Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Do Donuts


Tesla has just released the first-ever video showing how capable the Performance version of the Model 3 actually is.

At sliding sideways, at least.


Sit back and watch as the AWD electric monster slides around the tarmac.

Model 3 Performance Specs:

  • 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds
  • 155 mph top speed
  • Range: 310 miles

In late June, Tesla began registering Model 3 Performance and Dual-Motor VINs in earnest with some 2,000-plus counted. We suspect that a significant chunk of Model 3 deliveries will be of these two higher dollar varieties in the near future as Tesla looks to turn a profit. Lesser versions of the Model 3 will likely have longer wait times now. And that mysterious $35,000 Model 3 is still nowhere to be found.

In most recent Performance Model 3 news, we reported on a price cut. Here’s that intel:

When Tesla first announced these new Model 3 variants, the Performance version was to cost $78,000 with the standard Dual Motor starting at $54,000. Now, the FULLY LOADED Model 3 Performance rings in at $72,000 , a whopping $6,000 less (the base Performance variant starts at $64,000), while the non-performance all-wheel-drive Model 3 is $1,000 cheaper than initially reported, at $53,000.

Keep in mind that the Tesla Model 3 Performance version comes fully loaded, aside from Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. If you add them at the time of placing your order, Autopilot will cost the usual $5,000, and Full Self-Driving is $3,000. If you choose to add these features after the fact, the prices jump to $6,000 and $5,000, respectively.

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LOL! looks like good fun!!

Not exactly the traditional skid pad test where the point is to see how fast you can go without sliding, but hey, no reason to get pedantic over terminology when one is having that much fun!!!!

Whatever it is called, I’d love to learn how to do that. In a rental. That has to be murder on the tires.

I wait until the tread is low and the tires are ready for replacement. Then I take the car to an SCCA autocross and really it put it through the paces.

Tires usually have less grip as they wear down, so might be better to autocross with proper new tires. Bald tire, and racing tire without tread are 2 completely different things…

Go take a performance driving class… Bondurant has properly equipped cars, and instructors that can teach you to do it right… Oh, and you do not have to pay for the tires. Its pretty fun too.

In case the word-salad on pricing is confusing to anyone, right now reservation holders can finalize orders for a Performance Dual Motor with Premium Interior and Black Paint and no other options for $64,000 + $1,000 title/delivery fee *

(* The Title/delivery fee combines the Delivery fee normally charged by the ICE Manufacturer, with the traditional Title fee charged by ICE Dealerships. It cannot be compared to other company’s Delivery charge alone.)

Based on the Tesla Model 3 forum comments, the are quite a few people choosing the “base” Performance model (skipping the Performance Package PP @5K). I ordered mine in Silver Metallic @1K, PP @5K and EAP @ 5K and the total is $75K. The absolute max is $80K with all options including $1500 for White or Red paint, $1500 for White interior and FSD @ 3K.

Why would you skip the last bit of it. Performance brakes are a big part of why you would want this.

+1000 the regular Model 3 is already quick, but it is braking worse than a Camry! Yes, even after the update.

So the brake upgrade is actually more important, than the extra power.

Hmm, not holding his line very well… the whole idea of skidpad is to hold your line through the test, otherwise it is just doing fast donuts… I like seeing the oversteer though, the Model 3P might be fun to drive on the track if you can throttle steer through the apex of corners.

No one cares

You must have daddy issues ‼️

I care. Obvious the aim wasn’t a “g” test, here. Odd how over-steer is happening, on a beast with two equal sized front/back motors? Was the traction fuse pulled, or is the Tesla video showing a new “Hoon, or your Mommy” mode 😉

If David Green really wanted to rail on Tesla, or were paid to do it, I’m sure he’d criticize their choice of sporting venue. Very consistently, for Tesla this is NOT a track.

OTOH, from what we learned today, if the Model 3 can taper so late and pull more than 116KW, it can likely dish more out, as well. We could be witnessing more than a charging surprise. Higher C-rates, hmmm.

Since there is no physical connection between the front drivetrain and the rear drivetrain, it would be simple enough to write a “Hoon” mode program. Heck, since the car can steer itself, they could even program it to do donuts by itself. Crazy what options are possible!

(PS — you can see part of the track in the background in the video)

I get programming flexibility, and how digital torque vectoring makes “Quattro” absolutely arcane, but typically the front rear HP split is much more rear-heavy. For instance, the Porsche 918 isn’t much more powerful than a Volt, up front. Also, Tesla’s own PD Model S cars are noticeably more rear biased, than the equal-motored “D”s. Checked. Now, I see track. Is this the skid pad, at some facility? If Tesla wants to move high margin cars, they need to follow through on drive modes, and bigger differences than specified. The price drop already appears to recognize this. The 5k option, on top of premium cost for same hardware (accept brakes), only brings what looks like a software tweak, from 145 to 155mph top speed? In my view, they need to step up and begin approaching the actual (not so horrible, but real) issues faced in a “Performance” environment. Like, sandbag the power to make it through a common 20-minute recreational driving session. Other companies appear to serve ICE customer expectations, like Jag not letting the dogs out on its I-pace. Instead of a power cut from 500+HP down to <300 w/in 10 minutes, they appear to mimic ICE endurance by keeping… Read more »

The performance package includes not only brakes, but also different tires, spoiler, etc. — essentially, everything you need to make 155 mph top speed actually work.

Well I expect more than that if they expect to go up against an M3 or the likes of AMG.

BMW M GmbH for example are masters in suspension and handling.

So Tesla has its work cut out for itself to be that good.

I was replying to a very specific point, about the “performance package” supposedly being only a software tweak…

I am certainly not railing on Tesla… I clearly gave them a complement the availability of oversteer which will help when running a road course at the absolute limit. I like a car with a bit of throttle steering ability.

As for “the track” everyone knows tesla does not have a proving grounds, and just tests their vehicles wherever… No need to bash a startup company for their lack of owned infrastructure.

Might want to check this lat/lon on google maps before you declare there is no track…
37.489581, -121.934753

Thats not a proving grounds.. thats a little baby validation loop…. This is a proving grounds…

Tesla could easily ship a car to Germany and test and tune it on the Ring.

but they don’t… So whats the point…?

That’s a lot of money spread onto the pavement there.

I am sure they have plenty of free tires thrown their way.

Hmm… roller test or actually take it out on the road….. let me think.

Yeah, that’s not a real skidpad test. Looks like the TC is disabled.

So hot outside now in SoCal my car can do scrambled eggs.
And Tesla can call me when its cars can do pancakes with that good frosting on top, not a fan of donuts myself. I will read the article later.


Where were you when the Venusians needed you! Now it’s too late for them!

No car on the market can you buy at base price and why would you!