Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Race Chevy Corvette With Slicks


Slicks versus road tires

Right from the get-go you know this isn’t really a fair fight.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is road legal, fitted with proper road tires. Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Corvette rolls up wearing a big pair of mean ‘ol slicks.

From a drag racing perspective, slicks provided perhaps the biggest single advantage, especially when you’re driving a RWD power monster like this tuned Corvette.

Let’s not overlook the fact that the Tesla Model 3 typically wins in these short drags. However, it wasn’t ever going to stand a chance in this unfair fight. The Model 3 can zip to 60 MPH in just 3.13 seconds, meaning it’s surely no slouch.

Here’s the timeslip from the race, with the Corvette on the left. Ignore the 1,320, this is an 1/8th-mile track:

Video description: Street King’s Chevrolet Corvette Grandpavette Vs 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance

Drag racing’s Grandpavette Ivan Alcazar, as usual, gapping the competition.

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OK, well, put slicks on the Model 3 and see what happens.

You can always modify a production car. You can put rocket packs on a Yugo and it would beat a Tesla.

Sorry that the production Corvette needed to be sped up by custom modifications in order to beat the production Model 3 (a four-door, five-seat sedan with two trunks)

yeah, im sure the vette owner modded his car and put on slicks just for the model 3…and no other reason at all.

That is the oddest interpretation of that post. How hard did you have to work to come up with it?

I have to be missing something. How does a Model 3 do the quarter mile in 7.692 seconds? I know this is probably a 1/8th of a mile race, but then why does it say 1320? Is that just a standard template the track uses even for the 1/8th mile?

It’s an 1/8-mile track. Thanks for catching that. We updated the post.

I guess you could call that a so what moment.

That’s one hard launching Vette! Equivalent of a 10.50/132mph quarter mile – fast! Would give the 10.41/125mph P100D a run for its money. Just crazy that a tuned Vette on slicks can barely (or not) beat a large sedan nowadays!

Beat him fair and square. Vette is a fast car.

Just being in the race the tesla put in a respectable time too. Better luck in your next race.

Winner is EVs in general. Even in losing, just holding its own discredits the old “electric cars are glorified golf cars” meme.

I do not believe that vet was stock. Fast car though. And no to all the people above who think the 3 would be faster on slicks. Physics is lost on so many.

If you put slicks on the model 3 it would still lose. ICE for the win! Modern tuning with age old traction equalizes the EV instant torque with AWD.

Umm, guys… that is a dual motor (read NOT performance model 3). Says so on the back of the Tesla (no red line under “dual motor”). That corvette is fast for sure. But not a performance match up.

We don’t know. The badging could mean either. I have a P without that badge at all.

Yes we do. My performance does not have badging either. When it does become available (January?); along with the spoiler, it will have a “red underline” underneath the dual motor. Dual motor – non-performance model 3’s are now delivered with “dual motor” no underline badges and those badges will also be made available to dual motor non-p owners. Plus look at the wheels. Those are not our 20’s. Those are 19in sport wheels.

The post should correct the title. I’m not saying the performance is faster than that vette, but the model 3 in this race is not a performance model.

That’s 100% not a performance

I love the Corvette and all. Particularly the old convertibles. That said these comparisons are starting to get a bit silly. This is GM’s top of the line 2 passenger performance car with slicks drag racing Tesla’s mid tear 5 passenger performance variant. If that Vette couldn’t beat the Model 3 in an 1/8th of a mile, it points to one simple fact. GM waited too long to bring battery electric power to this classic icon.

One of the coolest looking Corvettes was the 1958 convertible. A beautiful car even though its technology was primitive compared to todays Corvettes. The same was true for the 60’s and early 70’s. Todays Corvette is technologically vastly superior and can walk all over them. It’s still based on old technology. Time to move on from your traditional power plant. It’s time to deliver a battery electric Corvette. Wait too much longer and you will begin losing these drag races to a Renault Zoe.

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This isn’t even a current model Corvette! The current ZR1 Vette will do the 1/4 mile in 10.6sec, which is a lot faster than the Model 3 can do it. You’d need the Model S 100D to equal that, and it has pretty much the same horsepower, and is similar in price too.