Tesla Model 3 Versus 6 Inches Of Snow – No Problem: Video


Six inches of snow on an unplowed street can’t stop this Model 3.

Believe it or not, this Tesla Model 3 is just rear-wheel-drive. It’s not the all-wheel-drive version. Even more surprisingly, this Model 3 has OEM all-season tires fitted. No snow tires here. Therefore, even better snow performance could be obtained with just a simple tire swap.

In general, Teslas seem very capable in the snow. This is likely due to the low center of gravity and the linear power output of the electric motor (s). But as we’ve seen now in tons of Model 3-specific videos, Tesla’s smallest EVs seems to perform admirably in the slick stuff.

This particular video focuses not only on snow driving, but also on some other known Model 3 issues in cold weather. This owner doesn’t encounter those problems, but several others have in fact complained of Model 3 quirks in the cold.

Video description:

Excuse the clickbaity title- the Tesla Model 3 is literally NO PROBLEM in the snow. A good 6 inches dropped in Chicago overnight. No frozen doors, no frozen charge port, zero pre-heating. Everything works like a charm.

This is a RWD car, with the OEM STOCK 18″ Aero “all season” tires. Watch me drive through unplowed streets of Chicago effortlessly. Gasp in horror as I reveal that I don’t have snow tires. Stay for the drama where my car corners, starts, stops, goes in and out of parking.

The Tesla Model 3 is an engineering marvel. This is a perfect car. When they begin producing the standard battery for 35k, you really will have to have a very specific reason to buy another car (needing more space or whatever). There is no safer car, there is no greener car. You should buy this car.

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The snow is powdery, and he is not even driving through the “6-inch” parts but rather on the street where others patted down the snow. I have seen RWD vehicles drive through deep snow, so this was easy to compare. Waiting for 8-9 inches of snow here in Minnesota, pretty sure no Tesla 3’s will be out.

My ancient Corolla handles that much snow just fine. I’m sure the Tesla will too.

No you don’t need a giant pickup to drive in 9″ of snow.

My tiny little 1985 Nissan Micra, in 1987, in Toronto, exited a Street Parking Spot, on 13″ Tires, THROUGH the Snow Plow Ridge, with myself plus two Co-workers, as we left home in the morning! OK… It DID have good Snow Tires on it, but it cut right through the 12″+ Tall Plowed Ridge!

Funny, I posted a comment reply, here, and it got “Moderated-Out!” I took a screenshot of it, though! Now, how do I Attach a Pic, again?

The point is the car ensures that you don’t go out of control. It doesn’t matter if you hit a patch of unseen ice the car will handle it much more quickly and effectively than a human driver in an ICE car.

We’re supposed to get 8-12″ of snow on Monday here, so I’ll be testing the Model 3 RWD in this same situation. Based on previous snows, I’m not worried, but this will be deeper than before.

Deeper BS than this video I’m sure.

Can we just name Model 3 the best winter car?
Preheat for comfort and traction control makes it so safe.

One thing missing is heated steering wheel. I hope I can get an add-on for that.

I’d like to have control of the front/rear defrost coming on in preheat mode. This seems like such a simple thing, I don’t know why it’s not there already. I also would like it to remember to not turn on the seat heaters. I don’t use them. (and also fix the cold weather flickering lights)

So, you need the software to have a favorites / selection, in the Configuration, for the Pre-Heat Selection, so, depending on the weather, and your likes, or the trip and/or passengers, you can select more, or less, elements to include in the Pre-Heat “On” setting!

That would be great! Especially, if such adjustments Could be set in the Phone App, Or in the cars Screens!

Hahahahahahahaha! You guys are clueless…

Wow! A car that goes through snow..what will they think of next!
Very happy you are enjoying the TM3. But please lets not attribute super snow going properties to what many cars have done previously. Yes rear and front wheel drives in just as much snow.
Congrats on the car. Now go get some winter tires and go do some guilt free donuts!

The point is the car ensures you don’t go out of control. I know lots of cars have traction control but nothing is fast or effective as electric motors in powering on and off. And of course you don’t have all the issues that ICE cars have in really cold weather.

My old ICE started at -42 C. No Tesla did that day.

I’ll bet you’re wrong.

And where is the snow? In Russia, we even ride snow on the FWD Leaf without any problems https://youtu.be/0VZyzTVjFj0

So tempted to rehash the old “in Russia we …” jokes from TV of days past.

My bear just launched a cold fusion reactor! No time to write, I have to drink with him…

The roads are basically clear! I was driving 60 mph last night in deep unplowed show in my much cheaper and easy to fuel ICE SUV. And I don’t need to post an “amazing” video that my doors opened!

Dude is just a fanboy, stop playing with your hair you douche bag.

No, but you have this trollish need to come onto an ev site and be a huge douche, got it, Legacy ICE fanboy.

What a brilliant car! The point is that the car doesn’t let you go out of control. It is easy to make mistakes in the snow.

Not anymore it aint. ESC is mandatory in every car since 2014 (2012 in US). It is really hard to get your car to misbehave.
Luckily, my 1999 car has an ESC off-switch 🙂

Neither does my Outback…another brilliant car but owners are not making videos.
The TM3 IS a fine car with alot going for it but we need to stop posting every time this child …oops sorry this car does something for the fist time. In short it is a car that is made of rubber, steel, aluminum, plastic, petroleum, glass, ions, and must also obey the laws of physics… like every other car. So slow down, enjoy the benefits of plugging in if you can afford it and move on…oh yes give free rides to those who ask if you wish to spread the word.


My question is also how cold is it where he is?
Would the tesla start in the -43 weather we’ve had the last couple of days?

Nope. I’ve seen it

No you haven’t. An electric motor will start at almost any temp. Your ICE won’t start unless the electric starter motor cranks it over.

As has been stated, it’s not driving through any real snow in this vid.

We had an early snowstorm in my area that caught DOT off guard and came during evening rush hour. My RWD M3 wasn’t able to get up a small untreated hill with about 3 inches of snow on it. The Mustang in front of me had some trouble, but managed to get up it. I had to turn around and go a different way.

I’ve since installed snow tires and we haven’t had significant snow since. But, I expect the car will be fine in anything less than 6 inches in the road.

These are not the wintry conditions I’d be worried about…its too warm and there are no icy conditions where RWD is really a problem. This video concludes nothing. Try it here in Canada when it is -20 F and icy. I will be the one driving around you as you try to get uphill to downtown Edmonton.

It is 100 percent cold. Drives off in a sweater… WTF? O_o

6 inches of snow? All I saw was wet pavement.

This is like everyday winter driving in Finland. Driven rwd w/o any esp/tcs bs all my life. What is the point of this? i3 could do this like a normal car.