Watch Tesla Model S P100D Race Dodge Demon Crate With Race Gas


It should be no contest, right?

This unfair matchup pits the Dodge Demon against the Tesla Model S P100D (other challengers arrive to race, too), but this ain’t no ordinary Demon.

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You see, this Demon is what’s referred to as a Dodge Demon Crate, which means it has a remapped ECU that’s set up to run on high octane (100) racing fuel.

Additionally, the Demon has skinny Mickey Thompson race tires up front and slicks out back.

Turns out that in two races against the mighty Model S, the results were much closer than you might expect. In fact, the Model S wins one of the two races, despite not being race prepped like the Demon.

Video description:

“The Demon crate finally came in! We race the Dodge Demon equipped with the race gas ECU, 100 octane fuel, race air filter, skinnies up front and Mickey Thompson tires in the back vs a Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous. We also had the VBOX in the Demon to record it’s 0-60 and 60-130 times.”

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It seems silly that these ICE cars have to make so much noise and so much smoke and pollution from the tires just to compete with a silent electric vehicle.

It seems silly that these electric cars need so much technology just to lose to a car that’s on a 15 year old platform and with some tech dating back to the 1950s.

Will people ever get tired of making and watching these Tesla drag race videos? They seem endless. I think White Zombie proved this point long before there really was a Tesla. It seems pointless to labor the issue.

We get it. A Tesla Model S P100D is quicker in the 1/4 mile than damn near any other car. This is real world useful how? When the P100D beats a Ford Fiesta in a cannonball run from LA to NYC, then I’ll be impressed because that means real progress has been made.

Agree to a very minor extent. Actually neither test is all that important. 30 to 60 is a somewhat important measure since we all need to merge on the highway. Not many people do cannonball runs though.

More important measures are with respect to the vehicle’s practicality and the enjoyment it provides the owner. After 188,000+Km we are still uber pleased with our Model S.

Actually the Cannonball run would be important because if the Tesla could beat the Fiesta across the country, it would mean that there has been significant advances in either recharge times, or battery range. Both of these things matter quite a lot to BEV owners. As an aside, as I recall, the Dodge Challenger made last year’s top 10 list of new cars that people were satisfied and pleased with, so I’m sure this guy with his Demon is pretty happy with it too.

Yeah, because Cannonball Runs across America are really good representations of normal vehicle travel- not daily driving and typical road-trips, which are usually 500-600 miles. And considering most folks stop and stretch, hit the bathroom, buy snacks, and eat meals during their refueling and re-charging breaks, the difference in turnaround time between EV’s (Teslas) and ICE isn’t all that much different.

But I think dismissing all that and using the Cannonball Run as the minimum requirement for EV adoption is a great idea. You should Tweet that to Elon Musk, I bet he’d hire that brilliance in a New York Minute..

*”Yeah, because Cannonball Runs across America are really good representations of normal vehicle travel- not daily driving and typical road-trips, which are usually 500-600 miles.”*

And 1/4 mile drag races are good representations of normal vehicle travel??! Please let me know what area you live in so I can avoid it. Sounds kinda dangerous. My point is, why keep harping on a performance metric that really isn’t very relevant and not on a performance metric (range and endurance) that is?

I absolutely agree with you regarding focusing on performance metrics that are relevant- range and endurance. Where we differ, is our definition of range and endurance. I believe that the vast majority of driving is done daily and locally. And road trips are typically not all the way across America (Cannonball Runs). My Tesla Model S can accomplish ANY typical driving metric, from daily driving to a 230 mile road-trip without stopping. And when I do stop on road-trips, it’s maybe for about 20-30 minutes. What I lose in the once-every-never non-stop drive across America I gain in never paying for gasoline, oil changes, etc, and still beat almost every car on the street in performance (except other Teslas).

From your original comment, it appears you don’t feel any progress has been made regarding EV’s until they can beat an ICE in range and turnaround time. My opinion, EV’s have progressed LIGHT YEARS. Beating Demons in the 1/4 mile is only ancillary to the big picture. But the 1/4 mile victories ARE still important, because many/most folks still think EV’s sacrifice driving performance in the name of electrons.

I hope to see more. My only hope is that we’ll eventually see other BEVs besides Tesla able to do the same thing. We want to shift public opinion, even with the hard core auto and racing enthusiasts that gasoline cars are second best, or uncool. And this is certainly one way to achieve that.

If I owned a Tesla the chill mode would be just fine besides there are too many ‘average speed’ cameras on my drive.

Why did he let the Tesla take off First whoever was driving the Dodge Demon cannot drive worth a s**t

Apparently you dont know how to count. The Demon won the race by more than .4 sec. not the .01 you claim in the video!!!! Tesla people always talking smack. The Demon is in a different league. And he probably drove it to the track and then back home. Even if it was hundreds of miles. I respect the Tesla for what it is but the people that think it is faster than a Demon are just wrong.

Correct, the Demon was quicker and faster, but had the worst driver.

Depends upon your definition of ‘faster.’ 1/8th mile the Demon ain’t beating the Tesla.

Only if you pretend that response time/rollout doesn’t exist. But it does, and it does count just as much as the rest of the race.

The reality is that the CAR produces awesome response times and blasts through to rollout long before the pistons and crank on a gasser can even transmit power to the wheels. Why? Because it is better at launches. Better is better.

I’ m surprised that so many people are spewing nonsense about this video. Reaction time depends on the person. It’ s possible to cut a perfect or nier perfect (ie. .000 or .001) RT if you’ re good enough. A half second RT is called being asleep at the tree for a reason. The Demon itself is .4s quicker and 11mph faster than the Model S. Even in the 8th mile, the Demon was about .15s quicker, and it hit 100+mph in that distance. It’s like they’re choosing to ignore the numbers on purpose.

Also, the Demon is better at launches. Carrying the front wheels for a moment is essentially the ideal way to get the power down in a RWD car, and the 0-60 numbers show it.

In gas station do we get “100 octane fuel”.
While Demon is a single seater with 2 doors, Model S is a 5+2 seater with 5 doors.
This shows electric wins and gasmobile sucks.

What ever happened to the 140mph trap speed of the Demon, lol. The 720S already slaughtered the Model S and Demon before the crate prep, and it still will. 7 second 60-130mph? My BMW 335i ran high 6’s over half a decade ago, and ran over 132mph in the quarter mile. That Demon is so overrated.

The BMW 6.9 sec 60-130 is quicker than the Demon.


A man I know.. has 1 of those Tesla cars….and he said …before we go put your head back on the headrest….I think it’s the closet thing to being in jet off an aircraft carrier…he told me it was 2.7 seconds 0 to 60 and so smooth .Man that thing is Fast.