Watch Tesla Model 3 Reveal Live Tonight From 8:30 (PT)/11:30 (ET)

MAR 31 2016 BY JAY COLE 101

It's Tesla Model 3 Reveal Day!

It’s Tesla Model 3 Reveal Day!

After a full day of taking deposit reservations all over the world, it’s time for Tesla to start the most anticipated electric vehicle reveal of all-time.

It’s the Tesla Model 3 debut from the company’s design studio in Hawthorne, California.

Update:  Full details, specs, pictures, videos on the Tesla Model 3 from after the event can be found here.

So, after spending part of the day in line with ~400 other people, putting money down on an electric car you have never seen…why not sit down and find out what your money will get you!

Update: Event is now over, live stream is on a replay loop for viewing.

And yes, the pre-show movie is a bit choppy at the moment…as if people were signing up to reserve a car right now or something.

Bonus footage (below):  InsideEVs contributor Michael Beinenson put together some excellent footage of the typical “Model 3 deposit scene” found at Tesla stores all over the world earlier today (in this case from Atlanta, Georgia)

Bonus 2 (below): Winner of longest line? Tesla Santana Row!

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Grab the caffeine and the popcorn.
This is gonna be a good one!

Caffeine? Scotch!

We need something that will keep us AWAKE!

Certainly, and/or give you nightmares.

It will be interesting to see how the Federal Tax incentive plays out by the time this car is released. They have about 135,000 left before the Fed tax expires as of last month. They could easily be down to the last 25,000-35,000 and maybe 0 cars when this is released. All of a sudden the cost goes up for those who have put their money into play.

Around the 50k Model III’s will probably get it. Of course that is just the federal there are still state incentives. Also there is the potential that incentives could be extended, slightly reduced, or changed in some way.

If you read the details of the law it says that the full credit expires at the end of the second quarter following when a manufacturer hits 200K cars in the US. I understand this to mean that if they hit 200K cars in Feb 2018, additional unlimited cars produced through June 31st 2018 would qualify. So if they can product 10k cars a months by then, you could see them get to 250K cars that qualify for the full credit. Also keep in mind that for the 50% (and 25%) credit, there is no production limit, just a 2 quarter limit, so if Tesla can stamp out tons of cars in that period of time, they can massively capitalize on this.

Since I live in the Bay Area and placed my order at 10:15 AM this morning, I’m very confident that I’ll get my full $7500 credit, but for those who are doing it online tonight, the situation could be a bit different. At the very least they will wait months longer to get their cars.

Let’s call that the “blind date” reservation advantage.

Valid point. Already Tesla has sold around 63,000 + units of Model-S & Model-X.
By the end of next year, if they sell another 80,000 units, that brings to a total of around 140,000 units.

So still the next 60,000 unit quota can be shared between Model-3, Model-S & Model-X.

Unless it get extended.

Vote Democrat, and it will.

EV tax credits started with George W. Bush — a Republican!

Be assured that the current crop of Republicans running for office– will not continue it.

Congress passed a tax bill, as proposed in President Bush’s economic stimulus plan, that offers a $100,000 tax credit for business owners who purchase any vehicle weighing 6,000 pounds or more when fully loaded.

Think of the crap those cars dicharge..Thanks to GW BUSH!

If they build a car that people actually want and is compelling the tax credit won’t make any difference people would have bought the model S with or without a tax credit and most that did didn’t need the tax credit anyway and those that couldn’t didn’t have enough taxable income to claim the full $7,500 anyway it’s not an issue if the car is compelling and people want it they will buy it regardless

The qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicle credit phases out for a manufacturer’s vehicles over the one-year period beginning with the second calendar quarter after the calendar quarter in which at least 200,000 qualifying vehicles manufactured by that manufacturer have been sold for use in the United States (determined on a cumulative basis for sales after December 31, 2009) (“phase-out period”). Qualifying vehicles manufactured by that manufacturer are eligible for 50 percent of the credit if acquired in the first two quarters of the phase-out period and 25 percent of the credit if acquired in the third or fourth quarter of the phase-out period. Vehicles manufactured by that manufacturer are not eligible for a credit if acquired after the phase-out period.

“in which at least 200,000 qualifying vehicles manufactured by that manufacturer have been sold for use in the United States” Jonathan, thanks for that clarification.

Now, for the best part…Tesla reports sales numbers Total…as in Globaly, so the closest number WE have as to units that fit this descriptor, are the tally’s here on Inside EV’s!

So, Tesla could at some point delay a few 1000 deliveries onto a following quarter, so as to extent the deadline for the Federal Credit for buyers in the US (By sending some of those units overseas!)?

The tax credit is only important to car manufacturers who are trying to sell BEV transportation appliances. if you build a car worth having and it is desirable it will sell anyway I don’t think they have any worries

Actually, if they manage this smartly, they might pull off a lot of incentives, because phasing out of the gov program takes some 5-6 quarters. So if they end year 2018 with 195k cars sold in US, at least some benefits will be available up to Q2’2020 – In those 18 months – provading they are ready with model 3 production issues at the end of 2018, they might sell even aditional 200k cars under incentives regime.

Jonathan was faster:)
But what a lot of people don’t realise is that share of US in total Tesla sales is shrinking. And because they have pretty huge backlog thay might distribute cars in such a way to for example hit certain milestones in most oportune moments:) S it’s actually probable that Tesla might lean towards foreign deliveries of Model 3 to postpone hitting 200k mark, until they have production scaled up pretty well.

Maybe they will work with GM and Nissan to push for an increase in the number allowed by the government?

scott franco (the evil republican EV owner)

Am I the only one who notices that this is starting to look like a page out of Steve Jobs playbook? All Elon needs to complete the picture is a turtleneck sweater, jeans and an autistic head tilt to complete the picture.

Why change a winning concept? Steve Jobs was a better public speaker though.

Steve Jobs never hung out with his customers and high-fived them, while they waited to pre-order a product sight-unseen.

Elon seems to be having a great time of it, today. 🙂

Can’t wait for the M3 presentation…

Elon doesn’t need the autistic head tilt.. He has his stuttering problem instead. Although I found it interesting that every time he has appeared in a TV show such as the Simpsons or The Big Bang Theory, he never stuttered any. So I guess he doesn’t want that to be part of his recognizable character traits.

Unlike Bob Newhart. His intentional stutter drives me nuts.

scott franco (the evil republican EV owner)

I notice Telsa already debited my account for the $1000. Clearly its a ponzy scheme. Elon will be headed out of the country with the money later tonight….

I assume this comment is for comedic value.

For those that aren’t fully aware of the EV landscape, Tesla has been clear from the beginning. Tesla requires a $1,000 deposit to hold the reservation. The deposit is fully refundable, at any time, until the reservation holder confirms they want to exercise the reservation. Tesla will reach out to the first reservation holders sometime in Q3/Q4 2017 time frame to see if they want to exercise their reservation.

I got way in front of this problem. While standing in line, I used my own iPad and Tesla shirt to take deposits down the line. I’ve never seen people so thankful while being defrauded.

/s (for any prosecutors reading this)

Well if “Telsa” debited your account you may have a problem.

scott franco (the evil republican EV owner)

Crud! The guy in the Tesla shirt was not for real? He said for $20 extra I could skip the line…..


Well maybe having you write the check out to Tim Tesla was a clue.

Im going to try to stream it in flight.

Is it really happening? ?

I am wondering whether the Model ≡ will even have a bonnet. The motors are in axles and so the bonnet can be removed to reduce the weight and increase the range.

Anyway its just another 2 hours, so lets wait and see.

Ford’s reaction to all of this is to finally advertise the electric Focus on TV. Was watching the Food Network and just about fell out of my chair. They have shown it at least twice so far tonight.

They had a segment on BBC News as well, talking about “reinventing themselves” and pretending to be a start-up (or buy some), to help them meet challenges in their industry from these disruptive Silicon Valley types.

Good luck with that, Ford.

Media coverage on this hasn’t been to great. Lots of questions about whether Tesla has the cash to make it to Q4 2017, and will there be any tax credits left come Q4 2017 for Tesla owners.

“…something it hasn’t had the best at luck doing with prior reveals in the past.”

As opposed to prior reveals in the future?

It will look a lot like the Model S with the tail end cut off abruptly, I think.

Jay, I cannot get the link above to show anything but the disjointed text – any ideas?

It’s just a place holder 5 seconds. You can always go here:

Thanks ffbj, already have it open as well — just -never- had a problem loading vids here before, not a prob, know the site is bein’ slaughtered with traffic, good news..

I should have known that. Have a good un.

I’m IN
(finally, awaiting my six digit number, lol)

Where is the stream URL?

The best one I’ve found is

I just reserved my model 3
It opened a few minutes before 930 pm central time
Website worked fine but streaming commercial is pretty choppy.

Now can’t wait to see what I reserved!
(How crazy is that?)

Mad respect for the Plug-in Prius trying to cut in line in the Santana Row video.

“Need… more… electric!”

Automotive history is being made tonight.

The automotive industry is being upended.

Elon says: “All Model 3s come with Supercharging”

Model 3 details:
0-60 in under 6 sec
215 miles EPA min
Auto Pilot Standard
Super Charging Standard
seating for 5, lots of leg room
Single pane of glass for roof
Frunk & trunk
largest cargo capacity for car its size

Be careful – “autopilot standard” means the hardware is standard, just like the Model S. Also like the Model S, there will most definitely be an activation fee. Currently, the Model S has an activation of $2.5k USD upon purchase/lease. Activating it later is $3k.

By contrast, when he said that supercharging was “standard”, he didn’t provide the hardware qualifier. I take that as a hopeful sign that the SCs will be included – no activation fee like the S60 initially had.

Here’s my notes to add to Kdawg’s

Model 3 – Mass market affordable car

Safe car – will be 5 star rating in every category

0-60mph in less than 6 seconds (base model), other trim level(s) will be faster

Range at least 215 miles EPA rated (base model)

Comes standard with all Auto pilot hardware

Comes standard with all auto pilot safety features

Fits 5 adults comfortably

Front trunk

Rear hatch back

Large center screen display similar model S (not the same, but similar)

Rear roof area is one continuous piece of glass

More cargo capacity than any gas car of the same dimensions (can fit a 7ft surfboard)

Comes standard with access to supercharging network included

Supercharger network will double in size by end of next year (7,200)

Destination charges will quadruple by end of next year (15,000)

Double stores and service stations by end of next year (441)

Price $35,000

Base model with no options will be an amazing car

115,000 reservations as of 12am EST 4/1

Lack of grill will take some getting used to. They didn’t pull a simple Porsche with the front, and have found their own form for branding. Interesting. Again, slowly weening us off the fake grill from S, to X and now III.

The sideways touchscreen in the center of the dash… Is that the ENTIRE (as in only) display for all the vehicle’s functions: speed, odometer, etc., etc.? Not sure I like that.

I think it is.

F the grille! This is an EV. It can suck up the small amount of air it needs from below or the below the bumper intake. I AM GLAD there is no grille! Horseless carriages don’t need a place to store a whip.

And I have no problem with just a single display. So what if I have to look a few inches to the right to see my speed? A single display reduces cost. I’m fine with that.

well it did break the insideevs, i am getting repeated database connection errors today…from india

Yep, same here in the US. Just now seems to be working again.

Well, sort of kind of. It’s a Ballroom Blitz:

No instrument cluster. Looks like a concept car.

Simply fugly.

Lol troll!

It is sort of snub nosed, like an Avanti.
They will probably change that.

Dunno about that. I think they want the energy savings by not having a cluttered front fascia, to keep the battery pack small.

Elon didn’t go on about “And the real car will be better than the prototype”, this time, like he did with the Model X. Do I don’t expect much on the outside to change.

I am hoping that interior gets upgraded, though.

Sure, the interior is just mostly a mock up to show something.
It’s not that I hate the nosecone, just that I can see how some might find it unattractive.


I should have pre-ordered several of them.

Center lock wheels. Yipes. Like the look and mid-size(?), but the dash looked like an iPad mount and there was no illumination of the area through the steering wheel. I’d like the ergonomics of an easier to reach screen, but hope they preserve info in the line of sight of the road.

Hoping for a windshield projected HUD…

Knock me over with a feather.

They got my money. If I don’t back out, I know I won’t see mine for 2 years (east coaster here).

The interior still looked like a cobbled-together concept car. Hopefully the display won’t be bolted on like that.

Elon said 115K reservation at 12:00 tonight, WOW!
I find the front looks like a Porsche.
Glad i reserved one 🙂

I hate to say it, but it looks like a Porsche that faceplanted.

That said, it does make it distinctive looking. They’re not copying anyone else’s style or design language for the snoot now. And one look instantly tells you this is not an ICE vehicle.

I wonder what the Cd of this thing is? It looks cleaner than either the S or X.

Where’s the air vents or the display for the driver, behind the wheel?
Interior needs some refining.
The seats look comfy.

They have a year to finish it… Remember, the Bolt Prototype interior didn’t ship, either.

As long as they do, and not leave it as spartan as the Model S. Also Elon always said his concept/prototype cars were to look very much like the production vehicles. Something that said he didn’t like about other car companies is that they were not the same.

The spartan look won’t go away.

Then my deposit may go away.

I wonder how many reservations they’ll have by tomorrow? 250,000?

I guess I’m getting a model III. I’ll tell my wife in the morning. She’ll think I’m joking…

I like the style. Its a conservative follow on to the model S. They gave up the pretense of an open grill, which evs have no need of. The “ski jump” style where the whole car seems to be leaning downwards to the front seems to be the new style standard. The front of the car appears quite compressed, which on an EV, again, is quite possible.

Wish they had done more interior shots, but I suppose that will follow.

The whole thing seems a bit rushed. There weren’t a lot of info about the car although a few things were confirmed such as well over 200 miles range and quick acceleration.
I think design-wise there will be quite a few changes before it hits the market. The touch screen is probably it but the instrument cluster and the front end will probably change.

Not much can change if they meet their projected ship date…

Slap a front license plate on that Porker to hid it’s piggy nose.
The design is neither fun nor exciting.
The competition has little to fear when it arrives in 2-3 years.
In fact, the Bolt is looking more alluring tonight now that we have seen Tesla’s best effort and heard the “gulp” about when the 3 will be produced.

Have fun charging your Bolt when you take it cross country… ‘Cause GM cares enough to install appropriate infrastructure. /s

Have fun driving for 2:30 and stopping to charge for at least 30+ min each time – when the SC is open and if you get yours in time for the $7500 rebate, before it expires.

I’ll take the Bolt as a commuter/city car and DD this year rather than wait 2+ years or grab a CPO Model S instead.

You have very different tastes than I. We’ll see how many of today’s 115,000 preorderers change their mind tomorrow.

Where can we get more details on m3?

What I like:

No dealers.

What I don’t like:

Glass roofs.
Rear wheel drive.

Looks like a Bolt for me.

I just wonder about the hatch opening. Is it like on the S a large wide opening or a very small one limited to the steel part?
The glass roof doesn’t really bother me as long as it doesn’t prevent the large hatch opening. Although a small solar panel to compensate vampire electricity consumption on long parking stays during holidays may be interesting.

I have since learned that metal roofs are an option (or, more likely, that glass roofs are). It’s not a hatchback, though, which I also don’t like.

I like it.