Watch Tesla Model S Wagon Race Dirty BMW Diesel


Electric wagon versus smoky diesel BMW.

Can a heavily modified BMW diesel beat a Tesla Model S shooting brake in a drag race?

This is the RemetzCar Tesla Model S, designed by London-based Niels van Roij Design.

RemetzCar is a Dutch company whom we already know from the previous project of the Tesla Model S hearse.

This newer project, the Model S wagon, is very rare as only 20 units will be made.

Modifications concern mostly the back half of the car, but there are some new details in the interior. No powertrain changes though.

Enough about the modded Tesla though.

Watch the video above to find out which one wins. The Model S races first. The additional races that follow do not feature any Teslas. Just dirty diesels.

Video description:

This time I have filmed some heavily modified BMW diesels up to 900NM of torque!

They are all powered by a 35d (M57D30) engine, which normally produces 280HP and 580NM of torque. The 535d even managed to win runs against a Mercedes-AMG E63 S, BRABUS GLE63 S, Porsche 911 Turbo S and more!

  • BMW 535d E60 (440HP / 900Nm)
  • BMW 335d E92 (black) (400HP / 900Nm)
  • BMW 335d E92 (gray) (390HP / 850Nm)

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9 Comments on "Watch Tesla Model S Wagon Race Dirty BMW Diesel"

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No such thing as”Clean Diesel” specially in modded cars.

How much pollution to create Tesla’s battery modules? Exactley, Electric cars wish they were as efficient as a diesel engine.

Probably none with the factory roof covered with solar panels. Join the discussion

I think that was a 75RWD, one of the slowest of the Model S.

And that Disgusting BMW has xDrive.

It should be truly be illegal.

Absolutely gross ‼️

At what point do people NOT connect the dots that the billowing smoke that is filled with oil particulate gushing out of those tailpipes goes straight into their lungs?

Lung cancer, emphysema and cardiac arrest?

This is why I truly believe the argument for cleaner air is far more compelling to the general population than global climate change.

Nice lack of emission controls there…

Hard to tell through the smoke, but it looks like the Tesla lost.

Yes, the diesel looks like it won, but how much PM did it spew in the race, I doubt anyone want to breath all of it in.

This is why I don’t enjoy watching any kind of racing in person now, it just too much emission to breath in. Most races have cars without emission controls anymore.

EV races are probably the only ones that I would watch now.

That BMW 5 smokes all the competition.