Watch Tesla Model S Go Airborne After Speeding Over Railroad Tracks


Security footage captured this dangerous and highly illegal activity.

Ever wonder what happens when you drive a Tesla Model S way too fast up an incline and over a set of railroad tracks? Wonder no more.

The rate of speed was so high that the car was reportedly in the air for more than 100 feet.

Upon landing, the vehicle crashed into a tree in the parking lot of a school.

Video description:

A four-door Tesla crossed the steep Little Avenue railway tracks at a high rate of speed Tuesday evening and became airborne before losing control and crashing into the parking lot of Assikinack Public School.

In addition to the above video, the local police department released this Tweet:

Barrie Police Service even issued a press release on the matter. Here it is:

News Release

Prepared by: Corporate Communications
Posted: August 29, 2018
Occurrence Type: Erratic Driving Leads to Criminal Charges
Occurrence #: BA18043143
Date: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 – 8:30pm

On Tuesday August 28, 2018, Barrie Police arrested and charged a 46-year-old Barrie man with Dangerous Driving, following a single motor vehicle collision.

Just after 8:30 p.m. police arrived in the area of Little Avenue and Garden Drive, in the City of Barrie, and located a demolished 2016 four-door Tesla.

A further investigation determined the vehicle had been travelling at a high rate of speed northbound on Little Avenue prior to the crash. When the vehicle crossed the steep incline leading up to the railway tracks, just north of Huronia Road, the vehicle became airborne and crashed over 100 feet into the opposing lane. The impact of the crash forced the vehicle to skid across the roadway and hit a tree in a nearby school parking lot.

The driver and passenger were taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries. The driver will appear in a Barrie Court of Justice on October 1, 2018.

Prepared by: Constable Bamford #7419
Occurrence # BA18043143

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Wow, he got some pretty good air….

Flying secured.

Must be a performance model. Check out that air suspension.

Now we know what we’re supposed to do with the Lucid Air!

As they’ve said before: “Tesla Air Suspension -> Now with more Air”

Must be GPS based suspension mode “Ultra High”.

Who needs rocket boosters to fly his Tesla?

Yeah 🙂 Too bad the camperas was not in HD/4K and at 60 frames pr second AND color.. the footage could have been used in movies for sure.
I just can’t help think about the physics of it all. That mass, at that velocity.. just imagine the impact force. No matter if he crashed in the end – the car would have been a wreck anyway.
How was his spine after this, I wonder..

The General Lee landed these all the time with no damage. The boys were able to get out and walk like nothing happened and they didn’t even wear seatbelts. 😜

The General Lee had weights in the trunk so the car wouldn’t nose dive from engine weight when airborne. They wrecked several General Lees in the making of the series. Chances are that stunt drivers took the car airborne and then followed by a shot of the “boys” getting out unscathed. Of course you probably knew that already and I just took the bait.

Hehe! Just having a wee bit of fun. Enjoy the rest of your week!

This is not amusing. Really lucky that no other vehicle/pedestrian was involved. Will his collision insurance cover this? I think yes, but it would be a better lesson for the driver if it did not.

Hopefully not. Maybe they’ll cancel his insurance! Let’s also hope that he gets a huge ticket and lots of repercussions for his bad choices.

I don’t understand why an insurance (meaning the people behind paying their insurances) should cover this. I mean it may be illegal not to in a lot of countries but I seriously think it’s stupid.

In Norway the insurance would not cover this. Just like damages after DUI.

The insurance company would pay for damages to other people and property, but the driver would not get anything (his potential medical care would be covered by the national health care), and then the insurance company would damand money back from the driver to cover the expenses they had to begin with.

If you have full Omnium insurance, the company can refuse to renew the contract but they will still have to pay the car. Note that full Omnium is about twice the price of a standard insurance and can vary according to who you are and your past record. Man pays more than woman, young pay more than old, very old is more again, no crash in last ten years pay much less, etc… It is a quiet open and logical system. Many people take full Omnium for the first years of their car and switch to standard afterwards. It can also be that you take adaptive refund afterwards so that you still get the remaining value back on a 5 year old car for instance. It is very reassuring to know that you cannot have a sudden capital loss because of a crash, right or wrong. It makes financial planning much more predictable.

Thanks for the link. . . but 300 trashed.. oh nooo. I’m getting misty-eyed.

The General Lee was unpiloted for its jumps according to Universal Studios Tours. Now we know that such stunts are possible, and with the right stunt gear and planning, perfectly safe in a Tesla. A 5-point harness, neck brace, and helmet sounds like the full kit. I am looking forward to the21st century version set in Canada. Probably smuggling Canadaian pharmaceuticals over the US border, pitted against US customs and border patrol. Wgo is with me?

“The General Lee landed these all the time with no damage.”

😆 😆 😆

I didn’t realize “The Dukes of Hazzard” was a documentary series. Well, learn something new every day! 😉

Stupid is as stupid does. Having a lot of money, or being able to make a lot of money does not automatically mean you’re smart. I hope they throw the book at him and make him do jail time as well as fine. This is partly why Tesla insurance is higher than other four door sedans. The good news is, there is likely to be a steady stream of batteries and other components to make other cool vehicles out of going forward. I bet there will soon be a huge supply of Model 3 batteries, motors and controllers out there.

The large modules of the Model 3 battery probably do not lend themselves very well to conversions of other cars… Drive units should certainly be useful, though.

Probably new -Fly Mode- Autopilot update…

That is where the new roadster could engage its air rocket boosters…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Mythbusters did that with a JATO rocket…

Yup! And might make the “Air Time” more manageable, with directional control, and softer “Landings!”

Police should check for criminal aliases under Bo or Luke Duke. No word yet on whether the driver blamed autopilot…


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

LMAO, yeah Sheriff Little came up in the cross street to gettem.

Actually that was my first thought, looked a lot like the “General Lee”

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

It doesn’t state it in the report but there was a chase. There’s no way PoPo just appeared out of nowhere in the cross street in the video.

I am sure they were a couple of good ol’ boys never mean any harm and have been runnin’from the law since the day they were born.

If it weren’t for the fact he crashed and people saw it was a Tesla, I’d have a hard time making out what sort of car this was from the video alone.

It’s actually the new General Lee for the upcoming Dukes of Hazzard Returns. They were filming for the trailer.

Comment of the week!

It was just a “Practice Run”, since they didn’t yet give it the General Lee Colors!

Yes, goes to show Tesla drivers can be as negligent and completely disregard public safety as any other driver on the road.

Based on how much media coverage they get, it would seem like more than the average driver/car model. But Teslas are high powered performance vehicles, and it isn’t unusual for people to do stupid things in these kinds of cars. It’s why the insurance rates are so high.

Ground Control to Major Dumb…

It’s a Good thing that No other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians were on the receiving end of this latest Tesla re-entry crash. The senseless “McSkillet” McLaren crash, unfortunately had much more tragic results.

Is that the new “autopilot” mode? Everyone tells me that autopilot is something that comes with airplanes. Maybe the car thinks it is a plane too… =)


Need to reserve judgement till we have all the facts.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Fact 1: The vehicle in the video got some hang time. 😛

must still have that instant acceleration bug……


More like: “Cars can’t fly”…”Hold my beer…”

Too fast too ludicrous

I predict a FATF sequel: “The Fast and the Ludicrous”

It was autopilots fault the pilot of the auto.

Driver crawls out of wreckage toward the feet of the nearby waiting officers…”Damn autopilot!”

Blame Autopilot!

This article is a typical example of “Tesla phenomenon” where everything involving a Tesla gets its undue publicity. In this particular incidence, any car travelling at high rate of speed over that road would likely end up the same. It is incredibly stupid for the driver to drive that way, but emphasizing “Tesla” paints a negative picture of the automaker and deflects from the real issue: reckless driving.

As for the local government, the crossing needs some type of speed bumps and warnings to avoid further incidence.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“As for the local government, the crossing needs some type of speed bumps and warnings to avoid further incidence.”

Uh oh, sounds like some more “Nanny” legislation coming……

It’s really just because EVs in general and Tesla’s in particular are new and novel. Once the novelty wears off, you will see fewer of these.

6 years and counting for the Model S. Longer if you include the Roadster.

True but folks like us follow EV news and are more familiar with them. Think of it this way: if you put yourself in the position of someone (say a neighbor or friend who doesn’t own or follow EV news), what do you see when you drive to work or go on trips? ICE cars everywhere. Us EV folks look around kind of disgusted at ICE cars but to this person you don’t really think about it because that is your normal.

When something like this makes it into your local news or the MSM, then it’s novel to you since it is outside of what you consider normal. You may know of Tesla and the Model S, but you don’t see or hear about it daily like we do so it is outside of your “normal.”

Pretty sure he already ignored all the warnings that came before the tracks. It’s like autopilot, you can give them all the warnings in the world, they’ll still crash into something if they ignore the warnings.

I don’t know if autopilot was engaged (and the article doesn’t say it was) but I think these incidents with autopilot are a case of expectations not meeting with reality. I’m convinced that when most people hear “autopilot” wrt a car, they think “cool, I don’t have to drive! I can read the paper, eat breakfast, or take a nap!” The reality is that, no, you can’t do that.

This is largely why I think autonomous vehicles are mostly hype. If people’s expectations are that the car will act in true autonomy yet OEMs and Tech companies are telling you “no, you still have to be alert” then people’s reactions will be one of two: they’ll either ignore the warnings and say “yeah right, you’re just being overcautious” or they’ll say “then WTF is the point? If I have to stay alert, I might as well drive the damn car myself!”

I saw an ICE car catch some air over railroad tracks a couple months ago. A couple of teens joy riding by the looks of it. The car was moving very slow after it landed so I’m guessing they caused some serious damage. Most people don’t realize that, in the movies, they use multiple stunt cars to film those shots because they usually damage the cars doing those stunts. Anyone trying something like that on their own is a reckless idiot.

Happened around here lately – 4 kids in a subcompact didn’t realize the jump slightly torqued the car to the right such that, while airborne, the car cork-screwed such that the car landed HARD on its roof, killing everyone.

I guess it wasn’t a “Volvo”, then?

Volvos can handle a few of their own weight on top of them in a static position. I’m not sure what 32 feet/sec/sec would do to them.. That’s much more than the weight of 3 cars, but to answer your question, no.

It rather like in my cupboard I have 15 heavy plates stacked on top of each other, and surprisingly they never crack. That is different than the strain they encounter when being thrown out the window.

Yeesh! The kids I saw definitely fared a lot better. They did a nose dive but not so much that the nose dive turned into a “face plant.” I couldn’t tell from my vantage point, but I suspect the front end took some damage.

That incident was one of those times I wish I had a dash cam.

“Anyone trying something like that on their own is a reckless idiot.”

Like people “testing” AP autosteer on curvy local back roads.

People doing these things are prepared to (and probably experienced in) taking over in a split second if necessary. It looks crazy, but it’s probably among the less risky uses of Autopilot…

Except it encourages other people to try it that might not be as aware of the limits of the tech.

Considering all the negative reporting on Autopilot, I’m pretty sure we would be hearing about accidents caused this way all the time if it was an actual problem.

I wouldn’t say that this is as dangerous as jumping you car over tracks, but yes. Frankly, I don’t know if I’d ever be able to trust a robot to drive on curvy roads, particularly when I have fun doing it myself instead.

This definitely fits in the “Fools go where Angels fear to tread” category.

This sort of reckless driving in a Tesla car is presumably the sort of behavior which leads to one of those stories about a horrible crash in which someone inside a Tesla car actually died, despite its very high safety ratings.

Well, as they say: “Keep on speeding, fella; Hell ain’t half full yet!”

There was no footage of that famous early Tesla crash in Mexico. It would putthis to shame if not for the chase.

Where are pics of the aftermath?

“The problem with fools is that they tend to get other people killed”. -unknown.

It landed in front of my house just missing my Subaru. And no this is not the first time a car has gone airborne going over those tracks. It is usually teenagers in mommy’s car not a 36 year old man in a 100000$ car.

This is why we can’t have nice things. Dumbasses jumping off railroad tracks and crashing. Insurance rates go up for everyone else that wants to drive a Tesla.

„Watch this“

What a way to treat you investment…..more $$ than brains….

The last words were: Kitt, give me overboost!!!

At the risk of revealing my inner geek, I believe it was turbo boost.

You are right. 😉

Tesla, not SPACE-X! duh!