Watch Tesla Model 3 Tackle Pikes Peak


Tesla Model 3 put through its paces in a grueling Pikes Peak hill climb

Well, sorry, naysayers. The Tesla Model 3 handled the climb without any problems.

Pikes Peak is a grueling endeavor for any vehicle, as it features 156 turns and a change of elevation of almost 5,000 feet (1,524 meters). Before it was paved, Pikes Peak was most notoriously famous for gut-wrenching, no guard rail, madmen sliding it all over the place in puny little 800+ horsepower beasts. While modernization and betterment came to Pikes Peak, the hill still presents a rather treacherous and daunting task for any driver.

For the Tesla Model 3, unlike its ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) counterparts, the difference in the height or the thin air up near the summit aren’t a problem. While the Model 3’s battery cooling, suspension or brakes aren’t built for such a high-performance situation, the little Model 3 handled the 12.42-mile climb flawlessly and with no signs of performance degradation – as noted by Peter Lafford, the Model 3’s owner.

Peter isn’t a Pikes Peak newbie, by any means. He took on the hill climb numerous times in the past, with several of those runs featuring a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. His experience in the Model 3 was anything short than impressive and the compact electric car took anything steep climb could throw at it without breaking a sweat. The vehicle started the climb with an 80% charge, reaching the summit with 60% available. By using the regenerative braking feature, Peter was able to recover an impressive 8% of the power while trekking down to the toll booth at the bottom of the hill.

Mind you, this isn’t the upcoming Tesla Model 3 Performance model, making the worry-free climb even more impressive.

To be fair, electric vehicles have an inherent advantage while traversing the Pikes Peak climb. They don’t have an engine that becomes starved for oxygen when the attitude gets higher and can go all out most of the way of the climb – as was proven recently when Volkswagen’s I.D. R vehicle — an electric supercar designed specifically for Pikes Peak hill climb — ran the Pikes Peak Challenge in a mind-numbing speed, reaching the summit in just 7:57.148 and thus shattering the all-time record.

You can watch Peter’s Pikes Peak hill climb drive in his silver Model 3 above.

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SHORT SALE!, Tesla stock below it’s 200 day moving average of 322. It just hit 299.
Good day to “dollar-cost-average”.

Sorry, but it opened at 312, and it’s already back to 309 – That said, the overall market is up today… So the short’s aren’t doing all that well –

I’m guessing the next quarterly review will be in early Aug (it was 8.2 last year, but hasn’t been scheduled for 2018 yet). That’s going to be interesting, as I’m guess Q2 will be pretty ugly, and a great setup for Q3, with all the deferred US sales (to stay under 200K), so it’s going to be a glass half full/half empty sort of earning’s call.. Telsa will spin it all about hitting production goals (barely), and the setup for Q3/Q4 results, and the shorts will all focus on cash burn in Q2.. Not planning to buy or sell at this point, but given Elon’s behavior at the last earning’s call – I’ll certainly bring the popcorn!

This is not a race lap, or in any way fast, so why would anyone be interested in a car being driven on a road?

Basically at this point, people will watch a Model 3 do anything. If a Model 3 could trim it’s nose hairs and clip it’s toe nails, people would watch that and rejoice.

I don’t get it.

What exactly is noteworthy about driving (normally) up Pikes Peak ? It doesn’t look like they were racing. Am I missing something ? The article makes it sound like this is something special. Is this part of another Hillclimb event ?

He was obviously pushing the speeds. And if handled as poorly as many ICE cars, he would have gone over the edge.
And this makes of the better road tests for a car that there is. For ICE cars, they are absolutely DESTROYED on this track.

This is not a track, it’s a public road up the Peak. People drive and ride bikes up it every day (100’s of cars every day), so no it’s not an amazing achievement, but it is likely more comfy and easy in any EV you pick.
Local EV club drives it every year in variety of cars.
Only local lad rode a unicycle up.


So much better than stupid drag race videos.

Yeah, but that’s setting the bar pretty low.

Hey everyone, Evanex changed names