Tesla model S out road with a Range Rover the Tesla will lose.

The author stated this was a comparison of “sheer straight line speed”? Well, drag races are about acceleration, not necessarily straight line speed, in which case the BMW’s 190 mph would leave the Teslas in the dust.

On the same type of GPS test meter, the best I could get on the P100D was 10.9 at 120.1 mph. A simple tune and octane boost on a new M5 will yield a 10.6 at 132mph ! Pretty much keeps up with the P100D down low, while leaving it in the dust upper end. 132mph traps is Ferrari, ZR1 territory.

Yeah, that point has been made MANY times in the past.

“Interesting , the cheapest car lost the drag race?”

Did you watch the video? The P100D cost $140k. The M5 cost $139K. So yes technically the car that cost $1,000 less lost.

And how many BMW owners have seen the pavement side of a race track? And how many have been waxed by a Tesla at a stoplight? Logic answers that by far the latter is what BMW owners experience.

Model S was designed to be quiet and smooth. Not to slap your head in the side window. Model S was not designed for the track. Tesla Roadster will be…

The M5 is such an amazing car! 0-100 is never interesting on real roads. I’d rather be in an M5 with its premium interior than the S or X. Oh, wait, I got an S, but only because the M5 is twice the price here in Norway 🙁

It’s just a BMW…boring and slow.

You forgot a few rather important points: The BMW uses loads of gasoline, contributes to climate change, and supports the oil companies. It’s obscenely loud, and costs thousands to maintain.

The Model S is none of these.

The results of the Teslas in a racetrack must be really bad! I can´t find any video online that compares times of Teslas with BMWs, Audis, Mercedes…

No one cares. Bugatti Veyron is also piss poor on a racetrack.

Actually better than many cars. Maybe poor for its HP output.

Oh, you’re interested in track racing because you intend to race your BMW? Send us the YouTube video.

Tesla should up their game!

> walk onto a racetrack

If only. I’d love to see them race around Nürburgring, or Laguna Seca for that matter. Instead of one actual race we get hundreds of drags. What a drag it is!

So once you’ve done 100 identical launches with zero driver input other than pressing a pedal to the floor and you’ve actually become bored of the one dimensional experience of heavy launches, how would you make it more exciting without trying track driving?

Well you can’t make a Tesla more exciting, they’ve reached their capacity out of the box. The BMW on the other hand could take a couple of downpipes, some air filters and some better charge cooler water pumps, plus a remap and you’ll gain another 200bhp/lbft. By this point those Tesla’s won’t be beating you anymore and you’ll have a soundtrack to make you giggle every time you throttle on.

You can probably count on your hand the number of M5 owners who have raced their cars. So what difference does a track car make?