Watch Tesla Model S P100D Versus The Baddest Racecars


In this video, the Tesla Model S P100D faces some stiff American muscle competition.

The latest Tesla Model S drag racing video comes courtesy of the Tesla Racing Channel. It shows a Tesla Model S P100D battling some rather impressive looking & performing drag monsters. And the Tesla holds its own with surprising results.

The video is taken at the Moorseville Dragway where the driver faced some rather stiff competition in the 7.00 index class. The buy-in is $100 and it gives you the chance of battling some of the fastest and most consistent people on the drag strip. While this Model S P100D was the only street-legal car on the raceway, the other drag racing monsters certainly didn’t hold back against it. With its competitors ranging from supercharged old school V8 powered American Muscle like the Chevrolet Camaro SS, Maverick and all the way to a Chevy Bel Air drag racer, this video promises some rather compelling racing.

While we know this is yet another Tesla Model S drag racing video, this one is definitely worth it. Grab some popcorn, your favorite beverage and press play for some compelling drag racing footage.

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Would imagine it’s demoralizing for some of those 7.0 class specialized drag cars to get beat out by a stock un-modified family sedan. But to their credit they seem to be good sports about it.

It’s not unmodified. It’s stripped out to save weight. No frunk. Interior stripped. etc…

You didn’t watch the video, did you?

@Roy LeMeur said: It’s not unmodified. It’s stripped out to save weight. No frunk. Interior stripped. etc…”

I’ve have seen videos of the Tesla Racing Channel use a stripped Tesla at the track but at this track event the video clearly shows (@2:30min) that the Telsa has not been stripped.

To be fair, at one time, he actually did pull the rear seats, and frunk liner, and other stuff.
So, perhaps he is remembering those races.
For Instance:

Bought not built. Not much to be proud of there . Just wait until the built racers start building electric drag cars .

I really don’t get the point of this now. Initially sure it was important to show EV performance, but now it just seems redundant.

The challenge for EVs going forward is track performance and battery management, so we need something like a EV Le Mans that challenges engineers to improve charging performance and power efficiency.

I think the point of racing is to simply beat the other guys, without regard as to how EVs will be viewed as performance vehicles.

I think it’s good he’s exposing a lot of people to EVs that normally wouldn’t see one, or possibly know very little about them.

These races may be redundant at this site, but the vast majority of the masses are still clueless on EV performance. Keeping performance like this in the forefront brings awareness.

Model3 Owned- Niro EV TBD -Past-500e and Spark EV,

It’s still fun to watch folk in the racing community gawking at a street legal no mod car doing what it does. ‘7.0 car? Doesn’t look like a 7.0 car’. As EV tech becomes more pervasive in the racing sedans like Audi and BMW; this does help spread the word of EV benefits– just like the Formula E racing does.


i’ve never cared much for 1/8 mile drags. of course an awd car is going to do great against rwd. lets see the tesla vs gtr/ gallardo etc.

or maybe teslas vs 911’s at a actual racetrack. when a P100D can beat a 911 around laguna seca etc then ill be impressed