Watch Tesla Model S Crash Following Race Against Trike


Surely a trike is no match for the mighty Tesla Model S, right?

Normally, we’d expect this to be an easy win for the Tesla, but with this clip being from a TV show (Silicon Valley – HBO), we almost expected this kind of outcome.

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The trike gets the early jump, but soon the Tesla driver notices a potential race and activates Insane mode to blast off the line. The Model S overtakes the trike and the driver begins to boast, but then a parked truck jumps out of nowhere.

Video description:

This is a funny scene from Season 5 Episode 2 when Dinesh roasts Gilfoyle’s electric vehicle & calls it a bike as an insult, only for Gilfoyle to just take the bike lane. Dinesh puts the Tesla in insane (ludicrous) mode & races him, but crashes into the back of a truck. The frunk gets frucked up.

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Did he do it on purpose?


My guess is, the Model S was already damaged from an ordinary rear ending accident elsewhere and the story and video were made just for fun and took advantage of an already messed up Tesla.

Cool story bro.

… seriously guys… hahah

Read the article… its from a TV show…


AEB fails yet again!

Notice the ambulance at the end. Surprised it didn’t crash in to it as well…

That was the best spoof of Tesla I have ever seen. They absolutely nailed it.